Business Support in the UAE

The key to success of your business in the UAE is engaging the high-quality outsourcing
services provided by SORP Group’s specialists.

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It is smart business to outsource legal, administration, accounting and tax matters to local UAE experts. It drastically cuts expenditure on highly-paid employees and office accommodation. It protects you by putting local business knowledge at your fingertips seamlessly. SORP has been providing highest-quality expertise to UAE businesses for over 15 years in a highly professional and cost-effective manner.

SORP Group offers bundled solutions
for your business in the UAE


Preparation and professional assessment of all documents, interaction with UAE authorities, due diligence where needed

Doing business in a foreign country requires good knowledge of local practices and legislation to enable sound decision-making.

SORP’s experienced lawyers will resolve any law-related issues for your business through legal procedures, consulting and verifying contracts, and representing you with UAE regulatory authorities.
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Opening and operating
bank accounts

Comprehensive client support for the processes involved in opening or maintaining corporate accounts as working settlement tools

A business bank account is a vital necessity but banks don’t make it easy. You need to understand and comply with their procedures for new customers.

SORP Group has long-standing working relationships with major UAE banks and familiarity with their compliance as well as with KYC procedures to help ensure a successful application.
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Management of
business processes

Administrative support, operations management, reviews, oversight and crisis control provided to your company in the UAE

Management and fine-tuning of your business processes by local experts delivers a solid foundation on which to grow your UAE business.

SORP Group’s expertise will help you to set up your business from scratch, implement operations management, and respond capably to any internal and external business risks.
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Professional assistance in license renewal procedures and fulfilling all the requirements of the UAE governmental authorities

Every business in the UAE obtains one or more licenses to operate a certain type of activities within the country and these must be renewed annually.

SORP’s specialists have built up deep knowledge about all renewal procedures and the processes specific to regulatory governmental authorities to provide fast and cost-effective solutions.
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Legalization of

Business support for the process of legalization of any documents issued either in the Emirates or in another country

The multi-stage business document legalization procedure in the UAE often requires significant time, effort and expense.

SORP Group’s international network of agents and well-established relations with the Emirates’ authorities enable it to perform document legalization quickly and properly.
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Taxes and

Registration with the Federal Tax Authority, provision of audit and accounting services, preparation and timely filing of tax returns

A crucial task for any business in the UAE is to arrange knowledgeable and professional book-keeping, as well as tax accounting, and financial reporting.

SORP’s experts provide businesses with high-quality accounting services and assure fulfillment of the regulatory requirements related to timely financial reporting, preparation and filing.
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Trade and logistics

Market study, developing road maps, obtaining import permits, customs clearance, transport and storage of goods.

To efficiently carry out trade operations in this country, you need to understand the ins and outs of authorizations, also permissions and how the system works.

SORP Group offers a complete bundle of trade and logistics solutions related to obtaining licenses and permits, import/export arrangements, storage and transport of goods and more.
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Confirmation that all relevant UAE standards are met, as well as certification and labelling of goods to be imported

Many products and raw materials must undergo mandatory certification by the relevant authorities before being allowed into the UAE.

Businesses can take advantage of SORP’s knowledge of the processes and legislation to ensure their supply lines run smoothly, thus avoiding potentially costly delays, shortages and hassle.
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Nominee director or shareholder services provided to enable efficient configuration of your business

Nominee services are widely used in the UAE, are in full compliance with the legislation and represent a business tradition of Emirates’ companies.

SORP provides nominee services in order to obtain licenses, confirm economic substance in the UAE and fulfil a number of other special roles for your business.
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SORP Group has two units that provide you with comprehensive business support

Center of
business expertise
Expertise on tap centered around strategic
planning and business analysis
strategic areas
  • Minimizing the need for highly-paid staff by engaging SORP’s knowledgeable and very experienced specialists in the field of business planning and analysis
  • Validating business plans, evaluating and tweaking strategy, developing financial policies and honing them to suit a UAE setting
  • Analyzing proposed business models in-depth to highlight potential strengths and weaknesses as regards local customs, laws and business environment specifics
  • In-depth evaluation and advice surrounding tax risks, developing tax optimization strategies on the basis of tax planning tools to mitigate a tax burden
  • Developing mechanisms and methods to deliver reliable protection against automatic exchange of tax information internationally under CRS
  • Assessing and verifying legal and financial documents to ensure full compliance with UAE legislation in all relevant matters
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outsourcing center
An array of support services for many
operations management tasks and roles
in-house experts
  • Annual license renewals, professional assistance in the areas of law, immigration, administration, and business process management
  • Audit control and crisis-management of your business, support in opening and maintaining corporate accounts, and getting through the bank compliance procedures
  • Recruiting local UAE personnel as needed in order to obtain the required licenses, building a sales force, legalization of documents
  • Confirmation of business management and control center at the company’s registered address in order to comply with economic substance requirements
  • Preparing formal financial reports under IFRS, and all the company’s documents, in order to submit them to the auditors
  • Trade mark registration, obtaining permits from the UAE Ministry of Economy and professional assistance in all the document preparation and execution procedures
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SORP provides professional support to your
business to meet all requirements of UAE law

Personal Approach

Confidential legal solutions for tax optimization, concealment of beneficiaries, and protection against automatic data exchange according to the CRS standard

Integrated Solutions

Registration of the company on a turn-key basis, including the analysis of your needs and selection of the organizational and legal form of the legal entity

15 Years in UAE Market

Expert knowledge and 15 years' experience in conducting professional consultations, opening, and comprehensive support of companies in various sectors of the economy

Banking Support

Assistance in opening bank accounts, choosing a bank suitable your purpose, support during the KYC procedure (“Know Your Customer”)

Examination of documentation.

Checking your company's concept for strategic and legal errors. SORP Group strategic partnerships with the best lawyers in the UAE and around the world will provide prompt legal support for your business

Confidentiality and Protection

We will ensure the confidentiality of Your data and take appropriate measures to comply with current legislation, as well as solutions on corporate, tax and judicial law and economic substance requirements

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