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Import in the UAE

Import goods to the richest country in the Persian Gulf to expand your business.

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The first stage of importing any goods into the UAE is company registration and registration at customs. When you choose a place of registration and type of Trade Company, it is important to consider the sales model to sell your goods.
If you import goods for re-export, you are exempted from customs duties. You should provide a bank guarantee or a deposit equivalent to the amount of customs fees to guarantee the re-export of goods.
Import in the United Arab Emirates is a multi-step process; it can take a lot of time without professional support. SORP will help you to go through all stages as quickly as possible. We can guarantee positive result.
Our company provides comprehensive support for imports: we help to select and establish a legal entity, to certification its goods, we recommend optimal logistics routes and a verified customs broker, we help with warehousing of goods.

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Upon submission of your application to the SORP Group, you will receive a free expert consultation within 20 minutes. Our team of experts will help you evaluate your needs to optimize solutions for launching your project in the UAE. We provide comprehensive support through every step of the process of operating a business in the UAE. The first step to creating a successful business begins with your call or email today!