Certifying and legalizing
business documents in the UAE

Complete end-to-end attestation and legalization services, certified and notarized
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Because the UAE is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, documents issued in other countries must be legalized in the UAE embassy in the country of origin to be considered genuine and valid for use in the UAE. Legalization is an expensive and time-consuming procedure that demands a lot of effort. We’re here to help you. Our team of experts will make the attestation and legalization process quick, efficient and cost-effective.

6 Scenarios that require you to have your documents legalized

Business set-up
in the UAE

To establish a business presence in the UAE, a foreign company needs to get its corporate documents legalized.

Opening a foreign
bank account

To open an account overseas, all UAE - based companies need to submit their duly attested documents to a foreign bank.

Acting under a power
of attorney

An attorney-in-fact can act on another's behalf in the UAE provided that a power of attorney has been properly attested.

M&A deals

To carry out mergers and acquisitions, and other cross-border transactions, you must provide attested corporate documents.


You’ll need to provide a range of documents and personal certificates which have to be attested as required by the UAE law.


In some cases, you may need to submit duly attested credentials and certificates in order to confirm your qualifications and experience.

Steps in the legalization process

SORP is one of the few consulting companies in the UAE that has a highly professional, multifaceted approach to tackling complicated issues. Our international agent network makes it possible to arrange document legalisation procedures both in the UAE and abroad
As an example, consider a Spanish company that plans to set up a representative office in the UAE and the steps involved in legalizing the relevant documentation as required by UAE law.

Document pickup and delivery

Corporate documents and resolution for incorporation of a representative office are handed over to our agent in Spain.


Notary Public

A notary certifies true copies of the documents and the authenticity of the translator's signature if needed.


Ministry of Justice of Spain

The notarized documents are submitted to MJUS to certify the authenticity of the notary's signature and seal.


UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We receive the documents from Spain and submit them to MOFA to complete the last step of the legalization process.


UAE embassy in Spain

Original documents and true copies are attested by the UAE embassy in Spain. All documents are translated to Arabic.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Spain)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, confirms that the MJUS seal and signature are genuine.

Legalization process, exemplified by a company registered in Dubai, DMCC Free Trade Zone, that plans to set up a subsidiary in Cyprus

Document pickup and delivery

Original corporate documents and true copies/a power of attorney if needed/ are handed over to SORP employees


Corporate resolution

A Corporate Resolution for incorporation of a subsidiary is prepared for its further attestation by DMCC


DMCC free economic trade zone

SORP submits original corporate documents, their true copies and Resolution to DMCC for attestation


Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus

Finally, all documents and their true copies get legalized at the Embassy of Cyprus in the UAE



The documents are translated into Greek by a sworn translator before submission to the Cyprus Embassy


Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Spain)

MOFA attests the documents and their true copies confirming the authenticity of DMCC stamp and signature

SORP solutions for your legalization issues

SORP Group has been successfully providing business consulting and support for over 15 years. Take advantage of the wealth of expertise and tools we have accumulated to securely take care of every step of the entire legalization process for you.

Document attestation
and legalization in the UAE

Certification of the genuineness
of a public seal and signature
of an official who has signed
the document

Professional Arabic

Translation of commercial and
personal documents certified
and sworn to by the translator.
A wide range of languages catered for.

Document legalization
outside the UAE

Attestation of documents by
the UAE embassy after their
verification by the Foreign Ministry
of the issuing country

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