Business consolidation based
on a legal entity in the UAE

Growth in asset values and investment appeal, reduced tax costs and optimized cash
flows are some of the real benefits of consolidating a business and basing it in the UAE

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Consider a group that is consolidated in the UAE under that country’s favorable legislation. Asset integration and share conversion are free from taxation. Internal monetary settlements within controlled structures such as subsidiaries are greatly simplified. All these features create unique opportunities to build the right architecture for international business to drive out very worthwhile benefits.

The main advantages of consolidating business
and assets in the UAE jurisdiction

Simplified management

Reducing the costs within a group of
companies of the management team
of multiple divisions.

Stronger financial

Adopting consolidated reporting that
shows improved financial performance
of the business.

Growth in
asset values

Additional capitalization and valuation of
assets that have been combined within a
consolidated group.

Preparing a business
to be sold

Elimination of “bad” debts and assets,
separation of more liquid divisions for
further successful sale.

Access to capital

Opportunity to attract funding and
lending due to improved business
financial performance.

Justification for
movement of funds

Legal validation of the grounds used for
monetary payments between structures
of a consolidated group.

Steps to building business consolidation schemes
with SORP’s guidance:

  • Preliminary analysis of the goals and objectives of consolidation

    We will analyze the activities of the group and the objectives of consolidation, assess the synergistic effect of
    the proposed deal and evaluate potential legal and tax risks.

  • Selecting the optimal business structuring schemes

    Our team will develop the most suitable mechanism for executing a consolidation deal using proven tools and
    will help create a restructuring architecture.

  • Choosing the organizational and legal form, and company registration

    We will help you determine the correct type of legal entity with the capabilities required to fulfil the goals and
    objectives of the consolidation, as well as actioning its incorporation.

  • Administration of the business consolidation process

    The competencies we have accumulated over many years allow us to solve a wide range of issues, including
    support in opening bank accounts, legalization of documents and others.

  • Legal support for the consolidation processes

    SORP Group corporate lawyers will develop the necessary contracts within the framework of the new internal
    group relationship, transfer of assets, movement of goods and cash flows.

  • Preparing consolidated audit reports

    We will put together the consolidated balance sheet and support the audit process and procedures required to
    certify it.

Legal forms of business and asset consolidation
in the UAE

Forming a holding company

Facilitates optimal management
schemes for activities of controlled

Forming a consortium

Formalized structure of a temporary
association of range of independent
companies in the UAE


Mutual ownership of shares in two
or more companies, where one acts
as a shareholder in the other

Reporting services

Combining financial indicators to
attract investments and participate
in tenders

Mergers and acquisitions

Delivers asset value growth as
well as improving management

Business re-domiciliation

Change of jurisdiction to the UAE,
a country which provides favorable
tax regime

SORP — full range of business registration,
support and management services in the UAE

Individual approach

Confidential legal solutions for tax optimization, concealment of beneficiaries and protection from automatic international information exchange.

Complex solutions

Turn-key company incorporation, including analysis of your business needs and selecting the most appropriate type of legal entity.

15 years in the UAE market

Expertise and experience in providing professional advice, company incorporation, and supporting client businesses in many sectors of the economy.

Banking support

Assistance in choosing a bank that is suitable for your purposes, support with opening bank accounts and passing KYC procedures (Know Your Customer).

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