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International business optimization via UAE

Entrepreneurial activity in any part of the world can be streamlined by registering a legal entity in the UAE. Get tax exemption, ensure the freedom transactions and payments, as well as confidentiality of beneficiaries.

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When performing trade, investing, services provision, participating in international tenders, all under the jurisdiction of UAE, gives businessmen state guarantees and professional rights, and unique solutions to improving processes and structure efficiency of any international business.
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Unique solutions

Solutions offered by conducting international business under the UAE jurisdiction
Full tax protection for shareholders Nominee services and advanced tools to confirm the place of business management as UAE to protect shareholders from data disclosure.
Business from the reputable jurisdiction UAE actively cooperates with other countries, as demonstrated by many signed agreements on the protection of mutual investments, free trade and the avoidance of double taxation.
Agent Services and Loan Agreements These tools are openly used in the country and such forms of financial settlements do not raise questions from banks.
Tax-free regime for international projects The absence of a tax burden allows you to fully profit and optimize trade with other jurisdictions via UAE.
Complex licenses for international business activities Financial, telecommunication, insurance, educational, travel, logistics, transport, engineering and trade licenses in a simplified manner.
Tax incentives for holding structures Tax incentives for the withdrawal of interest and dividends to the parent company registered in the UAE. Complete absence of taxes for international business activities.

Rights and legal guarantees

The incorporated company and its investors receive certain rights and guarantees from the state:
Ease of settlements Absence of barriers on business turnover
International agreements Use of treaties on the protection of mutual investments and avoidance of double taxation
Confidentiality Anonymity and protection of personal data
Preservation of capital Banking services and state guarantee preservation of funds
Resident status The right to become an investor and a local resident under a simplified scheme
Tax incentives The right to conduct business and receive dividends without taxes
Узнайте о налоговых и имиджевых преимуществах для международного бизнеса в ОАЭ
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A few simple steps to organize your business

To optimize an international business using UAE jurisdiction, the following is required:
Preliminary analysis Выбор рабочей бизнес-модели It is necessary to make sure that planned optimization of international business complies with the laws of the UAE. Assessment of possibility of state support. На первом этапе важно проанализировать нюансы законодательства и убедиться в том, создаваемый бизнес удовлетворит конечной цели - будь то получение налоговых льгот или преимуществ торговых соглашений.
Determining the region of business activity It is necessary to identify promising markets and territories for business and make sure that incorporated company will be able to work there without any restrictions. От выбора места регистрации бизнеса зависит география деятельности компании, возможность обслуживания в зарубежных банках, аренды необходимых коммерческих площадей
Selecting a legal form and type of business activity Business license determines the type of legal entity, as well as the list of permitted business activities and services of the company. Activities that are not listed in the license are illegal. Правильный выбор организационно-правовой формы и вида деятельности определяет то, какие товары или услуги сможет реализовывать ваша компания.
Obtaining additional permits and approvals Получение лицензии и прохождение согласований Some licensing activities require additional approvals and permits from relevant government departments. This area needs to be researched thoroughly. Весь бизнес в ОАЭ лицензируется. Ряд лицензий предполагает получение дополнительных одобрений в профильных государственных ведомствах.
Accompanying business activities after incorporation Professional outsourcing business support is key to the effectiveness of all applicable international strategies and schemes for implementing business optimization. На этапе становления важно выбрать квалифицированную обслуживающую компанию, которая оформит резидентские визы, откроет банковские счета, наладит бухгалтерский и налоговый учет. SORP Group предоставляет полный комплекс услуг по сопровождению бизнеса.


Individual approach SORP Group will provide a tailored solution for your individual business structure, depending on your business needs and budget.
15 years of successful business During this time, we have helped hundreds of clients to invest in real estate, business and innovation projects in the UAE with maximum gains.
Wide range of services Our team will provide the whole complex of necessary services: from registering a company and obtaining tax resident status to solving complex tax planning tasks.
Security and anonymity We will help ensure the safety of investments, take measures to maintain your confidentiality as the owner of business and assets.

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