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Mainland company formation in the UAE

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A mainland company opens business opportunities in the domestic markets of the UAE, Gulf and the international arena, and receives from the state a lot of preimuschest . For example, only mainland companies can obtain a license for retail trade within the country and be allowed to participate in government tenders in the UAE.

Unique features of local companies

Mainland companies have several distinctive features formed by the requirements of the legislation and traditions of the Middle East country.
Form of incorporation Mainland companies can be registered in various forms of ownership, which is determined by the type of activity. For each type of legal entity, the law provides for specific requirements.
Local partner Required for registration of a commercial or industrial mainland company, ownership share - at least 51% of the shares. With nominal participation, he does not bear the risks for a foreign businessman.
Local agent When registering a mainland company to work in the service sector is required and does not require inclusion in shareholders, involved in administrative tasks.
Office Availability UAE law requires a physical office or other commercial premises with Ejari clearance. The rental period is usually 1 year and is subject to renewal.
Licensing Doing business in the UAE requires a license, which is the main constituent document of the company. It is issued for a period of 1 year with subsequent annual renewal.
Labour relations It is allowed to include several directors in the management of a mainland company. Recruitment is carried out on the basis of quotas issued by the Department of Labor, on preferential terms.

Activities of local companies

There is a wide range of possible activities. That ensures economy development because there are free niches of business and healthy competition.
Construction and installation works, from earthworks to the construction of complex structures, including the installation of engineering networks.
It includes various industries, such as food, chemical, petrochemical, fuel, metallurgy, metalworking, etc.
Sale of a certain goods, sale of a wide range of goods, export, import, re-export, trade through online store.
Providing different medical services: medical clinics, diagnostic centers, hospitals, dental services, pharmaceuticals and others.
Various financial companies: insurance, leasing and investment companies; banks and other non-bank credit and financial organizations.
Schools of foreign languages, training centers, private kindergartens, secondary schools, universities and others.
Real Estate
Real estate development services, real estate agencies, technical and operational maintenance and management of real estate.
Media and Production
It includes publishing, photography, film production, television, radio and other media.
Sports and entertainment
Organizing and conducting sports events and other entertainment at various venues in the UAE: cinemas, theaters and other leisure facilities.
Transport and logistic
Passenger and private transportation, logistics companies providing services in the UAE and abroad.
Travel agent and operator, including excursion offices and other activities in the field of tourism, as well as business tourism.
Restaurant business
Restaurant activities in the different fields: restaurants, cafes, catering and other catering facilities

Advantages of local company registration

You need a local company if you are interested in
TRADE FREE Conducting free wholesale and retail TRADE inside the country, including access retail chains. Online trade around the world.
PARTICIPATION IN TENDERS Participation in local, state and other tenders. You can participate in international tenders as a respectable candidate.
WIDE RANGE OF SERVICES You can provide any type of activity, services for businesses, public andconsumer services at the domestic market.
DIVERSITY OF LICENSES You can obtain license for any type of activity. A simple trade or a complex license (industrial, medical, media and other).
INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITY You can conduct international activities without limitation as a prestigious and status player - a resident company in the UAE.
TAX RESIDENCY You can obtain a tax resident legal status
RENTAL OF PREMISES You can rent necessary commercial and warehouse premises of any size anywhere in the UAE.
RESIDENCE PERMIT You can get a residence permit in the UAE for shareholders and employees of the company, as well as their family members. There is a possibility to extend it.
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Distinctive features

Local companies have a number of distinctive features that are specific only for this type of company in the UAE
  • Shareholders There is a rule that a local partner with a company share of at least 51% is required for trade and other commercial activities, but this partner has no direct influence on the business. This factor includes a certain advantage: it guarantees the protection of foreign business that have legally competent documents. Professional service businesses can be 100% owned by the investor. In this case, a local agent is appointed to represent the interests of the company with the state authorities.
  • Licensing activities The state provides a large selection of licenses in promising areas. The state is constantly improving and updating modern legislation; it regularly reviews the list of licenses - new types of licenses appear, and some activities are abolished with permission to carry them out, including changing licensing requirements. In this case, it becomes important to select the correct license for the correct implementation of activities.
  • Rental of premises You need to rent an office, retail space, warehouse or any other premises to register a local company. It depends on the business needs of the company, although rental is possible in any convenient place without any restrictions of the space. Rental rules provide additional actions to legalize the transaction such as registration of Ejari. The term of rental is usually 1 year, and it is subject to renewal.
  • Additional approvals Registration of several companies, whose activities are a bit more complicated than basic trading, is fraught with additional requirements and approvals. This may be the number of specialized employees in the staff, confirmation of personnel qualifications, presence of special equipment, rental of ready premises according to the type of company activity, confirmation that company meets state requirements, and confirmation of the necessary capital.
  • Insurance and banks In some cases you need a refundable security deposit to establish a company. Only local companies have a relationship of trust with banks due to simplified procedures and softer requirements for opening corporate andpersonal accounts, as well as business lending.
  • Prestige and status A company registered in the local territory of the UAE is considered reliable and promising; it increases company prestige and encourages success. The local company is more likely to win international tenders and it has the opportunity to participate in state tenders.
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SORP Group is one of the few consulting companies in the UAE, which comprehensively solves the challenges of our clients. Our work combines professional selection of solutions taking into account the needs of the client, support in the local company registration process and much more. Be sure that no one in the UAE will be able to select and implement a turnkey solution for your business faster and better than SORP.

SORP Group competence

SORP Group assets

  • Making the right legal decision: we analyze your needs and select necessary organizational and legal form for a local company.
  • We have expert knowledge and 15 years of experience in establishing and supporting companies in various sectors of the economy.
  • Individual approach to each client.
  • We are solving special complex cases with full confidentiality and guaranteed results.
  • Official agent - a registered representative appointed by government agency to perform representational functions.
  • We can provide a reliable local sponsor, who is a part of the SORP Group. It reduces risks for the investor.
  • We have professional team of lawyers, experts, accountants.
  • We own a business center where you can rent a space to register a local company.

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