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Business setup in UAE with a professional license

Professional business license is required for certain servicing business activities. These sectors have additional government support to attract foreign entrepreneurs.

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Business sectors such as consulting, management, services, including IT, medical, education, events, dining and rent allow 100% foreign ownership even on a local market. Companies with a professional license may own real estate, assets and act as a parent company when building holdings and single structures.


Профессиональная лицензия распространяется на следующие сферы деятельности:
Sport & Education
Activities relating to preschool, secondary and higher education, creative and sports centers, business schools, trainings, seminars, courses.
Food and agriculture
Activities of restaurants, cafes, fast foods and other catering facilities, fish, poultry and animal breeding, crop production.
Medical services
Activities of medical centers, all types of medical services and professional advice
Organisation and support of various public events, the activities of art galleries, circuses, water parks, amusement parks, etc.
Public services
Cleaning, dry cleaning, laundries, ateliers, hairdressers, beauty salons, repair shops, sewing shops, leather shops, shoe shops, handicrafts.
Services for business
Accounting, marketing, legal, audit services, cleaning, security services, conducting trainings, education and other events.
Information technology
A wide range of IT services, including automation of business processes, business data security, repair and maintenance of office equipment; creation, installation and maintenance of software.
Consulting and management
Consulting in various business sectors, financial and insurance consultations, payment services, business management (management consulting) and individual business processes, HR consulting.
Real estate consulting
Consultations on the real estate market, analysis of market segments and their prospects, assessment of real estate properties, activities of business centers, cultural and business centers, real estate management services.
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Distinctive features of professional license
Professional license is unique in a way that it allows full foreign ownership. Unlike other business licenses, a local sponsor is required to officially control 51% of local company. Additionally, all professional licenses share some common features:
Form of incorporation If a company is established by a legal entity in the local market, it can only be established in the form of parent company’s subsidiary, whilst if a company is founded by a legal entity in the territory of one of the free economic zones (FEZ), both a company’s branch and a subsidiary legal entity can be created.
100 % foreign ownership Only companies with a professional license may be established with a 100% foreign ownership. These companies are excepted from general laws and standards when obtaining licenses for local companies, where a local partner with a share of at least 51% is required.
Legal liability A legally established company with a professional license has all of its liabilities covered by company’s owners and management to serve as a guarantee of their professionalism, and hence the success of the business. There are two types liabilities: single - when establishing a company by one owner (Sole Establishment) and collective liability - when establishing a partnership (Civil Company).
Education and qualifications Personal qualifications of staff is the foundation of a company’s competence. Professional companies established on the local market usually need to verify their founders’ qualifications in the form of personal diplomas, as well as other certification and supplementary documentation as proof, depending on controlling authority.

License as a business tool

Professional licensing as a unique tool for resolving business issues
Due to privileges granted by the state, specifically the ability of 100% foreign ownership, local companies with a professional license offer unique solutions, such as:
Creating a holding company In this case, a local company becomes the managing company of a holding structure. Benefit of such solution - gain preferential taxation rate due to international agreements between the UAE and third countries on exemption from dual taxation.
Confidentiality of owning assets Within the territory of UAE and outside, this solution ensures that information on beneficiaries is kept confidential, whilst protecting their assets.
Confidentiality of owning real estate Works both, within and outside the UAE. Benefits include being able to conceal property ownership, as well as reduction un tax burden on sales transactions for property located within the UAE.
Создание структур Регистрация профессиональной компании в качестве управляющей для группы юридических лиц, которая становится расчётно-кассовым центром и регулирует финансовые потоки, минимизирует налоговую базу внутри Группы.
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Potential jurisdictions for registering a professional license

Local UAE market The best way to work without geographical limitations on your business activity, with a wide range of opportunities.

Unique features of professional license registration. A mandatory allocation of a local agent - SORP Group partner, UAE citizen, who is delegated to represent the company at various government agencies for a small monthly feee. Agreement with a sponsor is valid for one year, and may be extended or reissued on another body.

A Free Economic Zone in the UAE Professional business activities are granted only within the territory of the FEZ (Free economic zone) or on global markets (outside UAE).

Unique features of professional license registration. Most FEZ regulators require a detailed business plan for the company’s professional activities during business setup process, and in some cases, a presence of a certified manager on a company’s payroll with specific qualifications and education level in business related industry is required.

Benefits of obtaining a professional license with SORP Group?

SORP Group is one of few consulting companies in the UAE, with a comprehensive approach to clients problems. Our approach goes in hand with selecting individual and right solutions depending on specific clients’ needs, assistance with business setup, business support and much more.
Our competence Our assets
  • Providing right legal solution: assess clients needs and selecting compatible professional license.
  • Expert knowledge and 15 years of experience in establishing and supporting companies working in the field of providing business and public services.
  • Comprehensive client assistance in professional business setup.
  • Assistance in opening corporate bank accounts.
  • Many different business cases and years of experience on solving clients needs.
  • SORP Group is an official PRO agent, a registered representative appointed by government agencies to execute departmental orders.
  • Professional team of lawyers, experts, accountants.
  • Own nominee directors, with appropriate qualifications and training in certain types of business.
  • Partnershipы with state registration authorities.
  • Business center for our clients with over 100 private offices and co-working spaces.

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