Legal Support and PRO-services
in the UAE

SORP Group’s professionals efficiently resolve all legal, migration and administrative
issues which may occur while starting and running your business in the UAE, and deal
with the authorities on your behalf using 15 years of experience in the UAE.

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Expertise in the ins and outs of how business works in the UAE and the intricacies of the legal system, legislation and bureaucracy, is a major plus factor to have on your side. SORP has been operating in the UAE for more than 15 years, tracking all changes in the law as well as building well-established relations with the country’s governmental authorities. The experts of SORP Group are very well placed to guide and advise you, protecting your business interests and helping you along the path to success.

Legal and PRO solutions that SORP Group
can provide to your business

Inexperience in the ways of doing business in a foreign country presents a major risk to successfully starting and running a business. At best, it means getting things done can take a lot longer, with the cost of trial and error to consider. For many years, SORP Group’s experienced lawyers and PRO staff have been helping clients overcome legal and administrative challenges on the way to achieving their business objectives.


Legal services, consultation and support for incorporation, IP, legal agreements, contracts, and more

preparation and expertise

Vetting legal agreements, contract wording, communications with the authorities and other requirements


Studying certain aspects of law and providing legal opinions to inform your decision making

and labor procedures

Visa support and employee hiring
procedures with the UAE Ministry of
Human Resources & Emiratisation

Representation with
government authorities

Submitting documents, applications,
and resolving legal or procedural
issues with the regulatory authorities


Certifying documents in the court of
Dubai, executing various powers of
attorney on behalf of your business

Due diligence of trading
partners and stakeholders

Conducting due diligence on
parties of interest prior to engaging
them, to understand and mitigate

dispute settlement

Resolving any conflicts between
your business and third parties
before a court hands down a

Support in
real estate deals

Ensuring that any property
involved in a purchase or a sale
has clear and unencumbered title
and agreements

Drawing up
a will

Assistance in registering your title
to UAE real estate as part of estate
planning procedures

of legal entities

Legal dissolving your company and
its operations while meeting all UAE
legal requirements

Support in
bankruptcy procedures

Winding up your UAE business
due to the company’s financial

SORP Group offers you bundled solutions that
deliver impressive advantages

SORP Group is very much a customer-focused provider, always attending promptly to clients’ needs while delivering high-quality professional services. Our subscription packs represent extremely cost-effective propositions. Clients can obtain a wide range of services across a number of packages from a single supplier.
Legal support and PRO
services for business
Blend of solutions for legal and
PRO support of your business
  • Document preparation
    Preparing applications, agreements and legal documents
    required to incorporate and launch your UAE business
  • Mixture of PRO services
    Representing your company with government bodies, visa
    support, submitting documents to UAE institutions
  • Due diligence
    Conducting due diligence as and when required to check out
    potential trading partners, suppliers and stakeholders
  • Deal-making support
    Checking fairness of deal execution, running negotiations,
    preparation and legalization of documents
  • International services
    Studying the law of a stakeholder’s jurisdiction, efficient
    application of double taxation treaties
  • Business owner’s risks evaluation
    Business efficiency evaluation, assessment of internal and
    external risks and errors in legal decision making
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business support
Solutions for legal, accounting
and administrative support
  • Comprehensive legal support
    Provision of a full bundle of professional legal and PRO
    services for your UAE business
  • Administrative support
    Resolving administrative issues, secretarial services, HR
    policy development
  • Business management services
    Operations management of your business at all stages,
    business review and crisis management
  • Accounting services
    High-quality accounting for your business operations, safe
    keeping of source documents
  • Tax planning
    Tax registration with Federal Tax Authority, preparation and
    timely submission of tax returns
  • International tax advice
    Optimizing your business taxation, obtaining tax resident
    status to protect against automatic data exchange (CSR)
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SORP provides professional support for your
business to meet all requirements of UAE law

Comprehensive services

SORP offers comprehensive support for acquired companies and their shareholders: from licensing, maintaining Bank accounts to obtaining the status of a tax resident of the country

Individual approach

Your requirements are unique. That is why we treat every business individually to tailor the right services to achieve your priorities.

15 years of successful work

We have helped thousands of clients acquire, build and develop businesses in the UAE

Banking support

Assistance in choosing a bank that is suitable for your purposes, support with bank accounts opening and passing KYC procedures (know your customer).

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