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International Tax Planning

Optimizing the tax burden, building an effective capital flow model and protecting business plus personal accounts from international tax exchange.

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Global trends for tightening control over some legal ways to minimize tax burden and optimize cash flow and settlement schemes are left by a business. The legislation of the United Arab Emirates gives entrepreneurs unique tools with which you can, protecting yourself from the automatic exchange of financial information according to the CRS standard, create structures to reduce the tax burden on business and build payment schemes, business ownership and assets around the world.

Preliminary analysis When reorganizing a company group, it is important to examine every detail of the law in the relevant jurisdictions- the conditions of any double taxation avoidance agreements, the presence of any agreements on the mutual protection of investments, and other features of the country where beneficiaries pay taxes.
Create a new operational model Consider options for modifying the current structure, liquidating ineffective foreign companies to lower administrative costs incurred maintaining the company group, designing the optimal financial structure for subsidiaries. Organize the movement of capital within the integrated management group. Inserting a UAE company within an existing structure, confirming the company’s management and control center in the UAE.
Protecting end beneficiaries Study beneficiaries’ current taxpayer status, whether or not their countries of residence have laws on controlled foreign companies, changes to tax residence, share of company ownership based on the analysis, series of measures to confirm a center of vital interest in the UAE.

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