Smart office in a business center
or a regular office in Dubai?

Why do entrepreneurs increasingly choose a "smart office” as an alternative to a regular one?
What are the differences and how can you make the right choice for the benefit of your business?

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The Office as a Service, or smart office model, allows you to immediately move into a space that is completely ready for employees to work in. This innovative concept of a flexible service approach is in contrast to commercial real estate rental. You maintain high mobility, the ability to transform, expand or reduce staffing levels and add or drop working stations without overpaying for extra space. This is a totally modern and unique solution that does away with the need for repairs and renovation, totally avoids hidden costs, and is not tied into long-term leases. Overheads for office accommodation can be instantly calculated and planned for in cash flow forecasts.

Renting a smart office is quickly becoming a
popular global trend

Being able to adopt modern, flexible and progressive management
methods are powerful drivers that give business a valuable edge.

This is one reason why smart office rental is becoming a popular
global trend. In fact, it is the successful business model for US
company We Work, which has created a network of smart offices
all over the world and now has assets estimated at $ 20 billion.

Why are smart offices increasingly in demand in
the UAE?

A smart office gives businesses the opportunity to minimize accommodation costs, which are mainly dictated by business traditions and by UAE legislation. By renting an office-as-a-service in a prestigious business center, you get everything your business needs in one package. Below we list the elements and conditions necessary for a modern office in the UAE. You can either take care of all of these yourself in your own conventional office, or you can accept them as bonuses that come with an all-inclusive package when renting a smart office. Which makes more budgetary sense? You can decide for yourself!
  • State requirements

    To incorporate a local (mainland) company and most types of legal entities in the UAE’s Free Trade Zones (FTZ) you require a physical office. It must comply with all the standards laid own by the Ministry of Labor and provide comfortable working conditions for full-time employees. The government minimum requirement is a very modest area of just 20 sq. m / 215 sq. ft. However, is almost impossible to find a regular office of this size for rent and subletting is prohibited.

  • Prestige

    A company’s office is its outward image and should give its customers a high level of confidence in it. If you want you and your company to be taken seriously, you need to choose prestigious business districts and renovate the office premises to a high standard that matches modern commercial design trends.

  • Reception services

    First impressions do count and an attractive and manned reception area is important to greet visitors and create an excellent opinion of your business from the outset. Reception staff frequently do not perform other functions and may be considered just another overhead. However, an empty reception area immediately sets alarm bells ringing in the minds of your customers and contractors and calls into question the reliability and substance of your company.

  • Meeting rooms

    Part of the way business is conducted in the UAE is that meetings never take place in a person’s office but rather in a meeting room. Therefore it is necessary to have a separate meeting room and equip it with whatever audio and video equipment may be required. You get all this included when you rent an office in a business center. You have access to a wide range of solutions for holding business events, from small meeting rooms to spacious conference spaces.

  • Office maintenance costs

    Renting a smart office means no more paying for premises maintenance or repairs, no equipment maintenance, security or janitorial staff, tea and coffee purchases, and so on. When you add up all the elements of simply maintaining a regular office, the overheads mount up amazingly quickly. Whether you hire staff or subcontract the work, it is a significant cost that adds absolutely nothing to the bottom line.

  • Image of business success

    Every successful business needs to plan for expansion and that includes making allowances to accommodate a growing team of people. What you don’t want is an empty space that is waiting to be filled up, costing you money, and giving an impression of poor planning or a not-so-successful business.

Basic differences between renting a regular
office and a smart office

To make the right choice for renting the space you need, it is important to compare the nuances and differences between regular and
smart offices, and how they could impact your business.
Regular office
Additional complications and
tasks that cost time and money
  • Municipal tax 5%
    Municipal tax at 5% is levied on the rental costs of conventional regular office premises
  • Security bond
    Almost all regular office lease agreements require a bond or deposit as a guarantee you will fulfil the contract terms
  • Meeting room rental costs
    You need to find and pay for meeting rooms to suit the audience size for each business event you host
  • Maintenance fee
    Renting a regular office will require payment of an annual maintenance fee for the upkeep of the premises
  • Commission fees
    Registering a lease agreement is subject to fees and commission as well as fees for additional services
  • Fit-out and repair costs
    Fees for obtaining permission to carry out repair work and improvements as well as the cost of fitting out the offices
  • No package solutions
    When you rent a regular office you usually get use of the agreed area and no further business services or benefits
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Office rent in SORP Business
A simple solution for a quick
start with impeccable service
  • You pay only the premises rent
    You transfer responsibility for the maintenance and organization of the office space to professionals
  • Full office services included
    Reception services, correspondence, internet, office equipment, telephony, cleaning
  • Meeting and conference rooms
    Access to fully equipped meeting rooms and conference spaces for organizing events and seminars
  • Coworking spaces
    Coworking space for the organization of temporary work stations, including IT and engineering services
  • Business services outsourcing
    Outsource a wide range of business tasks in a highly cost-effective manner that saves on staffing overheads
  • Prestigious business center in downtown Dubai
    Barsha Heights, near major companies’ HQs (Microsoft, Bloomberg, Reuters, IBM, CNN) and media centers
  • Package solutions
    Significant discounts on outsourced services for tenants and reduced rental for long-term leases
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Regular offices leases are provided on a “shell and core” basis. This means that if you decide to move out, then you agree to bring the offices back to their original condition - to remove every change you made during fit-out, renovations, repairs or enhancements. To guarantee the fulfillment of this obligation you deposit a large security bond payment to the landlord when signing the lease agreement.

Find the best premises for your business

Being a tenant of the SORP Business Center means you not only get a fully equipped modern smart office, but also a full range of services and business opportunities in one place. Focus on developing your business and growing your company, and leave the admin side of things to SORP.

Advantages of renting offices
in SORP business center

Modern building with easy

Proximity to metro, parking

Exhilarating views of
the Persian Gulf

New modern eco-friendly

Handmade furniture
made of natural materials

Pleasant office neighbors,

High-speed WI-FI and
cleaning services


Discounts for
long-term contracts

SORP Business Center is an opportunity to start immediately get and use the infrastructure and facilities of a large business at low rental costs. You get a comfortable fully- equipped workspace in the business atmosphere of a prestigious business center with the ability to incorporate and license a company, and renew licenses. You enjoy professional support services from SORP market experts and can call on a wide range of effective solutions for your business in the UAE.

Consulting solutions for tenants of
SORP business center

Company incorporation

Choosing the right business license
and legal entity for fast formation of
local and free zone companies

Local partner or agent

Professional nominee service from
SORP Investment LLC with a waiver
of rights in Dubai court

License renewal

Assistance with mandatory annual
business license renewal with the
relevant registration authorities

Opening bank accounts

Close cooperation with UAE banks,
understanding the procedures and
assistance in passing their KYC

PRO business support

Representation of interests at state
immigration authorities and the
Ministry of Labor with 24/7 support

Tax and accounting

Accounting, filing tax returns,
consultation on tax legislation,
international tax optimization

Why do clients choose to rent offices in SORP
Business Center?

Comprehensive services

SORP offers comprehensive support for acquired companies and their shareholders: from licensing, maintaining Bank accounts to obtaining the status of a tax resident of the country

Individual approach

Your requirements are unique. That is why we treat every business individually to tailor the right services to achieve your priorities.

15 years of successful work

We have helped thousands of clients acquire, build and develop businesses in the UAE

Banking support

Assistance in choosing a bank that is suitable for your purposes, support with bank accounts opening and passing KYC procedures (know your customer).

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