How to enter the UAE market

Expand your business into the richest and fastest growing market of the UAE!
SORP’s solutions can help you leverage your core business effectively for growth.

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The UAE offers unique opportunities to conduct business and maximize the favourable investment climate. The integration into a single market enables improved profit earnings without taxes for you. SORP Group offers actionable bespoke services for foreign companies to enter and expand into the UAE market. Solutions are based on business analysis, the country’s unique legislation landscape, and our own expert knowledge and experience. We help our clients navigate the complex pathways that make up a successful business journey step by step.

Stages of identifying business opportunities in the UAE

  • Preliminary market research and competitive analysis

    Enabling your business development strategy, make optimal decisions, and objectively assess and eliminate possible risks

  • Analysis of UAE legislation in relation to your business

    Studying the unique aspects of licensing and requirements for doing business in accordance with the UAE legislation and gaining the necessary approvals from local authorities

  • Business formation and location set up in the UAE

    Assessing the best strategic fit for your business in the UAE, your ability to target the correct audience / consumers, and to identify infrastructure and logistics requirements.

  • Registration and licensing of your business

    Processing of legal and administrative procedures to obtain approvals and business licenses in accordance with the legislation of the UAE

  • Mandatory procedures for starting a business

    Obtaining resident visas for business owners and foreign employees, passing bank verification procedures and opening Bank accounts in the UAE

  • Outsourcing core business adminstration

    Enabling administrative, legal, accounting and PRO support to optimize essential business outputs and forecasted business goals

Success formula for your business expansion into the UAE market

SORP offers services to adapt your strategies and develop methodologies for entering the UAE market. We can provide indepth and personal analysis of your business goals, taking the UAE legislation into account and the competitive environment.

We analyse the UAE
market and its trends

Evaluation of the competitive environment and pricing policies based on the market entry strategy and its cost.

We provide a sound legal

Studying the legal aspects and regulations applied to your business to present business grounding.

We provide methodology
for business process

Identifying the best business approach to product certification, commercial activities, accounting, recruitment, and other processes.

If you have decided to enter the UAE market, SORP group can support you with comprehensive services to support your ventures. These include proof of a sound business idea, a full business analysis, business registration and licensing, and a full range of solutions for setting up and running a business in the UAE which are provided on a turnkey basis.

Integrated SORP Group solutions for real estate and asset registration

Business idea

SORP provides an expert business review for entering the UAE market and performs viability testing for your business ideas and concepts against a favourable UAE business environment.


SORP provides a fast, professional services for business registration and licensing. We cooperate with registration authorities to manage effeciencies as an essential support function.

Openning bank

SORP cooperates with the leading banks of the UAE and understands their compliance procedures inside and out. Professional support and fast completion of processes are guaranteed.


SORP business centre provides excellent solutions for renting equipped office spaces for staff accommodation and licensing procedures. We offer sound support for business placement.

Local sponsor or

SORP provides a reliable nominee service for conducting a business through a Mainland company with local partner / agent. A waiver of rights is provided in the court of Dubai, with full support.

Business process

SORP manages immigration, tax, accounting, legal adminstration in aim of saving your business expenses so you can focus on important, like maintaining key employees.

SORP Group provides a full range of services for the establishing business in the UAE

Comprehensive services

SORP offers comprehensive support for acquired companies and their shareholders: from licensing, maintaining Bank accounts to obtaining the status of a tax resident of the country

Individual approach

Your requirements are unique. That is why we treat every business individually to tailor the right services to achieve your priorities.

15 years of successful work

We have helped thousands of clients acquire, build and develop businesses in the UAE

Banking support

Assistance in choosing a bank that is suitable for your purposes, support with bank accounts opening and passing KYC procedures (know your customer).

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