Organization of trade under the
UAE flag

Conduct an international trade business from a tax-free jurisdiction. Leverage the
possibilities of transfer pricing, re-invoicing and participating in tenders to optimize your
business processes.

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The UAE provides unique opportunities for international trade through its business-friendly taxation, freedom of capital movement, absence of inflation, guarantees of investment protection and strict confidentiality, favorable geographic location and the country’s prestige on the world stage. SORP Group specialists will help you to gain an understanding of the legislation’s nuances and select the best solutions for successful trade under the UAE flag.

Setting up a trading business in the UAE will open up new prospects. You can:

transfer pricing
The ability to capitalize on profits to the maximum within the group.
Use international
Related to the protection of mutual investments, free trade, avoidance of double taxation.
Use reinvoicing
Apply legal price regulation to withdraw profits based on secure business structures and a control center in the UAE.
Obtain complex
Potential to obtain trade licenses for difficult-to-license goods (tobacco, pharmaceuticals, etc.)
in tenders
Present a positive consolidated financial history to qualify as a serious bidder.
Create a unified
settlement center
Optimize the activities of the entire international business: payments for third parties, offsetting mutual claims.
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The uniqueness of the UAE jurisdiction for international trading companies

Tax-free regime
No corporate taxes when conducting international activities and no personal income tax.
Wide sales market
Common customs space within the 6 GCC countries, free trade agreements.
Tax residency
All business owners can apply for tax resident status and receive protection from information exchange.
Respectability of jurisdiction
Despite its tax-free jurisdiction, the UAE is not included in any of the "black" and "gray" lists of the OECD and FATF.
Guaranteed anonymity of data on foreign business people. No exchange of tax information
Financial comfort
Lack of currency control, freedom of movement of funds, simplified KYC procedure for transactions in dirhams

Available licenses for trading activities from the UAE

Licensing is obligatory for any business in the United Arab Emirates. Your license in the UAE is a "business card" for banks and counterparties all over the world, and for the state it is a form of control over the activities of your company.


Licenses for the sale of various food products, including agricultural products.

Construction Materials

Licenses for the sale of all types of building materials and components for the implementation of construction and installation work.

Non-food products

Licenses for the sale of non-food consumer goods and textile products.

Oil and petroleum products

Licenses for trade in oil and oil products (gasoline, kerosene, fuel oil, diesel fuel, oils and other refined products).

Industrial equipment

Licenses for the sale of equipment for the food industry, plastic industry, oil refining and some other industries.

Precious metals and jewelry

Licenses for the sale of ores, ingots and alloys of precious metals, precious stones and various jewelry.

Manufacturing raw materials

Licenses for selling certain mineral ores, pulpwood and other raw materials for various industries.

Medicines and chemicals

Licenses for the sale of medicines, protective equipment and various products of the chemical industry.

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SORP Group solutions for efficient trading under the UAE flag

Local company for complex

Ample opportunity for domestic or international trade and ease of opening accounts with leading UAE banks.

Company in FTZ for

Creation of consolidated goods warehouses, application of zero customs duties for the import and re-export of goods.

Acquisition of an existing

Turnkey solution for generating profits as well as for building business schemes or corporate structures.

Beneficiary concealment

Construction of tiered structures to protect shareholders, including elements of an Arab trust tool.


Provision of a technical director with limited rights to perform various functional corporate tasks.

bank accounts

Through close cooperation with UAE banks and knowing their process to assist in passing KYC.

The global trend towards increased control over business leaves fewer legal methods to minimize the tax burden, optimize cash flows and allocate funds to accounts. To minimize the risk of your international activity being deemed “suspicious” or not legitimate, and possibly having bank accounts suspended, we recommend that you comply with legal requirements to confirm your Economic Presence (ESR) in the UAE.

Integrated solutions for international trade activities from the UAE

Business hypothesis
Proving the concept provides the rationale to choose the correct license, launch a business, and implement a strategy - with the potential to expand internationally
Analysis of legal international tax planning methods based on many previous successful cases, thereby offering you optimal solutions for a tax-free business
Dubai business
SORP business center provides office space for young businesses and startups seeking licenses as well as proof that control and management occurs in the UAE.
Individually tailored solutions for international business that deliver more efficient tax optimization schemes based on UAE legislation
Registration of
Support in obtaining a tax domicile certificate as proof of compliance with the requirements of belonging to the UAE tax jurisdiction
Confirmation of
economic presence
in the UAE
Proof that the center of control and management is at the company’s registered address and operations belong in the UAE jurisdiction
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Success factors for trading
under the UAE flag

Tax freedom
International trade activities, including re-export, are tax-free. The absence of taxes allows you to extract the maximum profit and create effective trading schemes on world markets. In the international ranking of fiscal freedom for 2020, the United Arab Emirates is in fourth place with an index of 99.
Favorable geographical location
The location at the intersection of global logistics and trade routes, combined with the country's high-quality infrastructure, has made the United Arab Emirates one of the key international transport and trade hubs of global importance, connecting the East and West, and the gateway to the Middle East and North Africa market.
High reputation of the country in the world business arena
The United Arab Emirates enjoys a well-deserved reputation in the global economy. In the IMD 2020 ratings, the UAE ranked 9th in the world in terms of economic competitiveness and 14th in digital. The country’s prestige increases the credibility of companies based here and provides them with access to participate in international tenders and projects.
Favorable conditions for doing business
The regulatory and legal environment of the UAE provides a comfortable environment for creating companies and organizing their activities. In terms of ease of doing business, the Emirates is ranked 1st among the countries of the Middle East and North Africa and 16th in the world, with high indices in many categories, including the level of protection for minority investors.
International trade agreements
International agreements create favorable conditions for foreign trade activities under the UAE flag. The Emirates are part of the common customs space of the GCC and are bound by free trade agreements with the EFTA countries, Singapore and New Zealand. It is in the process of concluding similar agreements with the EU, Mercosur, Australia, Japan, and a number of other countries.
Developed transport infrastructure
The country has 8 cargo airports and 15 sea trade ports, two of which are rated in the world TOP 50. The UAE is ranked 10th in the world in terms of the quality of its trade and transport infrastructure. The wide use of the latest digital technologies provides a high degree of automation of loading and unloading operations, warehousing and cargo handling.

The global trend towards increased control over business leaves fewer legal methods to minimize the tax burden, optimize cash flows and allocate funds to accounts. To minimize the risk of your international activity being deemed “suspicious” or not legitimate, and possibly having bank accounts suspended, we recommend that you comply with legal requirements to confirm your Economic Presence (ESR) in the UAE.

SORP Group offers the benefits of many years of experience to resolve complex business issues

Expert status

We are able to make legally correct decisions on planning your company's strategy to protect against exchange of tax information

Individual approach

Your requirements are unique. That is why we treat every business individually to tailor the right services to achieve your priorities.

15 years of successful work

We have helped thousands of clients acquire, build and develop businesses in the UAE

Complex of all services

SORP offers comprehensive support for acquired companies and their shareholders: from licensing, maintaining Bank accounts to obtaining the status of a tax resident of the country

Banking support

Assistance in choosing a bank that is suitable for your purposes, support with bank accounts opening and passing KYC procedures (know your customer).

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