Doing your business in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates economy is protected by law. Trade, manufacturing, service
and maintenance businesses benefit positively when contributing to the local market

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The UAE is a country of unique business opportunities. Preferential tax and government-guaranteed confidentiality can boost profits favorably with the right partner in place. SORP Group can support you with the tools you need to gain access to the most promising areas of activity, management, business solutions and doing business in the Emirates. We provide professional advice on boosting revenue and support businesses long-term with industry know-how, reliable partners and a sound business knowledge.

What business are you in?

In a service and
maintenance business?

High standard of living creates high
profits for service-related companies.

We’ll set you up in one of the richest markets in the world in no time at all. We assist you in grasping the essentials for starting and running your service business and how to reap high-returns.
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In a trade

Profits and zero taxes are guaranteed
for import, export & re-export traders.

Understand the ins and outs of the UAE’s unique trading arrangements when opening and running a trade business. We understand the way to maximize profits from imports, exports and re-exports without tax.
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In a manufacturing

Manufacturing Businesses receive
state support and zero restrictions.

Get a successful start and relocate your manufacturing business with the support of our experts. We will show you how to benefit from local governments within a wide trading market and trading arena.
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Get SORP expert advice for your business needs

How to start a business in
the UAE

We help you get started with proven
methods of success and fewer errors

Getting your business set up is not always easy! SORP can adapt and align all your business ideas to the Emirates market and provide smart solutions for incorporating a company - all on a turnkey basis.
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How to enter the UAE

We provide ‘How to’ guides, key
market understanding and first steps

We prepare a robust guide on how to enter the UAE market in line with to local legislation, including a set of solutions for resourcing, for fast business promotion, and effective day-to-day operations.
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How to license a business
in the UAE

We offer solutions for incorporation,
business licensing and certification

SORP Group has accreditation with all governmental authorities in the UAE as well as deep knowledge of the process of obtaining approvals, customs clearance as well as final certification.
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We’ll guide on solutions that boost your revenue

Guide to making
in the UAE

Tips on the best investor mechanisms
and how to recognise opportunities

SORP supports your investment in the UAE, including commercial real estate and unique projects. We will show how to increase your profits and revenue streams through zero tax and favourable investment oportunities
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with immigration
to the UAE

Visa requirements and support
during your move/business relocation

With SORP, you will receive world class assistance for your business immigration. We show you how to move and transfer a business to the UAE with support documents and guidance, and our PRO assistance
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Guide to buying an
existing business
in the UAE

Analysis, risk reduction, fairtrade,
pricing and transaction help

SORP will show you how to buy an existing business in the UAE and mitigate risk by assessing its financial health and important legal aspects. We provide versatile tools, advice and information so you can invest with confidence.
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Benefits of doing business in the UAE

Minimal taxation

No corporate or personal income tax (just 5% VAT on some domestic categories)

Equal business conditions

Foreign and local businessmen do business in the UAE and abroad on equal terms

Access to the GCC countries

Free trade zone: The UAE has a common tax and customs space with 5 other GCC countries

Investment protection

State protection and international agreements on UAE investments with several other countries

Free entry and withdrawal of capital

The state guarantees free entry and withdrawal of capital without currency control

Privacy and data protection

Closed shareholder registers allow for the legal use of beneficiary concealment tools

Financial stability

A stable banking system, no inflation and the dollar exchange rate is fixed by law

Fund Security

Banking services and the safety of funds are state guaranteed

Tax resident status

All business owners can apply for UAE tax resident status and receive protection from CRS

SORP Group services and solutions for doing
business in the UAE

  • Business model

    SORP will create a bespoke toolkit for optimizing taxation, creating a trade network, entering global or local markets and to boost your business with utmost confidence.

  • Business registration
    and licensing

    SORP provides a fast, professional services for business incorporation and licensing. We co-operate with local authorities to build expertise and supportive functionality.

  • Opening bank

    SORP cooperates with the leading banks of the UAE and understands their compliance procedures inside and out. We guarantee a fast and effecient completion process.

  • Business

    SORP business centre provides excellent solutions for the rent of equipped office spaces. We offer staff accommodation and license procedures. We also offer support for business placements.

  • Local sponsor or

    SORP provides a reliable nominee service for those who would like to conduct business through a local company (local partner / agent). A waiver of rights in the court of Dubai is provided, with full support.

  • PRO business

    SORP represent your business interests at official UAE agencies, for issuing and renewing visas, permits and registration for you, your family, employees and partners who may require these.

  • Business process

    SORP manages immigration, tax, accounting and legalities to save you time and money so you can focus on what’s important, like maintaining key employees and managing your day-to-day needs.

  • International
    tax planning

    SORP provides legislative tools and helps organize your books to help minimize international taxes, free settlements and protect you from automatic tax changes, and other potential consequences.

  • Economic substance
    in the UAE

    SORP manages ‘proof of business’ for company operations and setup. This includes proving that decision makers operate locally and that the company is affiliated to the UAE tax jurisdiction.

SORP Group provides a full range of services for
all aspects of business formation

We are a leading consulting group providing business security and clarity for our clients entering into the UAE. We offer a full range of bespoke services and solutions for founding businesses, offering specialist support and management in the UAE and beyond.

Own Business Center

5000 sq.m. of office spaces and co-working spaces for company formation and setting up your business in the UAE

Complex of all services

The company offers a comprehensive solution for business and shareholders: from business setup in the UAE to obtaining the status of a tax resident of the country

Strategic partnerships

Best lawyers and auditors in the UAE and around the world

15 years in the UAE market

The status of an expert allows us to interact with all government departments

Integrated Approach

To reach all business opportunities in Dubai: we will draw up a development plan for your company, help you obtain all permits, analyse the requirements to set up a company in Dubai and find qualified personnel that meets the requirements of financial regulators

The In-house staff of experts

Lawyers, tax consultants, marketers and business development specialists for effective business registration in the UAE

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