How to provide services
in the UAE

Uncover the powerful opportunities provided by the Emirates to build a highly
successful business, not only in the Gulf region’s fastest growing market but also

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Successful entry for consumer or business services into this market needs a little prior preparation. You need to understand the relevant legislation and regulations, and validate your business concept against what the market needs. You must also check out what authorizations, permits and licenses are required to operate your chosen line of business. UAE legislation provides for a special incorporation process for professional services companies. It demands that business owners and employees possess certain educational or professional qualifications.

The most in-demand activities in the UAE’s
service sector

for the public

Cleaning, laundries, designers, beauty
salons, repair and craft workshops,
car services

for business

Translation bureau, bookkeeping,
secretarial services, data and call
center activities

Medicine and

Medical centers, private hospitals,
clinics, laboratories, pharmaceutical

Sports and

Preschool, secondary and higher
education, courses, training, sports

Catering and

Activities of restaurants, cafes, fast
food outlets, farms, crop production,

Recreation and

Organizing events, galleries,
entertainment centers, water
parks, circuses

Transport and

Courier activities, car sharing, limousine
service, yacht rental, storage and
packaging services

Management and

Management, tax and personnel consulting,
specialized recommendations, project


Information security, network setup,
office equipment maintenance,
software development

How to start a service business in the UAE

Business success in the United Arab Emirates starts with building an understanding of traditions as they apply to the business environment, in addition to a deep knowledge of local legislation and appreciating the region’s characteristics.

Choosing a working
business model

Analyzing the competitive business
environment and business development
strategies is crucial because business
models that work successfully in other
countries often flop in the UAE.

Choosing a place
of incorporation

The right jurisdiction for business
incorporation depends on the location
of your target audience. To provide
services in the domestic market of the
UAE, one should open a local company.

Choosing a license and
obtaining approvals

The need for the correct business
licenses, permits and authorizations
must be carefully assessed and should
be viewed together with the relevant
laws and regulations.

Providing quality support
to the company

The final stage will be the selection
of a service company that provides
high-quality administrative, legal and
PRO support, accounting and tax
accounting, and will also provide
support in opening bank accounts.

Obtaining permits for
the provision of services

There may be a further step in some
cases after obtaining a license to
operate. The regulatory bodies for certain business activities require
proof that employees possess relevant
qualifications before issuing permits.

Obtaining a license and
company incorporation

Once you have successfully received all
required approvals from the regulatory
departments, you need to fulfill the legal
requirements for incorporating the type
of legal entity you have chosen and
register its business address.

SORP expert solutions for organizing a business
in the field of services in the UAE

Business model

We will select a suitable
license and suggest the
type of legal entity


Fast incorporation through
close collaboration with the
licensing authorities

Outsourcing of core
business processes

Administrative, tax, accounting,
PRO and legal support from SORP

business address

Office rental in SORP business
center for accommodation and
licensing procedures

bank accounts

Using our close cooperation
with banks throughout the
UAE, assistance to pass KYC


Local agent that represents the
company’s interests with state
agencies and other authorities

SORP specialists will help you develop a business concept and model for organizing your activities focused on your areas of commercial activity, along with market research and competitive analysis. They will assist in licensing and incorporating a company, obtaining the necessary certificates, approvals and permits, provide consulting support at all stages of formation and doing business in the UAE.

Benefits of operating a Service Business
in the United Arab Emirates

Equal competition

Equal business opportunities for both
foreign and local entrepreneurs with equal
treatment in law

Ease of hiring

Availability of qualified personnel in the
market and the ability to attract foreign

Investment security

State support and international
agreements on mutual protection of


Strict confidentiality guarantees anonymity
of beneficiaries' data during incorporation
and doing business in the UAE

Preferential taxation

No corporate taxes or personal income tax
means earnings and dividends are tax free.
5% VAT on some domestic categories.

Financial freedom

No currency control; simplified bank KYC
procedure for transactions in the local

The success of service companies in the Emirates market is assured by freedom of competition, as well as the growth in the number of wealthy expats and an active demand for quality services. UAE laws provide for a special incorporation process for professional services and pays attention to the control and quality of the services provided.

Success Factors for Service Business in the UAE

  • Favorable tax climate

    The absence of corporate tax and one of the lowest VAT rates in the world, coupled with a high standard of living and consumer demand, create an ideal business environment in the Emirates market for the development of service business, attracting hundreds of thousands of foreign investors and entrepreneurs to the country every year.

  • Developed banking system

    By September 2020, the assets of the UAE banking sector amounted to AED 3,252 billion, which is 7.6% more than in September 2019. There are 48 banks in the country, 27 of which are foreign. They offer a wide range of products and services, low rates, leasing and credit programs, the latest digital technologies, mobile and online banking.

  • High purchasing power

    The standard of living and the high level of per capita income ($ 43,103 in 2020) in the United Arab Emirates ensures high consumption and a constant demand for quality services in the domestic market. The UAE is included in the TOP 10 countries in the world in terms of welfare.

  • Governmental support

    The UAE government has initiated more than 30 strategies to support and develop the service sector in the country. By 2030, these programs will be implemented: The National Program for Advanced Training of Employees and the Quality of Services; Strategy for the development of the Innovation and IT sector; a number of initiatives to digitize services; Strategies for education, medicine, financial services and tourism.

  • Low level of bureaucracy

    Transparency of procedures, reduction in bureaucratic delays thanks to active digitalization and successful implementation of blockchain technology in the system for providing public services. In particular, the Blockchain Business Platform (UBRP) was created in Dubai in 2019, simplifying the processes of company incorporation and obtaining licenses.

  • Promising domestic market

    The volume of the service sector in the UAE in 2020 amounted to $ 74 billion. The population and number of consumers are constantly growing due to immigration and tourist flows counted in the millions. All of which contributes to steady market growth. Dubai is one of the ten most attractive cities in the world. In 2020 alone, it was visited by 16.73 million tourists from 233 countries, who spent about $ 40 billion in it.

By incorporating a services sector company in the Emirates, you not only open up opportunities for successful business in the UAE but you can also legally optimize your entire international business from a prestigious jurisdiction without taxes, while retaining maximum profits. To minimize the risks of your international activities being viewed with suspicion, or even suspended, we recommend that you comply with all legal requirements to confirm your Economic Presence (ESR) in the UAE.

SORP service package for professional business
support in the UAE

Business hypothesis

We will look at and assess relevant
aspects of law, help you choose
the best place for incorporation,
and assist with licenses, permits
and approvals.

business analysis

We will perform market and
competitive research. We will
select areas for doing business in
the UAE and implement an
effective strategy.


We ensure your project passes
through all the steps to starting a
business. We build relationships
with state bodies and deal with
them on your behalf.

tax planning

Individual solutions to improve the
efficiency of tax optimization
schemes for international business
based on UAE legislation.

Tax residency

Assistance in obtaining a tax
domicile certificate as proof of
compliance with the requirements
of belonging to UAE jurisdiction.

Confirmation of
economic presence
in the UAE

Proving that you conducti business
operations at the registered
address of your business and that
it belongs under UAE jurisdiction.

Years of SORP experience is a guarantee of the
success of your business in the UAE

SORP Group is a leading consulting group of companies that provides a full range of services for incorporation, support and business management in the UAE and abroad. We have an impeccable reputation, many opportunities and significant assets:

Comprehensive services

SORP offers comprehensive support for acquired companies and their shareholders: from licensing, maintaining Bank accounts to obtaining the status of a tax resident of the country

Individual approach

Your requirements are unique. That is why we treat every business individually to tailor the right services to achieve your priorities.

15 years of successful work

We have helped thousands of clients acquire, build and develop businesses in the UAE

Banking support

Assistance in choosing a bank that is suitable for your purposes, support with bank accounts opening and passing KYC procedures (know your customer).

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