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Company formation in the UAE

Everything you will ever need for your company formation in the UAE. Our team of leading experts will provide a perfect solution, whether you are planning to enter the UAE market on a complex license or require a company for international activities.

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A company in the UAE is a highly profitable tool that allows you to solve a variety of business problems anywhere in the world. Formation of mainland, free zone and international business companies, as well as establishment of international holding companies and trust structures open a way to business without taxes, ability to establish universal cash-flow center, a tax resident status in the UAE and a wide use of international tax planning tools.

Types of companies in the UAE

You can register three main types of companies in the UAE. Each type of company has its benefits and legal restrictions on conducting business activities. Depending on your business needs, for example, entering the local UAE market or supporting your international activities, there is usually one company type that perfectly suits specific needs, unless your business requires a complex structure made up of several companies. Below you can find the main differences between company types.

Mainland company (LLC)
An onshore company in the UAE licensed to conduct business in the local market, as well as overseas.

Generally up to 49% of foreign ownership is allowed. It is necessary to include a local partner in the company's shareholders list (including a nominal one, but with an agreement on full void of share ownership in the company). A 100% foreign ownership is possible for professional business licenses with appointed local service agent with a UAE nationality. We have solutions to both cases for international investors. There is no corporation tax, only 5% VAT in the local market.

You can freely trade (wholesale and retail), have access to retail markets, e-trade, conduct any business in the field of services and production in the domestic market.

Participate in local and state tenders, conduct international activities without local government restrictions.

The possibility of obtaining tax resident status in the UAE, issue resident visas to shareholders and employees of the company, as well as members of their families.

Free zone company
An onshore company for international activities and business between free zone companies.

100% foreign ownership is allowed. A cost-effective solution compared to mainland company but there are restrictions to operate directly in the local UAE market. It is possible to do so through a local distributor. You may perform business activities only within the same Free Economic Zone, and there are over 50 free-zone companies in the UAE. So free-zone company is not easy.

Conduct activities within one FEZ (free economic zone) and in international markets, as well as participating in international tenders.

Organize warehouses for importing and storing goods for future re-export due the duty-free status of free economic zone territories.

Obtain tax resident status, issue resident visas to shareholders, company employees and members of their families.

International Business Company (IBC)
An offshore company for international activities, or used as a holding company.

An effective and most economical tool for conducting international transactions and concealing beneficiaries, both in the UAE and abroad.

Performing business activities outside the UAE, the ability to act as a shareholder in other types of UAE companies, and outside the country.

Ownership of real estate in construction permitted projects in the incorporated company’s zone.

Low cost of incorporation and sustaining the company due to the lack of licensing requirements.

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Other opportunities

Ready-made solutions for legal entities in the UAE

Establishment of holdings and single structures

Minimize tax deductions and maximise profits from conducting international activities.

Use several companies to create anonymous and complex structure for specific purposes (for example, defence from illegal business takeovers, concealing beneficiaries, owning real estate and others).

Optimize cash flow based on managing holding companies in low tax jurisdictions.

Enter the local market of the UAE and other Gulf countries.

Construction of Arabic Trust

A special Trust package to ensure the anonymity of asset owners, giving complete concealment of the final beneficiary.

To optimize taxes and profits - dividends received by beneficiaries within Arabic Trust are not taxed.

To protect assets - property invested in a Trust cannot under any circumstances be seized by creditors or third parties.

To safeguard and grow own assets, whilst not conducting any business activity in the UAE.

Buying a ready-made legal entity (shelf company)

Allows you to quickly register as a tax resident and receive protection from automatic tax exchange information.

Get loans from local banks and financial institutions. Act as a guarantee and guarantor.

Participate in local and international tenders.

Generate a financial statement verified by an auditor for previous financial periods.

8 reasons why you need a company in the UAE

Flexibility of legislation Legislation is loyal to foreign entrepreneurs and gives them the opportunity to use different tools to maintain confidentiality and conceal the final beneficiary while legally owning and conducting business activities.
State guarantees Foreign investors have the same rights as local entrepreneurs. The state supports the country's banking system. It has created conditions for political and economic stability in the region and the guarantee of no raiding.
Zero tax rate for international activities The UAE Government has declared the complete absence of income tax and corporate taxes for international activities from the territory of the UAE. Taxes on income and property are also not levied.
Attractive banking environment The UAE banking system is recognized as one of the most financially stable and reliable. Banks use advanced technology, guarantee the speed of operations and set one of the lowest transaction costs in the world.
Maximizing profits The presence of international agreements on the avoidance of double taxation of the UAE with more than 100 governments, as well as an agreement on a single customs and commercial space among the Gulf countries, make it possible to freely trade, re-export and use tax benefits.
Resident visas Living in the UAE makes it possible to register as a tax resident in the UAE and receive protection from automatic tax exchange information. Thus, you will limit the knowledge of your hometown tax authorities about assets and financial transactions abroad.
Obtaining a tax payers certificate Company registered with the UAE tax authorities receives a high level of trust from counterparties and banks, and can also serve to refund a previously paid VAT.
Prestige Despite tax-free status, UAE jurisdictions are not offshore and are not included in any OECD and FATF blacklists. Emirates are recognized worldwide and are a prestigious place to register a business.

SORP Group solutions

SORP clients receive solutions based on our extensive experience - the methodology for entering the market and doing business in the UAE, the use of tax planning tools and other business processes.
Preparation of individual business model
Based on your final business goal, after performing detailed analysis of the market, we will design, construct and implement necessary tools to conduct your business.
Confirmation of the business hypothesis
We will conduct a qualitative business analysis of your strategy to enter the UAE market, since models that work successfully in other countries often turn out to be ineffective.
Business Consulting
Based on our 15 years of experience and understanding the needs of customers, we offer the most optimal solutions for successful implementation in the UAE and internationally.
Business setup
Top quality, streamlined business processes and high speed of service provision are fulfilled by SORP Group's own resources and close cooperation with registration authorities.
Assistance in opening bank accounts
Close cooperation with leading UAE banks and deep understanding of their compliance procedures guarantee our professional support in opening corporate bank accounts.
Experience and competence, relations developed with government bodies and regulatory agencies over the years are the key to success in business licensing for our clients.
SORP Business Center
5000 sq.m. of office spaces for rent for any period of time to accommodate mainland, free zone and international business companies from UAE, as well as freelancers, business tourists and start-up entrepreneurs.
Confirmation of economic substance and business management center
We will ensure that business management and its activities are not only reflected on paper, but also in physical proof that the business is actually conducted in the UAE.
International tax planning
Creation of tools based on UAE legislation, successful business practices and individual solutions to improve the efficiency of international business schemes.
Nominee service tools
Availability of nominee and technical directors, nominee constituent services for performing representative functions and fulfilling all requirements of the UAE legislation in solving various tasks.
Outsourcing of core business processes
Outsourcing administrative, judicial, accounting and PRO specialists can significantly save business costs on maintaining inhouse staff of highly paid employees.
Judiciary support
Corporate lawyers of SORP Group, together with strategic partnerships with top lawyers in the UAE and around the world will provide prompt legal support for your business.

Why SORP Group?

SORP Group is a leading consulting group that for more than 15 years has been providing a full range of services for incorporation, support and business management in the UAE and beyond. We have an impeccable reputation, wide scope of opportunities and assets:

15 years in the UAE market The status of an expert allows us to interact with all government departments.
Inhouse staff of experts Lawyers, tax consultants, marketers and business development specialists.
Own Business Center 5000 sq.m. of office spaces and co-working spaces for company formation.
Strategic partnerships We work with best lawyers and auditors in the UAE and around the world
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