Doing your business in the UAE

Income from trade, production, services and maintenance are provided by the growth of the United Arab Emirates' economy and are protected by law

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The UAE is a country of unique business opportunities. Preferential tax treatment and government-guaranteed confidentiality allow you to extract maximum profit. SORP Group provides an overview of the most promising areas of activity, methods of organizing and doing business in the UAE, as well as solutions for their implementation

Choose a direction of activity in the UAE

Services and maintenance
Ultra-profitable business provided by the high standard of living

The success of service companies in the UAE market is ensured by freedom of competition, high purchasing power of the population, an increase in the number of wealthy expats and an active demand for quality services.

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Trade business
Imports, exports and re-exports with exceeding standard yields

Dependence on imports, minimal customs duties guarantee the profitability of imports. Favorable location at the intersection of trade routes of the West, East, Europe and Asia, the absence of taxes are the key to the success of export and re-export.

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Manufacturing business
Business with state support and no sanctions restrictions

Industrial activity in the UAE is supported by the state and is distinguished by the possibility of free supplies around the world, a wide domestic sales market, including in the trade zones of the Persian Gulf countries

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Expertise and consulting for business in the United Arab Emirates

Starting a business in the UAE
Algorithm for successful construction and elimination of start errors

We will analyze the market and adapt business ideas to the realities of the UAE, provide a complex of solutions for registering a company on a “turnkey” basis

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Entering the UAE market
Methodologies, process understanding and first steps

We will prepare an algorithm for entering the UAE market in accordance with the legislation, including a set of solutions for the selection of resources and promotion methods

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Licensing a business in the UAE
Complex of solutions for incorporation

We will provide services for the registration and activities of the company in the UAE on a "turnkey" basis: from obtaining all permits and approvals to customs clearance

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Boost your income with actionable solutions

Investing in the UAE
Selection of the best destinations, the possibility of support, preferences for investors

Investments in business, commercial real estate, innovative projects - with the support of SORP - will make it possible to maximize revenues due to the tax-free country, economic growth and the purchasing power of the population.

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Immigration to the UAE
Visa requirements and support during your move and business relocation

Unique opportunities for business immigration to the UAE with SORP support will provide you with new perspectives and growth potential, comfort, stability, opportunities for development and expansion of your business.

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Buying a ready-made business in the UAE
Analysis, error avoiding, fair price, support of transactions

Understanding the rules, important aspects of analysis, stages of registration, legal support of transactions and expert services of SORP - provide the success of investing in a highly profitable business

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Benefits of doing business in the UAE

Loyal taxation system
No taxes on personal income and corporate taxes (except for 5% VAT on a number of internal transactions)
Conditions of equal competition for business
Foreign and local businessmen do business in the UAE and abroad on equal terms
Access to the Persian Gulf countries
Common tax and customs space, free trade zone
Investment protection
State protection and international agreements on mutual protection of investments between the UAE and a number of countries
Free entry and withdrawal of capital
The state at the level of legislation guarantees free entry and withdrawal of capital without currency control
Privacy and data protection
Closed shareholder registers ensure that beneficiary concealment tools are legally used
Financial stability
Absolute stability of the banking system, no inflation. The dollar exchange rate is fixed by law
Safe placement of funds
Banking services and state guarantee of the safety of funds
Tax resident status
All business owners can apply for UAE tax resident status and receive protection from information exchange (CRS)
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SORP Group services and solutions for doing your business in the UAE

business model preparation
Which will be an ideal tool for optimizing taxation, creating a trade network, entering international or local markets and for your confidence
Company registration and licensing
The impeccable quality and fast provision of services is ensured by the SORP Group's own resources and close cooperation with the registration authorities
Assistance in opening bank accounts
Cooperation with the leading banks of the UAE and understanding of their compliance procedures guarantee professional support and fast completion of procedures
SORP business center provides excellent solutions for renting equipped office spaces for staff accommodation and licensing procedures
Local sponsor or agent
If you need to conduct business through a local company, we will provide a reliable nominee service (local partner / agent) with a waiver of rights in the court of Dubai
PRO business support
Representing your interests in the UAE government agencies, issuing resident visas to partners, employees and members of their families, renewing all types of licenses, registrations and permits
Outsourcing of
core business
Administrative, tax, accounting and legal support from SORP - saving costs on maintaining a whole staff of highly paid employees
Legislative instruments allow you to minimize international taxes, freedom of settlements with protection from automatic exchange of tax information
Confirmation of economic presence in the UAE
Proof of the fact of conducting operating activities at the place of registration of the company, the presence of a control center and tax affiliation to the UAE
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SORP Group will become your reliable partner in long-term work in the UAE

Leading consulting group providing a full range of services for the incorporation, support and management of business in the UAE and beyond. We have an impeccable reputation, broad capabilities and assets
Complex of all services
The company offers a comprehensive solution for business and shareholders: from registering companies to obtaining the status of a tax resident of the country
15 years in the UAE market
The status of an expert allows us to interact with all government departments
The In-house staff of experts
Lawyers, tax consultants, marketers and business development specialists
Own Business Center
5000 sq.m. of office spaces and co-working spaces for company formation
Strategic partnerships
Best lawyers and auditors in the UAE and around the world
Entrepreneurs launched a successful
business in the UAE
Thanks to the SORP Group business platform, 2756 entrepreneurs working in various fields - from medicine to IT and e-commerce, have launched a successful business in the UAE