Bank account in the UAE:
an attribute of a successful business

Find out about all the advantages and benefits, unique banking tools and solutions that you will
receive by opening an account in the Emirates, the largest financial hub in the region.

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The banking system of the United Arab Emirates is developing rapidly thanks to the large inflow of capital, the reliability of the banks and the financial stability of the country. The level of taxation is minimal - international activities are fully exempt from tax and there is only 5% VAT on a small number of domestic categories. Free capital inflow and outflow is legally secured with no currency controls. Bank secrecy is tight with absolutely no disclosure of information about bank account owners to third parties.

Why you need to open a corporate account with a UAE bank

Economic stability
and the country's

No inflation, absolute stability of the banking
system, trusted jurisdiction not included on
any the OECD or FATF blacklists

Integrated into the
international financial

Large international financial institutions are
located in the UAE, and branch offices of UAE
banks can be found all over the world

Settlements in any
world currency without

It is possible to open an account and conduct
settlement transactions in dollars, euros,
pounds, yuan, etc. including within the UAE

Simplified KYC for
settlements in the
national currency

Bank verification procedures cater for
settlements in the local currency (dirham)
with minimal oversight requirements

Freedom of
settlement for
offsetting transactions

Payments for third parties in the day-to-day
business of the company are common
practice and freely accepted by UAE banks

Tax information
exchange does not
apply to residents

According to the Central Bank's policy, UAE
banks do not exchange information about
financial transactions on accounts (CRS)

Advantages of the UAE banking system

  • Financial asset protection

    The safety of depositors' funds is protected at state level and by law. In addition to the regulations of the Banking Law No. 14 of 2018, the UAE is a party to the Basel Convention (III, II) on banking supervision.

  • Hi-tech

    Banks use advanced technologies and guarantee the efficiency of transactions. Transaction automation, ATM systems, POS terminals, digital solutions and personal data protection are provided by the latest and most up-to-date systems that are implemented by all of the country’s financial institutions.

  • Savings on transactions

    Banking transaction costs are among the lowest in the world. Also, in most cases, banks in the UAE do not charge a service fee. You pay instead for using the internet banking service. At Noor Bank that amounts to 500 dirhams per year ($137) as a representative example.

  • Savings on currency conversion

    Since the US dollar is permanently pegged to the local currency (dirham) and the exchange rate is fixed by law, it is not subject to fluctuations. 1 US$ = 3.67 AED.

  • Banking system stability

    According to this indicator, the UAE ranks first in the region. This indicates high financial solvency, which is guaranteed by the country’s open economic and financial policies. Moody's, S&P and Fitch have assigned the Emirates ratings of Aa3, AA- and AA, respectively.

  • State stability

    Diversification of the economy along with many initiatives aimed at strengthening the country's financial and political position in the world, as well as a “soft power” strategy - a course for the development of the UAE in all sectors at international level without political pressure - form the basis for prosperity and a guarantee of well-being.

Largest local banks of the United Arab Emirates

They are the most powerful financial institutions in the region, providing clients with the latest innovative retail solutions and lending options. First Abu Dhabi Bank topped the rating of institutions in terms of assets with $170 billion. It also became the most profitable in the region compared to other banks in the Persian Gulf, with a profit of about $1.5 billion

Opportunities that are unlocked for you by opening a bank account in the UAE

The reliability of the UAE banking system, the stability of the local currency, no foreign exchange controls, reliable and respectable banking institutions, and convenient account management from anywhere in the world - all this makes the UAE one of the most attractive countries for banking services

Account in the national currency

If you are planning to set up a business in the UAE,
conduct international activities on behalf of a company
registered in the UAE, or become a resident

Financial products

When you open a bank account in the UAE, you get
unrestricted access to credit resources and bank

Banking secrecy

The UAE guarantees banking secrecy of customers with
absolutely no disclosure to third parties, despite the fact
that in 2018 the UAE joined the convention for
automatic exchange of information (CRS)

No risks

Guaranteed safety of investors' funds and compliance
with international standards for the protection of
personal information, as well as with the rules for
combating account fraud

High-yielding deposits

There are no taxes on income from deposits in the UAE
for legal entities and individuals. When opening
deposits, many banks also offer an overdraft service (up to 95%)

Low-cost banking services

Banking fees in the Emirates are among the lowest in
the world. A decreasing rate is commonly offered when
a significant turnover is reached.

Types of bank accounts

Both legal entities and individuals (UAE residents) can open accounts with UAE banks. When you open a bank account in the UAE, you get unrestricted access to credit resources and bank guarantees.
Current account
For everyday banking operations (low interest rates and easy
access to funds).
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Savings account
Limits and commissions are established for early withdrawals
but interest rates are higher than current accounts offer.
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Deposit account
Highest interest rates but more restrictions on the terms of
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Islamic banking
No interest on loans and no speculative practices
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When opening a corporate account, banks require:

The real office of the company conducting banking operations in the UAE

The bank needs to validate the location of the company’s center of management and control from where banking transactions are carried out.

Confirmation of the resident status of the account signatory

Verification of tax affiliation so as to exclude automatic exchange of banking information.

Mandatory set of supporting documents as part of the KYC procedure

Confirmation of the source of funds, submission of the business profile of the company and the CV of the account signatory.

Among the largest foreign banks with branches in the United Arab Emirates, we can single out:


Take full advantage of the UAE jurisdiction for the success of your business

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Additional opportunities offered by UAE financial institutions

Investment activities

There are no restrictions on this activity in the UAE. All financial institutions, including banks, provide opportunities to invest funds both locally (on the domestic stock market, for example) and internationally.

Traditional financial instruments

Financial institutions and banks in the UAE offer their clients ready-made and secure solutions for entering the financial markets (leveraged products, bonds, stocks), and also assist in utilizing trading platforms through the development of secure strategies.

Islamic financial vehicles

In addition to classic banking products, there is an alternative that emerged from the principles of Islamic Banking - these are secure investment solutions such as Sukuk (Islamic bonds), Mudaraba (partnership), Musharaka (equity partnership) and Salam (advance payment).

International banks in UAE financial centers

The world's largest financial institutions are located in the UAE’s two financial centers - DIFC (Dubai) and ADGM (Abu Dhabi). They do not provide settlement and cash services, but offer solutions for private banking and operating in financial markets.

Facts on Islamic banking in the UAE

Islamic Banking exists in the Emirates in parallel with the classical banking system. It combines the principles of Sharia and international standards to ensure the safety of investors' funds.

Protecting the interests of investors

The fulfillment of all contractual obligations is
guaranteed by law, ensuring confidentiality of data and
unconditional protection of the rights of customers.

Special products

Islamic banking is notable for the absence of
speculative financing models. Instead, Murabaha and
Mudaraba solutions are applied, based on profit sharing

Sharia principles

The key difference between Islamic banking and the
European financial system is the absence of a specific
interest rate on either loans or deposits

Wide representation

Islamic banking includes 8 full-fledged Islamic banks
and 23 Islamic windows created by traditional banks in
the UAE, which together account for 19% of the sector

8 full-fledged Islamic banks

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank and Sharjah
Islamic Bank were among the top 10 safest Islamic
financial institutions in the Gulf countries in 2020

First Abu Dhabi Bank - the largest
public joint stock bank in the UAE

Ranked 16th among the safest banks in the world in
2020 and 1st among the safest Islamic financial
institutions in the Gulf countries in 2020

20 large local banks

More than 85% of the sector's total assets and 90% of
branches are owned by approximately 20 licensed local
banks in the UAE

Terms for opening an account

Time taken to open a bank account ranges from 15 to
55 days and the minimum account balance required is
from 15,000 to 50,000 dirhams

When opening a bank account in the UAE, you will need the following SORP solutions

Incorporation of an onshore
company in the UAE

Incorporation of a local (mainland)
or free zone company to enable a
corporate account to be opened and
conduct banking transactions

Comprehensive preparation
for opening an account

Collating all the documentation,
preparing for the KYC procedure,
accompanying the customer to a
meeting with a bank officer

Providing an office for a
bank check

Confirming that a real physical office
exists when opening a bank account
by renting an office area in the SORP
business center

Support for working
with the bank

Ensuring that communications with
bank representatives for account
inquiries flow smoothly as would be
expected of a well-run business

Rationale for banking

Agreements and contracts drawn
up to justify some transactions, and
audit reports in order to confirm the
economic feasibility of transactions

Proof of tax resident

Passing procedures and fulfilling all
legal requirements for tax residency to protect against automatic
exchange of tax information (CRS)

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