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Trade in the Arab Emirates market: the availability and profitability of this industry is ensured by high purchasing power and financial stability, well-functioning logistics and the absence of major taxes (except for 5% VAT on a number of internal operations). At the end of 2020, the country was ranked 11th in the world in terms of exports and 14th in terms of imports of goods. Among the Middle East markets, it is the undisputed leader in these indicators. The Emirates is a gateway to the Arab world and African countries, as well as a historical trade intermediary between Europe and Asia.

Main areas of trade in the United Arab Emirates

High purchasing power and a growing consumer market drive the constant need of the UAE population for high quality goods


Various food products, drinks, including also agricultural

Precious metals and jewelry

Ores, ingots and alloys of precious metals, precious
stones and various jewelry

Light industry

Equipment for the food, processing and textile

Construction materials

All types of materials and components for construction
and installation work

Landscaping materials

Tools, appliances, various products for decorating local
areas: fountains, gazebos, plants for landscaping

Transport and smart devices

Vehicles and spare parts, measuring and electronic
equipment, "smart" devices and their components


The volume of agriculture in the GDP
Agriculture is far from being in first place in the structure of the UAE's economy. Due to the peculiarities of the climate, it makes up less than 1% of GDP.
Food products are imported from abroad
According to the forecasts of the international consulting company KPMG, by the end of the decade the food market will grow by 4% per year.

Prospects for foreign investors

For foreign businessmen, this segment opens up a lot of opportunities, especially in
those industries that, due to climatic conditions, cannot be developed by local

Manufacturers of flour and vegetable oils, vegetables and nuts, meat, fish and dairy
products really have something to offer the food market of the United Arab Emirates - the
demand for these product groups is traditionally high.

According to statistics, the profitability of wholesale trade operations for these groups of
goods is 7% higher than the industry average. In the retail segment, this difference
exceeds 12%.
We remind suppliers of animal products that only halal products can be imported and distributed in the Emirates and the GCC countries. To obtain Halal certification, both the slaughterhouse and the product must be approved. Certification is carried out by ESMA and accredited companies.

Precious stones, metals and jewelry

36 g
The amount of gold purchased every year by the
average UAE resident
1 g
What citizens of other countries buy every year on
average, by comparison

Prospects for foreign investors

The high level of income of the population and rich socio-cultural traditions create a
special status for this group of products in the UAE market. The government constantly
supports investment activity in this area, exempting gold (unprocessed and in bullion)
and precious stones imported into the UAE for investment purposes, from customs
duties and VAT. As a result — this market offers investors some of the most attractive
conditions in the world!

Government support for the sector allows local jewelers to buy cheap raw materials.
This stimulates the development of the jewelry industry and opens up vast opportunities
for creating a new jewelry production facility or relocating an existing one.
Jewelry made of gold and precious stones with a certificate of origin from the UAE is highly rated not only in the domestic market but also in other countries and so has excellent export potential. In addition, jewelry is imported into the UAE from all over the world, which opens up opportunities for profitable re-export.

Light industry

2nd place
in the country's economy after the oil and gas sector
3rd place
in the world ranking of textile exporters

UAE light industry facts

Light industry, and textile production in particular, is one of the main drivers of economic
growth in the Emirates. This industry ranks second in the country's economy after the oil
and gas sector. Its rapid development allowed the UAE to rise to third in the world ranking
of textile exporters. The conditions prevailing in this market segment allow wholesale
exporters to reach a level of profitability that exceeds industry averages by 10%.

The retail trade sector in the United Arab Emirates gives foreign manufacturers and
suppliers of clothing, footwear, and consumer goods easy access to the market and
even higher profitability - 17% more than industry averages. The choice of this direction is
supported by the high purchasing power of the population, a huge number of tourists who consider shopping to be an integral part of recreation, and a mass of business
placement options - from a retail warehouse in a specialized textile quarter to a boutique
in a prestigious shopping center.

Take full advantage of the UAE jurisdiction for
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We will provide you with professional support in obtaining all
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Construction and finishing materials, furniture

$50 bln
The volume of investment in United Arab Emirates real estate over the past two years
1st place
In terms of the ease of obtaining a building permit

The UAE is an ideal platform for operating a trade business

Over the past two years, real estate investments in the UAE have exceeded $ 50 billion. The construction industry struggles to supply an ever-growing demand. For this, it requires a huge amount of construction and finishing materials from composite panels and pipes to windows, doors, and fittings. If you work in one of these segments, grab hold of this opportunity.
Another promising area - fitting out and decorating business centers - is due to the fact
that in recent years the Emirates has become a dynamically developing center of world
business, attracting entrepreneurs from all over the world. The massive construction of
business centers, coupled with the high demand for office space, creates a capacious
niche for manufacturers and suppliers of office furniture and interior solutions.

The demand for home furniture is no less high, both in the upper and in the lower price
segments. The indigenous population of the Emirates, investors and top managers of
foreign companies are responsible for the upper segment. Their high incomes ensure a
stable demand for premium furniture. On the other hand, the level of labor migration in
the UAE is quite high. People from other countries come here to work, then leave, and
others come to replace them. What are the newcomers doing? Throwing away the old
furnishings and purchasing new ones. Due to this, the demand for budget class furniture
is also extremely high.

Landscaping and gardening materials

Greening has become a real fixation for the United Arab Emirates. This explains the steady demand in all segments of the landscape materials market. Customers can be found both in the private consumer market and among government agencies through participation in tenders from the Municipality
At national level, the DUBAI2040 program for landscaping and landscaping is in place.
This forms the framework for financing procurement of landscaping works and the
necessary products. 60% of the Emirate's territory will be green recreational and park
areas by 2040.

An additional demand for landscape materials in the wholesale sector is created
by developers and builders - they are obliged to landscape and garden new city quarters,
saturating them with parks and public gardens.

Private houses and villas surrounding business districts seem to compete with each
other in the quantity and quality of greenery and sophistication of landscape design.
Wealth allows homeowners to purchase large quantities of not only publicly available
but also exclusive landscaping materials, hence the high return on sales in the retail

Transport, devices and equipment

The introduction of high-tech and innovative solutions in all spheres, from ultra-modern infrastructure and transport to smart industrial equipment, is the main principle of the country’s National Innovation Strategy
Due to active assistance and support from the government through the framework of the
National Innovative Strategy 2030, trading of SMART equipment, transport and devices in
the Emirates receives a special incentive for rapid growth. The introduction of electronic
solutions in various areas of household and business life opens up a lot of new business

In addition, the drive towards diversifying the economy and abandoning oil dependence
has led to the emergence of new local industries, laboratories and research centers that
are in dire need of high-quality equipment.

High standards of living is a guarantee that your business for the sale of equipment or
devices, as well as vehicles, will always be in high demand.
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Organizing the
import of goods

Registration of the importer's code, obtaining
the import permit for goods, supporting the
process of customs clearance and organizing
warehouse storage

Organizing the
export of goods

Certification of invoices and consignment
notes, selection of appropriate shipping
companies, completing and filing customs

a trade license

Ensuring prompt incorporation and licensing,
obtaining permits through well-established
interaction with government departments and
familiarity with legal requirements

import permits

Passing examination in the Agency for
Standardization and Metrology of the UAE
(ESMA), support in laboratory testing,
registration of goods

package solutions

Individual consulting on the topic of logistics
and search for carriers, obtaining certificates
for imported goods, customs clearance of

International trade
business optimization

Analyzing the competition, optimizing
business processes, developing
profitable supply schemes, help in communication with
partners and UAE government agencies

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bank accounts

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tax planning

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mechanisms and the development
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Tax residency

To protect against automatic
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Economic Substance

Proof that you are conducting
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company’s place of incorporation,
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the UAE

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