How to invest in the UAE

Select from a range of highly profitable projects with expert analysis, risk management
and legal support provided by recognized business specialists of the SORP Group.

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By investing in the UAE you benefit from the country's economic and political stability, investment protection at state level and the opportunity to maximize your profits without paying taxes. Applying the correct investment policy that takes into account the peculiarities of local legislation will reward you with a high, steady income stream. You also enjoy protection from automatic exchange of financial information with your country of citizenship as provided for by the CRS framework.

Choosing a direction for investment

SORP, as a leading consulting group and expert in forming high-yield businesses in the Emirates, recommends to investors guaranteed and safe sources of high passive income when investing in the following strategic areas:

Commercial property
Operational businesses
Venture projects

SORP Group will offer a personalized strategy for choosing a successful investment vehicle, carry out legal registration, provide tax planning tools and keep all your financial details totally confidential. We will thoroughly investigate and assess the viability, solvency and prospects of the business, scrutinize its legal documentation for errors, and develop an action plan.

SORP Group solutions to implement your
investment projects in the UAE

By investing with SORP, you get a reliable strategic partner - a market expert with an impeccable reputation.
We do not take fees for our project selection services – instead we provide the projects with full and high-quality business support.

Verifying liquidity
Drill-down analysis of investment projects, reimbursement factors, justification of investment
Legal support
Examining formation documents and verifying legal aspects of registration and of the transaction
Investment advice
Drafting project economics, ensuring correct management and means of withdrawing dividends
Financial control
Ensuring the effectiveness of the financial model, adherence to project deadlines
Ensuring confidentiality
Anonymity of assets and data on beneficiaries through the formation of business structures
Registration of tax residency
Obtaining a Domicile certificate to protect against automatic exchange of tax information

SORP is an expert in supporting investment projects in the following areas:


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Choice of commercial space, registration of a transaction by the investor with the subsequent transfer of real estate to the operational management of the SORP Group, which will provide you with a guaranteed income from the lease of this property.


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Selection of a financially stable business with well-built business processes, support of the acquisition transaction and subsequent operational support, including audit control, personnel activities for the owner of the company.


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Often, venture capital investments carry considerable risks, but also great opportunities for implementing a successful business. SORP experts will turn your investments into a real project with a guaranteed profitability and draw up a strategy for its development.

Collective equity

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Attracting investors to a business where management, sponsorship or the services of a service agent are carried out by SORP experts. Allocation of investment shares, a professional manager who will ensure the profitability of your business.

The SORP group of companies includes a professional market participant with an investment license obtained from the Department of Economic Development of Dubai. SORP is a recognized expert in the field of commercial real estate investments, operating businesses and high-yield and high-tech venture capital projects.

Benefits of investing in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a country with high rates of economic growth and a stable political system, in which there is no corruption, and legislation is developed in the interests of investors.

Financial freedom
Free deposit and withdrawal of capital without
currency control
Investor rights protection
Equal business opportunities for foreign and local
Anonymity of shareholders
No exchange of tax and personal information about
Tax benefits
No major taxes: corporate; for the income of
individuals; dividends

All investors in the United Arab Emirates can obtain tax resident status and apply international tax planning tools created on the basis of the country's legislation, which allows activities around the world. At the same time, investments in the UAE provide low risk and high returns.

SORP provides a full range of incorporation, support and management services in the UAE

Range of services

The company offers comprehensive solutions for businesses and shareholders from incorporation to obtaining UAE tax resident status.

Examination of documentation

Checking your company's concept for strategic and legal errors

15 years of successful work

We have helped thousands of clients acquire, build and develop businesses in the UAE

Integrated solutions

We carry out turnkey works - we will draw up a development plan for your company, help you obtain all permits and find qualified personnel that meets the requirements of financial regulators

Protection and confidentiality

We will ensure the security of your investment, compliance with current legislation and confidentiality of information

SORP Business Center

The SORP group of companies has its own Business Center - 54000 sq. ft of modern office space for licensing in the UAE and meeting the requirements of KYC and Economic Substance

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