3 hours
duration of the interactive session
5 courses
in one program
25 cases
proven business solutions
15 years
of business experience

Who Should Attend

The UAE is a country of unique business opportunities in high-tech, innovations and IT-development, supported by Government vision and programs for years ahead. SORP Group will enlighten you with a general approach to the IT sector, provide you with tips on market perspectives and target audience, clarify the issues of licensing of IT business in the UAE, give professional advice on boosting revenue and businesses support, advise on preferential tax treatment and obtaining investments.

Owners of
IT businesses

Looking for solutions to optimize and
expand their business in the UAE

Management of
IT corporations

Those who want to get new opportunities
to conduct IT business in the UAE


Those who want to invest their capital
profitably in IT projects and startups

Providers of
IT services

Looking for profitable individual solutions for
the development and expansion of their IT

Suppliers of
IT equipment

Those who want to enter new markets,
expand their global presence by opening
a business in the UAE

Founders of
IT startups

Those who want to implement and expand
a successful IT project in the UAE with
maximum benefit

What You Will Find Out

The development of one of
the fastest emerging markets in
the world
All features of local legislation
and nuances of regulations of
the IT market in the UAE
How to license your business
and protect Intellectual Property
in the UAE
All the details of doing
IT-business in various fields.
Methodologies and analysis
Tax planning features and
opportunities of international
business optimization
How to avoid mistakes when
running an IT business in the
UAE. Real cases and facts

Opportunities for Attendees

Valuable knowledge
Unique knowledge from business experts in just 3
hours will deliver a solid foundation for bringing
your IT and high-tech business into the UAE.
Emerging prospects
We will give you examples of successful business
cases and tell you about all the opportunities to
enter the UAE market. Then we will answer your questions
New business
Enter the new market being fully prepared and
equipped with a proper understanding of how to
do business in the UAE instantly after the seminar

SORP online consultation agenda

Introduction to the
history of the UAE
and the market trends

30 minutes

  • History, formation and pace of development of the UAE
  • Current market situation and government initiatives in IT and techs
  • The main portrait of the consumer and growth points
Legislation and IT
business regulations
in the UAE

30 minutes

  • Regulatory rules and entrepreneurial activity
  • Taxation, management and judicial system
  • Authorities that control and regulate IT business in the UAE
Features of setup and
licensing your business
in the UAE

25 minutes

  • Types of legal entities available for incorporation in the UAE
  • Obtaining business approvals and licensing in the UAE
  • Intellectual property registration in the UAE
Peculiarities of doing IT
business in the UAE in
various fields

40 minutes

  • How to set up a trading IT business in the UAE
  • How to set up a service IT business in the UAE
  • How to set up a manufacturing IT business in the UAE

25 minutes

  • Doing international business under the UAE flag of convenience
  • Tax planning tools for international business optimization
  • Tax residency and protection from automatic exchange of tax information
Practical business
cases. Analysis of
wins and losses

30 minutes

  • Typical errors and mistakes that business investors make
  • Examples of successful cases of starting a business in the UAE
  • Q&A session

The unique online interactive consultation from SORP market experts will allow you not only to obtain relevant information and pointers about the jurisdiction in which you plan to start a business, but also to learn all you need to know about the relevant aspects of legislation. Find out the ins and outs of incorporation and effective business support based on practical knowledge and cases from our speakers.

In addition, participants will be able to get professionally experienced practical advice, which will give you a 100% reliable foundation for independent management of a prospective and lucrative high-tech and innovative business in the UAE.

Speakers at SORP online consultation

Managing Partner, SORP

Elena Tselishcheva

Managing Partner, SORP

Managing partner of SORP Group and practicing business and corporate lawyer. Elena has built her expertise in establishing and managing international business over a 20-year career.

She is a highly experienced corporate consultant across wide range of industries and fields; a business mentor and coach for more than 15 years of practice in the UAE.

From setting up her own due diligence and marketing research agency, Elena grew her 1st enterprise and successfully sold it. She then owned the European Bankers Trust, operating in 5 jurisdictions (Russia, Cyprus, Austria, Switzerland, UAE) and managed a project management company with expertise in 25 economy sectors.

Her spheres of interests are in setting up holdings and trust structures and international business optimization. She developed the successful mentoring methodology and practices which combine business psychology with leadership development strategy using global best practices and trends in localization.

How events are run

Gaining knowledge from business
practitioners in the UAE

You will gain real knowledge from experienced
practitioners who have been doing business in
the UAE for 15 years

Online based on SORP
interactive platform

An advanced interactive platform for online
events and consultations at the SORP Business
Center in Dubai

Personal communication with
experts and getting advice

You will get the opportunity of additional free
consultation of SORP experts if you have any

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