Investments optimization by
using the UAE

Invest in a wide variety of sectors such as industry, agriculture, oil and gas, education,
tourism, healthcare and more. Investment vehicles include ownership of shares in
these types of businesses, which grants certain privileges to your company.

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The state supports investment activities in the UAE and income from foreign sources is not taxed. The ease of interaction with local banks and a variety of international agreements attract the interest of foreign investors and are used as tools for effective investment management and planning. SORP Group will help you understand all the nuances and build an individually tailored scheme for optimizing your company's international activities.

Registering an investment business in the UAE will reveal unique opportunities:

Issue financial

Perform direct or trade financing, issue loans and credit cards

Invest in commercial

Profit from attracting and placing funds in the business, assets, ownership of shares

Form an investment
holding company

Simplify the flow of investments within a consolidated group or holding structure

Form an Investment

Accumulate savings of individuals and legal entities for joint investment.

Invest through trust

Invest anonymously through a trust structure in the United Arab Emirates

Consult on investment

Justify the placement or movement of own or borrowed capital in foreign operations

Uniqueness of the UAE jurisdiction
for international investment companies

In the UAE, the level of business activity, demand, and affluence of the population is steadily growing. The market here is one of the most developed and modern, and even complex financial products and services are always in high demand.

Tax-free jurisdiction

The maximum returns without paying corporate or dividend taxes

Free capital movement

The legal right in the UAE to move capital without currency controls

Tax optimization

International treaties that avoid double taxation and mutually protect investments

Repatriation of profits

Transferring funds back into the UAE from controlled entities anywhere in the world in compliance with international agreements

Data confidentiality

Legal concealment of the beneficiary's data and protection against automatic exchange of information under CRS

Variety of payment schemes

Issuing loans and investments (including to divisions and branches) and also acting as a guarantor

Available investment licenses in the UAE

Every business in the United Arab Emirates has a mandatory licensing procedure. Your license is a "business card" for banks and contractors around the world. For the state, it is a form of control over the activities of your company.

Investment in affiliated structures

Unique investment vehicle (SPV) for debt restructuring, financing and capital movement within the group

Estate investment

Investment of capital in a property under construction or built for the purpose of future income without taxes

Project investment

Funding projects so as to obtain a return, such as commercial, manufacturing and service operations

Investment consulting

Providing a range of services related to optimizing the use of assets, attracting and placing investments

FinTech licenses

Innovative tax-free tools related to investing or moving capital, such as P2P lending, crowdfunding, e-money and more

Payment Service Provider

Payment Service Provider (PSP) licenses covering activities for accepting and processing payments for third parties

Operations with securities

Issuing securities, investment and client (intermediary) activities, operations on financial markets

Investment fund

Accumulation of capital from multiple individuals and legal entities for joint investment

How to invest in the UAE using any license

Investing is permitted alongside the regular licensed activities of any company, as permitted and restricted by relevant legislation. For example, professional market participants can make investments, in parallel with the company’s main business activities.

Consider factors for suitable company incorporation

You need to choose a license that corresponds with the profile of your main business or business project (not necessarily an investment one), and choose the place of incorporation. Unlike mainland companies, Free Trade Zone companies have a number of restrictions on doing business.

Develop a financial model

It is important that funding for any investments be clearly seen to come from your own capital resources and not from third-parties, to avoid breaching regulations governing licensed business activities

Verify compliance of transactions

Make sure that any funds credited to your company's bank account are in line with its registered licensed business activities. A bank account opened in the Emirates protects the confidentiality of the signatory, which avoids disclosure of information.

Prove the origin of funds

It is necessary to show banks that these funds are your own and are properly audited: by increasing the authorized capital, forming assets and reinvesting them in exchange activities, ICO, and stock instruments.

Factors to consider when conducting
investment activities inside the UAE:

The UAE does not generally restrict the international activities of investors. However, it has an open business environment that adheres to the accepted norms of KYC banking compliance and CRS arrangements. This means you should observe some simple rules to ensure transactions are legitimate and to maximize the advantages provided by this jurisdiction.

Optimal incorporation choice

A well-chosen license and type of legal entity will allow you to
exploit the full range of opportunities and prospects to develop
your business both in the UAE and abroad

Confirm the center of vital interests

Incorporating the business within the UAE, and proving that it is
managed and controlled from there, will avoid non-compliance
with ESR and KYC requirements

Correct design of investment schemes

A properly formed investment structure conceals details about
beneficiaries and enables technical loans to be made to your
international business projects

Tax resident status

A tax domicile certificate confirms that your international
operations belong to the jurisdiction of the Emirates, and also
maintains the confidentiality of tax information under CRS

SORP solutions that promote comfortable investment activity in the UAE

SORP Group is a leading consultant in the UAE that provides a wide range of tools for organizing and developing your business, including the formation of business processes and financially profitable tax optimization schemes.

Evaluation and

Expert assessment of all types of international business schemes to reduce the risk of regulatory non-compliance


Fast processing through the legal procedures because of our trusted status and close contact with UAE licensing authorities.

bank accounts

We guide you through compliance for KYC with your choice of leading UAE banks. Our expert support gets things done quickly and smoothly.

Formation of holdings
and consortiums

Creating a unique tool for effective management and investment using dependent business structures

Arab trust

Forming trust structures or relationships to achieve business goals with secure owner anonymity

Acquisition of an
existing company

A fast-track solution for instant revenue, useful in schemes to conceal the beneficiary’s details

The global trend by authorities to exert greater control over business leaves fewer legal methods to minimize tax burdens, optimize cash flows, and allocate funds to accounts. However, the incorporation of a UAE local company provides businesses with a full set of tools for resolving such problems. It includes protection from automatic exchange of tax information, account data and assets under CRS.

SORP’s bundled solutions for doing international business from the UAE


Analysis of legitimate methods of international tax planning based on successful cases that offer you optimal solutions to do business in a tax-free, highly profitable manner.


SORP Group’s corporate lawyers, and our strategic partnerships with the best lawyers in the UAE and around the world, provide superb legal support for your business.

Dubai business

Rent an office or a flexi desk in our 5000 sq. meters of prime office space. Get a prestigious address, help with licensing and space for staff if you want.


Individual solutions to improve tax optimization schemes based on the UAE law make international business function more efficiently and enhance your returns

tax resident

Getting a tax domicile certificate protects from exchange of tax data under CRS, using double taxation treaties concluded with a number of countries


Proof of doing business activities at the place where your company is registered, evidence of a control and management center, and UAE tax residency of your operations

Success factors for licensed investment activities in the UAE

The state transformed the UAE into a financial powerhouse by creating very attractive conditions for business development. Global governmental and institutional trust in the credibility of Emirati capital helped stimulate the expansion of Arab-originated investment and financial activities on international markets. The volume of financing for international projects amounted to $19 billion in 2019.
  • Tax optimization

    Both local investing in the UAE as well as investing abroad deliver additional benefits and significantly minimize the tax base of those with whom you have dealings

  • Holdings and consortiums

    You can form an investment corporate structure that conceals the beneficiary, protects from automatic exchange of tax information under CRS, and ensures the free movement of capital between your own foreign business projects

  • Worldwide recognition

    The country's authority in the eyes of the international community allows companies registered in its territory to enjoy the confidence of financial institutions, international partners and contractors

  • Mutual agreements

    In addition to the undeniable advantages that a tax domicile certificate provides in the form of protection from automatic exchange of tax information, resident status will allow you to take advantage of double taxation agreements and investment protection

  • Guarantee of protection and stability

    The state ensured the security of investors' assets and low transaction costs, the absence of inflation and currency controls, and created transparent legislation that guarantees economic, political, banking and financial stability in the country

  • Financial freedom

    The UAE government declared the right to free movement of capital and the complete absence of restrictions on the volume of bank transactions and payments in the national currency, making the country the most attractive settlement center for international transactions

The global community does not consider the UAE to be a "gray” offshore zone with dubious tax practices. It is not included in any OECD or FATF black or gray list, has joined the standard on automatic exchange of tax information (CRS) and enjoys full trust and recognition from major international institutions.

SORP’s experience drives out innovative solutions for complex business problems

Comprehensive services

SORP offers comprehensive support for acquired companies and their shareholders: from licensing, maintaining Bank accounts to obtaining the status of a tax resident of the country

Individual approach

Your requirements are unique. That is why we treat every business individually to tailor the right services to achieve your priorities.

15 years of successful work

We have helped thousands of clients acquire, build and develop businesses in the UAE

Banking support

Assistance in choosing a bank that is suitable for your purposes, support with bank accounts opening and passing KYC procedures (know your customer).

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