Assistance with
immigration to the UAE

Turnkey immigration service for you and/or your business: how to relocate and transfer
your business to the United Arab Emirates (re-domiciliation).

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The UAE is one of the best countries for doing business, both locally and internationally. Migrating here brings valuable opportunities to enter new markets with no political or financial barriers. It offers highly favorable tax treatment, complete ownership confidentiality and compliance with all recognized international standards. SORP Group has been operating here for over 15 years. See what’s involved and enjoy the support of our local experts.

SORP’s proven UAE immigration solutions

Ensuring the right to

We will prepare a package of documents for submission to the authorities and register a new legal entity or branch of your company

immigration procedures

We will provide all the necessary documents and take care of visa formalities at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Confirming the center
of vital interests

We confirm your UAE address and your economic presence here, help with opening a bank account, and prepare the immigration report

Getting a tax domicile

We will prepare the necessary set of documents and submit it to the state authorities to confirm your eligibility for tax residency

Relocating your business
and business team

We will evaluate the feasibility, ensure correct licensing, obtain appropriate labor permit quotas for foreign personnel

Confirming economic

Proving that your business is managed at its incorporation address and its operations are affiliated to the UAE’s tax system

Settle in a country that’s financially and politically stable - come to the UAE

Equal rights
with local residents

Obtaining a residency permit automatically grants you equal conditions for business and lifestyle as locals enjoy.

Simplicity of immigration procedures

Establishing an onshore company is grounds for immediate granting of residency with no additional conditions.

Comfortable living

Low crime rate, transparent legal system and highly developed infrastructure ensure comfortable living conditions.

Financial freedom

There are no exchange controls and funds may flow freely into and out of the country to suit your financial plans.

State protection

Foreign investments and personal data enjoy guaranteed protection. No exchange of tax or financial information.

Large regional market

Doing business in the UAE is a badge of prestige and quality for all Gulf countries. The GCC region is a customs-free zone.

How can an individual move to the UAE?

You must apply for a resident visa for permanent residency. Visas for your family are issued on the basis of the documents provided: children’s birth certificates and marriage certificate. There are several solutions for obtaining a resident visa:

Incorporate an
onshore company
Get permanent residency as the
owner of a local (mainland) or Free
Zone business structure
Become an investor in
business projects
Invest in UAE projects or
companies and become a partner
in an existing operational company
Invest in
real estate
Ownership of real estate can be the
grounds for obtaining permanent
UAE residency

How to move your business to the UAE?

Incorporate a new legal entity or register an affiliated/parent company. The appropriate type of legal entity is determined by the purpose of relocation. When an existing business enters the UAE market in order to expand, it is necessary to choose a legal form and territory of registration. If the company relocates to the UAE for tax reasons, you will need to analyze international agreements between the UAE and the country or countries involved.

Register a new
business and undergo
licensing procedure
Establish a local company or
register a legal entity in one of the
Free Economic Zones of the UAE
Transfer business to the
UAE by registering a branch
or representative office
You will need to legalize the
statutory documents and get
approval from the Ministry of
Move the decision-making
center of the holding
company to the UAE
Onshore parent company,
confirming economic substance by
renting an office in our Business

UAE business immigration has unique features

Term of residency

A permanent residency is issued
for a standard period of three years
with the possibility of extension.
There are 5 and 10-year visas.

Residency without presence

There are no requirements to
take up permanent residence
in the UAE. It is enough to enter
the country once every 180 days.

Obtaining tax residency

By meeting a number of basic conditions,
you can obtain a tax domicile certificate
confirming your tax status and affiliation
to the UAE.

No tax consequences

The UAE does not levy income tax on
individuals. Therefore, being a resident of
the United Arab Emirates means paying
no income taxes there.

Access to financial services

All residents have the opportunity
to open bank accounts in the UAE,
make investments and have access
to obtain credit facilities.

Protection of asset information

By law, UAE residents are exempt from
automatic international exchange of tax
information (CRS) about them and their
property and other assets.

SORP Group experts will find a personalized UAE immigration solution for you and your business

Comprehensive Services

SORP offers comprehensive support for acquired companies and their shareholders: from licensing and maintaining bank accounts to obtaining the status of a tax resident of the country

Individual Approach

We understand that each client's requirements are unique. We treat every business individually to tailor the right services to achieve your priorities

15 Years of Successful Work

We have helped thousands of clients acquire, build and develop businesses in the UAE.

Banking Support

Assistance in choosing a suitable bank for your purposes, support with the bank account opening, and passing KYC procedures (know your customer).

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