SORP Business Accelerator

SORP redefines what a business accelerator achieves and offers the ideal combination of services
for both classic startups and existing companies. Start your successful journey in the best
jurisdiction for any business!

startup costs
solutions to make
your business
more efficient
directions of
years of business
experience in the
UAE and worldwide

Intensive business development
program based on the SORP

All-encompassing environment for entrepreneurs to create and develop a
startup, as well as to bring an existing business to a new level. All thanks
to the advantages of the UAE jurisdiction and SORP’s expertise built on
15 years of successful projects and its relationships in the region.

Solutions for the operating business
SORP Business School's proven practical course aimed at improving
business performance.
  • The training program is specifically selected for the requirements
    of a particular business
  • Comprehensive coaching for successful operations both in the
    UAE and for entering international markets
  • Course graduates have opportunities to attract investors
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Classic accelerator program
A full cycle of training, development and funding for startups from
pre-seed to seed.
  • Coaching and mentoring tailored to the startup's area of interest
  • The ability to further scale the business to key markets thanks to
    the SORP partner program
  • SORP's own investment of up to 75% of the development budget
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We guarantee you:

  • Training and advice from SORP business experts on
    expanding opportunities for making the right decisions,
    integrating companies and startups into business
    communities, reaching investors and supporting business
    at all stages.
  • Across-the-board assistance to develop your startup from
    concept to a real business, relocate a startup or business
    to the UAE, and attract more funding.
Business-specific training course
The program is tailored to suit the steps involved for
each business and includes both the essentials of
working in the UAE and know-how specific to your
own business and objectives.
Groupwork - Analyzing a plan and
molding it for success
Adapting a startup business plan to successfully
launch a product in the UAE and then scaling to
international markets. Exploring options based on
different amounts of funding.
SORP initial investment in an
approved startup
SORP Group independently invests up to 75% of
funds required for launch and early development of
startups that show great promise.
Visa support and a base at the SORP
business center during training
SORP will help you quickly obtain visas for attendees
and provide office space in our own business center
in Dubai for the duration of the course.
Preparing for Demo Day where
potential investors will attend
Setting things up in ways that are required before
seeking primary funding and guidance in how to
prepare for a presentation with suitable materials.
SORP’s reputation involves
minimizing risks for primary investors
SORP supports startups in marketing, accounting,
legal issues and other areas to increase investment
attractiveness while also minimizing risks as a priority.
Business support and consulting at every stage
Further development of a startup building on the
results of the first phase of training to prepare for the
next stage of investment with mentoring support
and SORP expertise.
Business Scaling Graduate
The opportunity for faster and more successful
business growth for graduates of the course and
companies that are already active. Scaling is the
pathway to taking things to the next level.

StartUp Factory: fast results and major benefits

Apply to take part in the program
Complete the application questionnaire and submit it
to our SORP experts for evaluation
and assessment.
Talking through what’s involved and getting ready
Online meeting with SORP experts and the startup
team to discuss the process and complete the
The first stage of training: "Development and growth"
Launching, running a business, coaching, development support, business plan,
preparing for Demo Day.
Second stage of training: "Business to Life"
Working to build your MVP, training, mentoring,
incorporation, preparing for initial investment
It’s a big event where startups get to show off their
projects with potential investors in the audience
Individual meetings for 2nd stage graduates with
potential investors or SORP Investment LLC.

SORP accelerator - successful business startup
and development in the UAE and the world

SORP Investment LLC

Practical steps for a successful business
startup in the United Arab Emirates and in
international markets

  • Analysis and expert assessment of your project
  • Finalization of the project
  • Legal support and business incorporation
  • Business accommodation in SORP business center
  • Anti-crisis analysis, financial planning, personnel management
  • Building up skills to improve financial and business performance
  • Analysis and recommendations for the activities of the enterprise

SORP Business School

Academic side of business acceleration that
underpins a successful business start in the
UAE and international markets.

  • Deep dive into the business environment
  • Developing business plans
  • Mentoring support
  • Contest of participants ' business projects
  • Anti-crisis analysis, financial planning, personnel management
  • Building skills to improve the financial and operational performance of the business
  • Analysis and recommendations for the company's activities

SORP business accelerator experts

Our teachers, mentors and business mentors
Sergey <br class='hide-tn show-sm-min'>Sorp


Managing partner sorp group

An entrepreneur who has achieved
outstanding success in business,
the owner of a leading consulting
group in the UAE. Anti-crisis analyst,
business consultant, business coach.

Elena <br class='hide-tn show-sm-min'>Tselishcheva


Managing partner sorp group

A practicing lawyer in the field of
corporate law, a leading business
consultant, mentor with more than 20
years of experience in conducting and
building international business.

Maxim <br class='hide-tn show-sm-min'>Perlin


Head of sorp business school

Entrepreneur and investor with
more than 20 years of experience in
investment banking, graduate of Lubin
School of Business, Pace University,
New York.

Which startups can be accelerated?

Unlike most of its peers in the market, SORP Business Accelerator does not set boundaries and restrictions on industries and business areas for startups accepted into the training program.

If your product is

Innovative or digital
Based on a digital solution or innovative
Ready to be scaled
Has the ability to be scaled into other
Open to a wide audience
Created for a wide audience, will be useful to
many people
The SORP acceleration program is
also suitable for e-commerce,
and for global ideas on ecology or
Both SORP itself and invited investors are involved in investing in a startup. The most
attractive projects for third-party investors today are projects in the areas of FinTech,
BioTech, MedTech, artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies, environmentally
friendly technologies, real estate and construction, retail and food production.

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