How to certify
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It is often not enough just to organize logistics and find a sales market to be able to sell goods in the UAE. Some types of products require mandatory certification - otherwise access to the local market will be blocked. These procedures require knowledge of local legislation. SORP has been involved in the certification of goods for more than 15 years, having accumulated rich experience and reliable contacts in government agencies. By entrusting all the formalities to SORP Group experts, you will save resources and time to enable entry to the UAE market and markets in other Gulf countries.

Types of certification in the UAE


Issued by Islamic associations accredited in
the UAE. Certifies meat and products with
ingredients of animal origin. Applies not only
to a consignment of products but also to the
manufacturing plant.

Certificate of
Confirmation (CoC)

Awarded to the manufacturer or importer.
Serves to confirm the compliance of products
with the applicable national standards. Goods
imported into the UAE must be certified by
ESMA accredited centers.

Markings and labeling

Some products are subject to special
labeling requirements: ESMA controls labeling
for all tobacco products, toys and household
appliances. Some regulators in specific fields
register labels for food, fertilizers, cosmetics.


A health certificate is issued at the place
of origin of the goods for imports into the
UAE. Local producers receive a document
of conformity from the Ministry of Climate
Change and Environment for seeds, animal
feed, fertilizers, live animals, and plants


Restriction of Hazardous Substances
includes mandatory certification of electrical
equipment and is regulated by ESMA. This is
an international certification which requires
additional IEC and G-Mark tests, as well as
specified markings.

Gulf Mark (G-Mark)

A unique local certificate of conformity issued
by ESMA for baby products and low-voltage
equipment, and is mandatory for selling in the
local market or in the territory of the GCC. It
is regulated by the GSO (Gulf Standardization

The main product groups subject to mandatory
certification in the UAE

Construction materials

Products used in construction, decoration,
general repair work require testing in Dubai
Municipality for Civil Defense Accreditation

Chemicals and polymers

Fertilizers require testing & registration by
the Ministry of Climate Change & Environment.
ESMA: chemicals, oil products, paints, varnishes

Food and beverages

Food and drinks require registration with the
Municipality and ESMA. Special procedures for
meat products and water.

Medicines and cosmetics

Cosmetics and perfumery require registration
with the Municipality and ESMA. Mandatory
accreditation by the Ministry of Health is
required for pharmaceuticals.

Precious metals and jewelry

Alloys, ingots, and jewelry require registration
and testing by DMCC Golden Office. All security
systems in trading premises should be checked
by the Police.

Equipment and electronics

Electrical products should be tested by
ESMA to ensure they meet the requirements for
heavy and radioactive metals in accordance with

Tobacco and tobacco products

Registration, testing of goods and labeling by
Dubai Municipality and ESMA are mandatory for
any smoking mixtures, including shisha and

Products for children

Toys, baby care products and cosmetics, baby
dishes, accessories, hygiene products should
pass registration with Dubai Municipality and

Organic products

Products that are marketed as “eco” or “natural”
must pass tests and inspections to receive the
quality label ‘Organic’ from ESMA and DM Food

SORP Group expert solutions for certification of
your products in the UAE

Market and legislation

We will analyze all aspects of
bringing products to the UAE
market, study the regulations for
the import and certification of the
goods, and register a trademark.


We will select a license type
and incorporate a company in the
UAE, which is needed to obtain the
import permit for the goods as well
as undergo proper certification.

Product certification

We will help validate any permits
and certificates, go through all of
the laboratory tests at ESMA, and
register the goods with the relevant
government departments.


We will determine the appropriate
category of products, translate the
logo into Arabic, check trademark
uniqueness and oversee it through
the registration procedure.


We will help get the import code for
your company, go through all the
approvals in the relevant regulatory
authorities and quickly carry out the
customs clearance procedures.


We will find the optimal warehouse
solutions for your products that
meet the storage requirements and
select the best shipping company
for transportation.

Stages of product certification in the UAE



We will conduct necessary and proper
examination of the existing documents
for compliance with local standards,
and provide recommendations on all
necessary changes.



We will identify all the peculiarities
of the certification processes for a
specific type of product and work on
ways to implement the requirements
of specialized accredited laboratories.


Legalization of

We will define the documents to be
notarized, translate existing reports
and certificates, and we will take them
through every step of the legalization


Getting import permits

We will handle all the requirements and
steps involved in importer registration
and obtaining the necessary permits
including collating the original standard
trade documentation for consignments.


Issuing certificates

We will receive a test report and prepare
the necessary package of documents
for submitting an application for getting
certification and registration to the all
relevant departments.


Passing the procedure

We will send product samples to
the laboratory for testing and prepare
the documentation needed when the
commission visits to your warehouse
or place of production.

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