Doing Technology and
Innovative Business in the UAE

SORP Group will provide all the help and support you need to set up your successful
high-tech business in the UAE. Quite a small investment gets you operational, and
pay-back is fast.

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The UAE is a major world economic and business center and a driver for development in the Middle East region. Active state support for innovative promising ideas and startups is part of a successful diversification policy. Now it boasts a high-tech infrastructure and world-class corporate environment, which along with a 0% corporate tax policy have generated huge growth in the technology sector. SORP Group’s team will show you how to open your IT business, get you the licenses, and deliver the support and local know-how you need to build high levels of financial reward.

Incorporating an innovative high-tech business here opens up these benefits and opportunities:

Participation in one
of the world’s fastest
growing markets

The UAE has grown rapidly over the past 20 years, integrated into the global economy and now delivers many business opportunities

State protection
for business

The rights of investors and business people are protected both under mutual international agreements and through UAE legislation

Settlements in
any currency
without conversion

Multi-currency bank accounts cater for all major world currencies including the Dollar, Euro, Yuan, Pound Sterling and many more

Bid on

The country provides a credible base from which to launch bids for international tenders as well as opportunities in the Gulf region

Operate from
a low-tax

The benefits of paying zero corporate tax add a big competitive edge, keep costs down and enable retention of greater levels of profit


Set up holdings and similar structures to make international settlements within a group with no taxation consequences

The UAE’s advantages for running high-tech
and innovative businesses

Financial stability

Zero inflation, an exchange rate pegged to the Dollar, and absolute reliability of the country’s banking system are perfect for doing business

Freedom for cash flow

UAE law provides for easy payments and money transfers with total absence of any currency controls

High purchasing power

According to IMF data, the UAE populace is very affluent and the country is ranked in the Top 10 for average household income

Preferential tax treatment

The state applies 0% corporate and income tax, which enables maximum profit retention and attracts highly skilled foreign workers

Equal rights for business beneficiaries

Foreign business owners operating from the UAE enjoy similar legal rights and conditions for doing business as UAE nationals do

Data protection

The law provides robust confidentiality about company owners, directors and shareholders for companies incorporated in the UAE

Types of high-tech actvities welcomed
for licensing in the UAE

Every business in the UAE must undergo a mandatory licensing procedure with annual renewal. Your license is your
business card for banks and stakeholders all over the world and for the state is a way to supervise your business activities
and maintain a form of quality assurance.

IT product sales

Sales of high-tech products, consumer gadgets and devices, software, apps, computers, laptops, notebooks and other hardware products and spare parts

IT consulting

Installing, commissioning, supporting and maintaining hardware and software, testing, carrying out repairs and replacing equipment for technology refresh cycles

IT maintenance and support

Innovating, planning, designing, building, testing, and follow-up support and maintenance of various IT products - from video games to sophisticated specialized programs

IT developments

Innovating, planning, designing, building, testing, and follow-up support and maintenance of various IT products - from video games to sophisticated specialized programs


Innovative tax-exempt tools for the financial markets, investing or money transfer, such as P2P loan extensions, crowd funding, e-money and many more


High-tech platforms and startups in the educational arena and use of a wide range of educational technologies, in particular e-learning

Cyber security

Supplying technology, infrastructure and security software and expertise to protect IT systems form internal and external threats – information security

Hosting and data storage

Provision of cloud web services, and the infrastructure required to support them, such as website hosting, virtual servers, maintenance and support of server infrastructure

Certificates needed to market your products and technologies in the UAE:

Certain types of products in the UAE require mandatory certification and testing to prove their compliance with the international standards and obtain a Certificate of Conformity - import and sales of these products in the Emirates will not be possible without it.


This certification applies to electrical and electronic equipment related to electromagnetic fields and current, as well as any computer or telecommunications equipment.


This document is the regulation for any electrical and electro-technical equipment, including chargers and cables, and is also mandatory for obtaining ROHs and G-Mark certificates.


Any telecommunications and transmission equipment must be registered with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, which tests it for compliance with standards and issues an import permit.


Electrical equipment imported into the UAE must meet GSO BD1420004-01 requirements for low voltage equipment, electrical and electronic goods, and be tested for compliance with G-Mark standards.

ISO / IEC 2007

International standard that lays down the requirements for a company's Information Security Management System to ensure the organization's capability to protect its own and third-party data resources.

SORP Group’s solutions for successful high-tech and innovative businesses

SORP Group is a leading expert in the UAE market offering a wide range of tools to organize and develop your business in the Emirates including fine-tuning business processes and creating financially profitable tax mitigation schemes.

Evaluation and

Assessing your business idea, choosing a best fit license, the place for incorporation and type of company to achieve objectives


Fast incorporation of your business thanks to SORP’s close cooperation with the registering authorities and SORP’s own expert resources

bank accounts

Professional support for opening bank accounts and for undergoing procedures for compliance and KYC required by UAE banks nowadays

PRO support
for business

All manner of task such as help with obtaining visas for investors, for employees and family members, renewing licenses and permits

business processes

Providing highly professional outsourced services including book-keeping, tax consulting, administrative and legal support

Dubai office and
registered address

Space for rent in SORP Business Center to pass licensing procedure: offices with Ejari/Estidama, also flexi–desks and virtual addresses

SORP’s bundled solutions for doing international business from the UAE

  • International

    Providing consultancy and advice about legal issues in foreign countries and how UAE legal tools and solutions might be applied to resolve them legitimately

  • Support for
    bank accounts

    Assistance in fulfilling mandatory bank compliance requirements, confirming business transactions on your corporate account and communicating with the bank

  • Providing

    Using nominees in the UAE in order to conceal beneficiaries and for applying transfer pricing strategies between affiliated entities in a corporate structure

  • International

    Individual solutions to improve tax optimization schemes based on the UAE law make international business function more efficiently and enhance your returns

  • Getting
    tax resident

    Getting a tax domicile certificate protects from exchange of tax data under CRS, using double taxation treaties concluded with a number of countries

  • Confirming

    Proof of doing business activities at the place where your company is registered, evidence of a control and management center, and UAE tax residency of your operations

The UAE is the best base for setting up and running your high-tech business

The UAE’s development strategy delivers strong and active support at state level for all things relating to IT. That provides a special impetus for rapid growth in IT solutions, technologies and innovations. Digital approaches springing up in business, industry and consumer sectors open new opportunities for entrepreneurs to devise worthwhile appropriate solutions and bring them to market.
  • Offline Gitex Exhibition

    Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (Gitex) in Dubai - the only global technology show held in the world offline in 2020 - proves the country’s priority and high commitment to the technology sector

  • Prospects for business inside IT clusters

    The IT and innovations space covers a whole array of licenses, not only in the case of mainland (local) companies, but also in FTZs of the UAE. Only Dubai alone has four narrowly-specialized FTZs: Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, Dubai Silicon Oasis and D3

  • Support for IT business at a legislation level

    According to UAE corporate law, companies engaged in the high-tech and innovations space can be 100% owned by a foreign beneficiary

  • Low rate of business failure

    Business in the UAE is characterized by high commercial and financial solvency. The worldwide failure rate for startups runs at about 92%. By contrast, not more than 30% of IT companies fail to renew their licenses according to data from the UAE Economy Department

  • Prestigious neighborhood with IT giants next door

    The UAE is a magnet for super modern startups and the location for major international corporations, which is evidence of the benefits of doing business here and their presence attracts more investors. Global names such as Google, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and others have opened offices in the Emirates

  • State-supported strategies

    All key development strategies of the country are aimed at improving information technologies, process automation, and implementing innovations. The UAE has adopted five initiatives to support the field of high-tech: Smart Dubai, Vision 2021, Blockchain, Dubai 10x, Digital Protection

Use SORP’s long-term experience to achieve
your business goals in the UAE

Comprehensive services

SORP offers comprehensive support for acquired companies and their shareholders: from licensing, maintaining Bank accounts to obtaining the status of a tax resident of the country

Individual approach

Your requirements are unique. That is why we treat every business individually to tailor the right services to achieve your priorities.

15 years of successful work

We have helped thousands of clients acquire, build and develop businesses in the UAE

Banking support

Assistance in choosing a bank that is suitable for your purposes, support with bank accounts opening and passing KYC procedures (know your customer).

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