3 hours
duration of consultation
4 blocks
in one program
25 cases
from our business practice
15 years
experience in UAE market

Who should attend this online consultation?

The United Arab Emirates is a country of unlimited opportunities for trading and for operating industrial or service businesses. SORP’s team will provide you with our commercial vision of the country’s prospects and market capacity. We cover relevant points of legislation, the nuances of incorporating a company, and features of obtaining a business license. We help you grasp the legal aspects of doing business in the UAE to ensure you deliver financial success for your business.

F&B business

In search of solutions to optimize and expand your business from the UAE

F&B corporation

Wishing to get new business opportunities
within the UAE market


Who wish to scale up production with access
to the largest markets in the region


Seeking profitable tailored solutions to
develop and expand their F&B service


Who want to enter new sales markets and
expand their global presence by opening a
business in the UAE

Investors in an
existing business

Looking for opportunities to profitably invest
their capital in current F&B projects or
FoodTech / F&B startups in the UAE

What you will learn from our online consultation

How one of the fastest growing
and largest markets in the
world developed
All relevant features of local
legislation and the nuances of
F&B sector regulation
How to license a F&B business
and how to import and certify
The subtleties of doing
business in the UAE.
Methodologies and analysis
Tax planning and optimization
opportunities for international
How to avoid mistakes when
doing business in the UAE.
Examples and startling facts

From this online interactive you will take

Practical know-how
Distilled knowledge from our expert practitioners which will give you a head start with a foundation on which to build your F&B business.
New insights and perspectives
Our successful real-life case studies paint some inspiring pictures of what is possible in the UAE market, with all your questions answered.
Start your new business
You will be primed with the expert pointers and practical steps needed to competently start launching your new business immediately.

SORP online workshop agenda

Recent history and development
prospects of the UAE, trends in F&B sector

30 minutes

  • Prospects for the development of the UAE until 2030
  • Capacity and trends of the UAE’s F&B industry
  • Promising and unoccupied niches today
F&B business
law and regulation

30 minutes

  • Peculiarities of UAE legislation
  • Product certification and licensing your business and goods
  • Import and export of goods, working with UAE customs authorities
Aspects of doing F&B business in different sectors of the economy

40 minutes

  • Go-to-market strategy, choice of form and place of incorporation, immigration issues
  • The cost of starting and running a business in the UAE
  • Mistakes to avoid when starting and doing business in the UAE
International business optimization

25 minutes

  • Opportunities for doing international business under the flag of the UAE
  • International business optimization trends
  • International tax planning tools

The unique online workshop from SORP market experts will allow you not only to obtain relevant information and pointers about the jurisdiction in which you plan to start a business, but also to learn all you need to know about the relevant aspects of legislation. Find out the ins and outs of incorporation and effective business support based on practical knowledge and cases from our speakers.

In addition, participants will be able to benefit from expert experience and practical advice designed to fully prepare you for hands-on running of a promising and profitable F&B business in the UAE.

Speakers at SORP online consultation

HEAD of Buisness management dept

Maxim Perlin

HEAD of Buisness management dept

An entrepreneur and investor with more than 20 years of experience in investment banking. A graduate of Lubin School of Business, Pace University, New York.

Having received his MBA degree in Finance, Maxim worked in a number of investment banks and financial institutions as an equity trader and corporate finance advisor in Russia and the UAE.

He has structured a number of M&A deals and managed investment portfolios of USD $100M+ proprietary and for his large clientele. Investor and mentor of several IT and e-commerce startups. Experienced public speaker and director of SORP Business School, also responsible for educational programs.

His areas of interest and focus are venture capital, financial applications, and blockchain. Working independently, he is representing a number of Russian, European and Israeli companies in the UAE, providing effective networking and communication and arranging signings of commercial contracts and further support.

Managing Partner, Sorp GROUP

Elena Tselishcheva

Managing Partner, Sorp GROUP

Managing partner of SORP Group and practicing business and corporate lawyer. Elena has built her expertise in establishing and managing international business over a 20-year career.

She is a highly experienced corporate consultant across wide range of industries and fields; a business mentor and coach for more than 15 years of practice in the UAE.

From setting up her own due diligence and marketing research agency, Elena grew her 1st enterprise and successfully sold it. She then owned the European Bankers Trust, operating in 5 jurisdictions (Russia, Cyprus, Austria, Switzerland, UAE) and managed a project management company with expertise in 25 economy sectors.

Her spheres of interests are in setting up holdings and trust structures and international business optimization. She developed the successful mentoring methodology and practices which combine business psychology with leadership development strategy using global best practices and trends in localization.

How events are run

Gaining knowledge from business practitioners in the UAE

You will gain real knowledge from experienced
practitioners who have been doing business in
the UAE for 15 years.

Online based on SORP
interactive platform

An advanced educational platform for online
events and consultations at the SORP Business
Center in Dubai

Personal communication with our
experts and getting advice

You will have the opportunity of additional free
consultation with our SORP experts if you have
any questions

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