Export to the United Arab Emirates
on a turnkey basis

The SORP Group of companies, together with the professionals of the Svoi Lyudi import-export
group, have developed a unique strategy for bringing your products to the UAE market

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The United Arab Emirates is the largest hub connecting the world's logistics and trade routes, with opportunities for developing international trade. However, to successfully organize a business in the Emirates, you need expert knowledge of local legislation, business traditions, and market specifics. SORP Group specialists, in collaboration with the professionals of the Svoi Lyudi import-export group of companies, will help you to successfully organize logistics and conduct trade operations in the UAE.

The UAE’s biggest import categories


A popular product group in the actively
developing GCC countries

Precious stones and

This product group accounts for 13% of all

Cosmetics and

The total volume of imports showed an
increase of 31% over 5 years

Food and

The UAE ranks 21st in the world in terms
of food imports to the country

Smart devices and

7.5%: share of equipment and software
imports to the UAE


The UAE is the 3rd largest importer of textile
products in the world


Annual growth

Total commodity imports in value terms


Of the total volume of export operations

For by non-oil group products by 2030

Key steps and stages of entering the Arab
Emirates market


Analysis of the market, competitive environment and market trends

Including an analysis of the prospects in other foreign markets, as well as possible risks. Testing reactions and opinions through focus groups, as well as interviewing potential buyers. Forming strategies to develop your business, gathering data to make optimal decisions and perform objective risk assessment.

Deciding where to incorporate

Factors that feed into this decision include the location of your target audience (consumers of your goods and services), infrastructure and logistics requirements.

Analysis of UAE legislation relevant to your business area

Understanding the specifics of licensing, requirements of regulatory authorities for obtaining permits, and operating regulations. Assessing the need for trademark registration and what is required by the registration process.

Registering and licensing your business

Legal and administrative procedures for incorporation, obtaining permits from regulatory authorities and mandatory business licenses.

Trademark registration

Determining the product class, verifying the name and logo for uniqueness, putting together and submitting the documentation required by the Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates (National Patent Committee of the United Arab Emirates).

Obtaining an import permit

Getting products certified through the testing and registration procedures of the relevant government departments, obtaining an importer's code and dealing with the customs authorities.

Marketing and promotion

Planning and executing marketing campaigns. Searching for buyers and reference partners in the UAE. Meetings with distributors, retail chains and large customers. Negotiating and closing deals.

Supply management

Working out the optimal route, interacting with carriers, monitoring and ensuring the continuity of logistics chains from initial onboarding to the moment of cargo release from the port and delivery to the UAE warehouse

Organizing and managing the business

Optimizing costs and overheads related to the administrative support of your business activities including tax, accounting, legal and PRO streams.

Business Analysis — the first step for entering the UAE market 1

Consider services that adapt your strategies and develop methodologies for entering
the country's market. You can order a personalized analysis of your objectives that
assesses them in the context of UAE legislation and business environment.
A well-designed strategy for exporting your goods to the Emirates maximizes the potential for business development and helps prevent mistakes that are commonly made. We will help you identify consumer preferences and adapt products to the local market based on analysis conducted with the participation of a focus group.


Unique solutions at the intersection of
academia and business practice to realize
your profitable ideas


Simulation and resolution of existing
business problems for entrepreneurs and
managers based on best practices

Customers from all
over the world

Scale your business based on the unique
capabilities of the Emirates and maximize
retained profits

Determining the geography of the business
activity and choosing where to incorporate

Choosing a jurisdiction is an important step in the planning stage of your business,
which will determine the potential for incorporation and the opportunities that open
up to you when doing business in the UAE
There are two main types of onshore company. Legislation gives each of them different attributes and opportunities for business development, and determines the geography in which they may operate.
Local company
Unlimited business opportunities in any field in the UAE
and abroad
  • Some business licenses need to be incorporated in the form
    of LLC with a local partner 51% (possibly on a nominee basis
    with the registration of a waiver of the share ownership in the Dubai court).
  • In a professional company (SE or CC), a contract is
    signed with a local agent. The agent is not
    a shareholder.
  • Freely conduct trade and services, or manufacturing in
    the domestic market and abroad.
  • Simplified visa procedures for shareholders and
    employees. Obtaining the status of a tax resident
    provides UAE banks with confidence.
Free Trade Zone Company
Onshore legal entity with the ability to operate in
international markets
  • 100% foreign ownership permitted. Ideal for
    conducting international operations, while there are a
    number of restrictions on activities in UAE market.
  • Free international trade, export and re-export,
    wholesale trade in the UAE through intermediaries or
  • Execution of works and rendering services within the
    Free Trade Zone and in international markets without
  • Resident visas available for shareholders and
    employees. Proving economic presence (economic
    substance) in the UAE is a requirement.

Analysis of UAE legislation: key points3

Business in the UAE is subject to clear rules and laws. Taking time to understand them
clarifies what you may legally accomplish and also helps you to enjoy all the rights and
benefits of the country's business-oriented legislation.
In the United Arab Emirates, there are several regulations for the smooth and fair conduct of business. As a responsible entrepreneur, you are required to comply with the laws that:

Regulate the conduct of business on
the mainland

The laws regulate the form of incorporation, the
requirements for ownership, and the qualifications
needed by owners and managers. Each Emirate is
subject to Federal Laws, but may issue its own
regulations that apply only to companies incorporated
in that Emirate.

Regulate the conduct of business
in Free Trade Zones

Each Free Trade Zone is governed by its own set of
rules. In addition to direct regulations of FTZs, certain
types of activities involve meeting the requirements
from other regulatory authorities that license business
activities. The list of permitted activities differs in each

Govern Intellectual Property
(IP) Rights

The Ministry of Economy, and in particular the
Department of Intellectual Property under its control, is
the competent authority for the registration and
protection of intellectual property in the UAE. Laws
regulate Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents, and Industrial

Determine Economic
Substance Requirements (ESR)

The laws are developed in accordance with international
tax regulation and require compliance with the
"transparency" of business operations and taxation.
The rules require all UAE companies that carry out
any of the Regulated Activities to confirm an economic
presence here.

Business incorporation and licensing: stages
and process4

The license is the main constituent document of the company, which reflects the place of incorporation, the dates of registration
and renewal, the types of permitted activities, the data about the owners and managers.
Understanding licensing
You need to determine the type of activity that
best suits your area of business, as well as take
into account possible additional requirements
of government bodies
Obtaining a license and
This can be achieved after the regulatory
requirements (if any) are met, the registered
business address is confirmed, and the license
fee and registration fees are paid.
Business support and
license renewal
The final stage is selecting a service company
that will provide high-quality business admin
and legal support, and which will renew all
permits when required.

Trademark registration5

The Emirates adheres to international standards for the protection of intellectual property rights, having signed all major agreements:
the Berne Convention, the TRIPS Agreement (on Trade-related Aspects of Intellectual Property rights), the Paris Convention for the
Protection of Industrial Property, the Patent Cooperation Treaty, the WTO Agreement on the Protection of Intellectual Property, and
individual agreements with a number of countries.

Regulated by Law No. 37 of 1992

"On the Regulation of the Use and Registration of Trademarks”

Additional requirements

Specialized agencies can submit additional requirements for the marking of goods
or check compliance with the registration class (45 types)

Current business

The applicant must have an active business in the United Arab Emirates, usually for a period
of at least 6 months

Brand Name

The trademark must be verified for uniqueness before the application
for registration is submitted

Terms of registration

Registration period: up to 14 months

Obtaining an import permit6

To import goods to the UAE, it is usually not enough to simply organize logistics and find a market. Some product types require
mandatory certification and registration with the relevant agencies. Without this, you will not have access to the local market.


A company must first be incorporated
and an importer’s code obtained

Tax payer

Registration in the Tax Refund system
and with the Federal Tax Authority.


The correct documents must be carefully
prepared, assembled and submitted

Payment of

Payment of customs and port fees and
filling in the customs declaration.

Permission to import controlled

After the company is registered, it is
necessary to obtain an import permit

Permit for the activities of the
importing company

Registration of the company with the
authorities to obtain an import permit.

Delivery of goods to
the port/airport

Customs clearance with the help of a
customs broker.


A number of product types are subject to
inspection and tests upon arrival.

Delivery to

Release of goods from the port and
delivery to the importer's warehouse.

Marketing and promotion7

A well-researched and thought-out solution to build awareness of your product, taking into account the peculiarities of the business
environment and the specific preferences of the target audience, will ensure demand for your product and market loyalty.
The United Arab Emirates proactively cooperates at all levels of building business relations. It is a leader in real-time exhibitions, presentations, and advertising campaigns. However, any events are regulated by law, and they require special permits from such departments as the Economic Department and the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing
Remote search
Holding meetings with our employees via internal corporate
communication without leaving (with the possibility of obtaining
funding from the Export Support Center)
Field events
Organization of business trips on the “turnkey " basis with the
development of an individual program, as well as with support
during negotiations
Collective business mission
Under the auspices of the Export Support Center, together
with the participants of the delegation, with the possibility of
participation on a free basis
Conducting promo days
Development and packaging of a marketing campaign,
presentation of products in focus groups, holding one-time and
cyclical promotions
Market research
SORP will analyze the competitive environment,
pricing policy, product representation in the
market, and form a comprehensive promotion
Offline campaigns
Using our own SORP Business Center, we will
host and present introductory promo days and
facilitate networking with potential partners and
We will develop a logo, prepare presentations
and prototypes of landing pages, and develop a
turnkey marketing plan ready to be implemented
at launch

Supply management and first steps8

When it comes to selecting a management company, we recommend engaging experts who understand the subtleties of conducting
trading activities in the UAE. Drawing on many years of experience and many successful cases, they will help you solve problems
quickly, efficiently and in accordance with your goals.

Legal Support and PRO business services

Learn more

A comprehensive set of solutions for legal and public relations support

Document preparation
Preparing and assembling all of the
documents required for starting a
business, drafting and professional
oversight of a range of agreements
PRO services
Representing your interests with
state bodies and visa support,
submitting documents to the
authorities and support for the
Verifying counterparties
Conducting due diligence
procedures for future and
current business partners and
counterparties in the United Arab
Assistance with closing deals
Checking the legality and validity of
transactions and business deals,
negotiating, legalizing documents
International support

Studying the legislation of the
counterparty's country, effective
application of tax agreements
Business audit

Scrutinizing business performance
and performing risk assessment,
both internal and external

Comprehensive management of the supply and sale of goods in the UAE

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Solutions to promote your products in the Emirates market

Additional sales to existing
Identifying additional needs and
implementing sales of auxiliary
Interacting with
Selecting appropriate premises for
your objectives in accordance with
the technical requirements
Resolving disputes with
Sending a specialist to the point of
sale, emergency conflict resolution
and negotiation with clients
Controlling the display of
Quality control of product displays
and elimination of any defects.
Supervising and merchandising
Building brand
Developing and coordinating
promotions and marketing events,
conducting campaigns
Expanding the customer
Scaling your business through
various effective promotional
channels and networking

Integrated business support streams

Learn more

Administrative and accounting support solutions

Full legal support and a range of
PRO services for your business
Administrative tasks, secretarial
services, personnel policy
Business processes
Business management at all stages
of its formation. Audit and controls
High-quality accounting of business
transactions. Safe storage of
primary documentation
Tax registration with the FTA.
Preparation and timely submission
of tax returns
International tax
Optimizing the tax burden. Obtaining
tax domicile status to protect
against CRS data auto-exchange
Your reliable partners in
the UAE!
Engaging outsourced business support will be a crucial factor for confirming your economic presence in the United Arab Emirates. This is an indispensable requirement for conducting international business in the context of modern realities.

The UAE is a jurisdiction with transparent legislation and the most favorable environment for doing business. However, the legal landscape and business practices of the country have their own subtleties and peculiarities, which can be difficult to understand on your own. SORP Group and the Svoi Lyudi group of import-export companies will provide comprehensive support to your business in the UAE, taking care of all the requirements of local legislation.

Your reliable long-term partners in the UAE

Comprehensive services

SORP offers comprehensive support for acquired companies and their shareholders: from licensing, maintaining Bank accounts to obtaining the status of a tax resident of the country

Individual approach

Your requirements are unique. That is why we treat every business individually to tailor the right services to achieve your priorities.

15 years of successful work

We have helped thousands of clients acquire, build and develop businesses in the UAE

Banking support

Assistance in choosing a bank that is suitable for your purposes, support with bank accounts opening and passing KYC procedures (know your customer).

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