How to Start a Service Business in the UAE

Understanding the requirements for starting and running a service business in the UAE makes it possible to operate in the richest market in the world

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In order to provide services and perform service work for the population and legal entities, in the domestic market of the country, it is necessary to analyse the legislation, check whether your business hypothesis meets the market’s needs, verify the possibility of obtaining permits and licences for maintaining your chosen business line. UAE law has a special process for registering a professional service and pays attention to the qualifications and specialised education of the owners and employees of the company.
The most popular business lines in the service industry of the UAE
Наиболее популярные направления деятельности для иностранных инвесторов
Individual services
Cleaning, dry cleaning, laundries, ateliers, hairdressers, beauty salons, repair shops, tailoring shops, tanneries, shoe-repair shops, craft producers.
Business services
Rendering accounting, marketing, legal, audit services, cleaning, security services. Workshops and other events.
Healthcare services
Medical centres: provision of all types of medical services and professional advice.
Sport and education
Preschool, secondary and higher education. Sports centres, business schools, skills development workshops, courses.
Property development
Design and maintenance of buildings, rental business. Management of business and cultural centres, residential and commercial real estate.
Food and farming
Restaurants, cafés, fast-food restaurants and other catering facilities, fish, poultry and animal husbandry, crop production.
Transport and logistics
Courier activities, car sharing, limousine services, yacht rental, services for storage, packaging and labelling of goods.
Entertainment and leisure activities
Organisation of public events, the activities of art galleries, circuses, water parks, amusement parks, etc.
Information technologies
A wide range of IT services: automation of business processes, information security, repair and maintenance of office equipment, installation and maintenance of software.
Learn about starting and managing a service business in the UAE
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SORP customers get solutions that are based on our practical experience in starting and running businesses in the UAE

Customised business model
We will conduct a high-quality business analysis of your strategy for entering the UAE market and tell you how to increase its effectiveness.
Excellent quality, smooth business processes and high speed of service provision are provided by SORP Group's resources and our close cooperation with the registration authorities.
Assistance in opening bank accounts
Close cooperation with leading UAE banks and an understanding of their compliance processes, guarantees professional support in opening bank accounts.
The experience and competencies gained during many years of relationships with government authorities and regulatory agencies are the key to success in licencing the businesses of our clients.
SORP business centre
5,000 sqm of office space for rent for any period for local, Free Zone and international companies. Obtaining and renewing licenses in the UAE.
Outsourcing of core business processes
Administrative, tax, accounting support and PRO specialists can significantly save on having to maintain a complete staff of highly paid employees.
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How Do You Start a Service Business in the UAE?
Features and traditions of the business environment of the United Arab Emirates require an in-depth knowledge of local legislation and an understanding of some specifics of the region.
Choosing a business model, and confirmation of a business hypothesis
You need to conduct a business analysis of the competitive environment and your business development strategy, since business models that work successfully in other countries are often ineffective in the UAE.
Choosing the geographical coverage of activities
The choice of business registration location depends on the location of your target audience. To conduct business within the UAE, registration of a local company is required.
Choosing the right licence
Any business in the UAE is subject to licencing. It is necessary to analyse the features and additional requirements for obtaining a licence.
Obtaining a licence and the registration of a company
After obtaining approvals from the competent authorities, it is necessary to fulfil the requirements of the legislation for registration of the selected type of legal entity. You also need to have an approved legal address.
Obtaining permits for work and services
In order to perform work and provide services government often requires confirmation of the qualifications of the owner and the company’s management.
Full-service support
Includes administrative, legal and PRO support, tax accounting, registration of foreign employees, opening bank accounts, legalisation of documents, etc.
Learn about starting and managing a service business in the UAE
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Emerging Prospects of the Service Business in the UAE

The government of the country has created high living standards, which have encouraged businessmen, investors and highly qualified specialists to move here, not only relocating their business, but also for the family life. About 80% of residents are high-income foreign nationals, that has led to the demand for quality services and service work.

Business activity Country with high levels of business and tourist activity
Profit Rich state with a high income level population
Preferential taxation Maximum profit due to preferential tax treatment
Equal opportunities Equal opportunities for foreign and local investors

Expert help for your service business in the UAE

SORP Group is a leading consulting group providing a full range of services for incorporation, support and business management in the UAE and beyond:

15 years in the UAE market
Communication with all government authorities.
Staff of experts
Lawyers, tax consultants, marketeers and business development specialists.
Business Centre
5,000 sqm of office space for your company.
Strategic partnerships
We are accredited partners and representatives of local government departments.

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