2 hours
duration of session
4 modules
in one program
5 cases
from business practice
15 years
our experience

Who should attend this online consultation?

A unique online workshop from SORP market experts will allow you to get “first-hand” information about new laws and regulations
adopted in 2021, as well as gain unique information about the specifics of legislation, incorporation, business support and
processing documents based on practical knowledge and cases from our speakers.

Business owners
and beneficiaries

To understand the legal basis for building secure
schemes, maintaining anonymity


To study the principles of forming business


To expand your knowledge of the UAE
corporate law

Small and medium
business owners

To explore the possibilities of relocating a
business and making a profit without taxes


To understand the business ownership
structure and tax optimization schemes

Startups and new

To study the legal aspects of doing and
organizing business in the UAE

What you will learn by visiting our unique online consultation


How the legislation of one of the world's fastest-growing markets has evolved.

What formed the basis for the formation of the legislative framework of the UAE and what standards are currently in force


Nuances of business relocation and immigration. How to get residency.

We will tell you how to move your business to the UAE or open a new one. What is needed to do to become a resident


Types of legal entities. How to license a business, certify, and import products

We will introduce you to all the nuances of organizing and running a successful business in the UAE


International standards and their impact on global business

You will learn how to maintain and protect the confidentiality of personal data and tax information, based on the laws of the UAE


Tax planning and international business optimization

Why the UAE is the only and best jurisdiction for optimizing all international business. Legal basis for tax planning.


How to avoid mistakes when doing business in the UAE

We reveal and explain in real cases what you need to know to minimize risks when conducting business in the UAE

What you will get by visiting an online session

Practical know-how
Distilled knowledge from our expert practitioners which will give you a head start with a foundation on which to build your UAE business.
New insights and perspectives
Our successful real-life case studies paint some inspiring pictures of what is possible in the UAE market, with your questions answered.
Start your new business
You will be primed with the expert pointers and practical steps needed to competently start launching your new business immediately.

SORP Online Consultation Agenda

UAE legislation: General rules and

20 min

  • How the legislation of the UAE was formed from the moment of its
    foundation to the present day.
  • Features of the legislation: regulatory authorities, judicial structure
    and control.
  • The rights of foreign investors and current
    residence permit programs: immigration issues.
Commercial activity in the UAE: act within
the framework of the laws

40 min

  • Incorporation in the UAE: specifics of legislation
    and nuances of documentation.
  • Import, export, certification of goods and work
    with the customs authorities of the UAE.
  • Regulations on Trademarks and Patents: the main
    points of IP control.
International standards in force
in the UAE

30 min

  • Countering the erosion of the tax base:
    how the new standards were formed.
  • Introduction of CRS and KYC standards: automatic
    exchange of data and tax information.
  • UAE Tax Residency: design and application features
International business

30 min

  • Opportunities to conduct international business under
    the UAE jurisdiction.
  • International tax planning tools for optimizing global
    operations based on the UAE legislation.
  • Summing up the results. Analysis of practical cases and
    examples of possible errors.

Speakers of the SORP online consultation

Speakers of the SORP online consultation

Elena Tselishcheva

Managing Partner, Sorp GROUP
Managing partner of SORP Group and practicing business and corporate lawyer. Elena has built her expertise in establishing and
managing international business over a 20-year career.

She is a highly experienced corporate consultant across wide range
of industries and fields; a business mentor and coach for more than 15 years of practice in the UAE.

From setting up her own due diligence and marketing research agency, Elena grew her 1st enterprise and successfully sold it. She
then owned the European Bankers Trust, operating in 5 jurisdictions (Russia, Cyprus, Austria, Switzerland, UAE) and managed a
project management company with expertise in 25 economy sectors.

Her spheres of interests are in setting up holdings and trust structures and international business optimization. She developed
the successful mentoring methodology and practices which combine business psychology with leadership development strategy
using global best practices and trends in localization.

How events are run

Gaining knowledge from the experiences
of business practitioners in the UAE

You will gain real knowledge from experienced practitioners
who have been doing business in the UAE for 15 years.

Online - based on SORP’s
interactive platform

An advanced interactive platform for online events and
consultations at the SORP Business Center in Dubai

Personal communication with
experts and getting advice

You will have the opportunity of additional free consultation
with SORP experts if you have any questions

We will answer the questions that
you did not have time to ask

If you still have questions, you can participate in an additional
free consultation from SORP experts at the Q&A session.

A unique online workshop from SORP market experts will allow you not only to get general information about the jurisdiction in which you plan to start a business, but also to learn full information about the specifics of legislation, incorporation, business support based on practical knowledge and cases from our speakers.

In addition, participants will be able to gain expert experience and practical advice, which will prepare you 100% for independent conduct of a promising and profitable business in the UAE.


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