Setting up a company in
the UAE’s Free Trade Zones

Affordable incorporation solutions with 100% foreign ownership, designed for doing
business both within the Free Trade Zone area and outside the country

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There are over 50 Free Trade Zones dotted across 5 of the 7 Emirates. Companies in a FTZ can be totally foreign owned with no local involvement required, unlike Mainland Companies. Each specializes in supporting one or more licensed business activities and offers unique benefits, such as financial, geographic, facilities, labor and more. They are linked to large logistics centers, ports or airports and offer ready-made warehousing and offices, with exceptionally high-grade infrastructure and utilities. Many FZ represent budget solutions for setting up in the UAE.

Setting up a company inside a Free Zone
provides unique business opportunities

Registering a company in one of the Free Trade Zones gives you a budget tool for organizing international business and the
opportunity to use the commercial advantages granted by UAE legislation, the banking system, and the highly developed logistics
and transport infrastructure of the country.

Run a trading

Conduct international trade, export, re-export,
but sell goods in the local market of the UAE
only through distributors.

Operate a
manufacturing facility

Take advantage of duty - free import of raw
materials, storage within the FZ, and export
products outside the UAE.

Manage a service

Provide a wide range of services to
international contractors, including
to the FTZ of incorporation.

Residence permit and
tax domicile

Obtain a residence permit and the status
of a tax resident (domicile) for shareholders,
employees and their families.

Property and assets

All assets and real estate, including foreign
ones, can be registered to the Free Zone

Global business

0% corporate taxes for international
businesses provides genuine justification
for setting up a FTZ company.

SORP’s solutions for Free Zone company

Choosing the right zone
and business model

We will pinpoint the right business
activity and the license, and the best
FTZ for achieving all your business

Registering your

We tie up legal requirements quickly
because of our strong cooperations
with the licensing authorities as well
as knowledge of the procedures.

Opening your
bank account

We guide you through KYC
compliance with assistance in your
choice of leading UAE banks. SORP
know-how gets things done quickly.

legal address

Use our Business Center as
your base for completing KYC
procedures and while confirming
ESR (Economic Substance).

PRO business

We do the legwork to obtain visas
for investors, employees and their
families, renew licenses, permits
and so forth.

business processes

We provide integrated legal,
tax, accounting and administrative
services with full business support
and a highly professional approach.

Unique features of doing business in the UAE’s
Free Trade Zones

100% foreign ownership

A company registered in the FTZ can be
fully owned by a foreign investor, without
any requirements for a local partner or
agent to be involved.

Many business activities supported

FTZs specialize in one or more business
activities and the range of their options
is wide, from investment consulting and
healthcare to trade, logistics and more.

Deciding on location is important

Rent or purchase commercial,
warehouse, industrial and office
premises only in the FTZ of your
incorporation – not elsewhere.

Business licensing

Free Zone licensing process is unique
to each FTZ and depends on the type of
business activity you are carrying on.

Visa conditions

The number of visas that a company
can get depends on the size of the
premises it occupies.

License renewal

Some Free Zones require submission of
annual financial statements and audits in
order to renew the business license.

Some important considerations when
choosing a Free Zone for incorporation

Incorporation process

Your business activity is the deciding
factor in choosing FTZ. Each Free
Zone has its own list of the activities.
They also have their own registration
terms, forms, approvals as well as all
documentation required, and internal

Infrastructure and logistics

The needs of your businesses will help
you decide where to register. Proximity
to transport hubs or airports matters if
import, delivery and storage of goods
are important. Availability of premises
and facilities, engineering networks or
technical services may be critical too.

Budgeting factors

Zones decide their own pricing for
incorporation, premises leasing, and
license renewal. Location is a factor.
Those closest to Dubai and Abu Dhabi
are generally more expensive and so
your budget may dictate zones further

Integrated solutions from SORP for professional
business assistance to companies in the UAE

  • Business planning
    and the right model

    We help you plan and implement a
    properly licensed business model
    and solid basis for operations. We will guide you in creating a retail
    network and accessing global or
    local markets.

  • Advice, consultancy
    and support

    We will analyze the market, the
    competition and the relevant
    legislation. We will suggest the
    best locations for your business to
    ensure it can operate in the best
    and most productive environment.

  • Local nominee
    partner or agent

    We will provide a restricted rights
    director and shareholder to exclude
    transfer pricing and for concealing
    the actual beneficiary of company.
    A waiver of rights is obtained in the
    Dubai court.

  • Obtaining tax
    residency status

    Enjoy tax resident (domicile)
    status shielding you from CRS
    requirements for sharing your
    tax details and for preventing
    double taxation

  • International
    Tax Planning

    We design optimized tax solutions
    for international business within
    the full scope of UAE legislation,
    drawing on our wide experience in
    this field

  • Confirmation of
    economic substance

    We help fulfil proof of economic
    substance based on the registered
    location of your company, as well
    as localized decision making and
    management, and tax compliance.

SORP’s long experience guarantees the success of
your operation in the UAE

Expert status

Tap into our specialist expertise and proven formula for organizing manufacturing businesses. Benefit from our knowledge, processes and tools for solving challenges.

Integrated approach

Creating a secure structure, legal and secretarial support, confirmation of the control center, and much more on the SORP Group platform

Shielding your interests

We will ensure the security of your investments and take measures to protect the owners and directors confidentiality

SORP Business Center

A prestigious address based on our business Center in Dubai will confirm the reputation of a reliable counterparty for your clients and partners.

Legal support

SORP Group corporate lawyers and strategic partnerships with the best lawyers in the UAE and around the world will provide you with prompt legal support for business

15 years of experience

Expert knowledge in opening and supporting companies working in any field of business activities

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