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Obtaining trade license in the United Arab Emirates

Obtain a trade license in the United Arab Emirates to get direct access to domestic and international markets

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A trade license opens up many business opportunities in the UAE and other countries because the UAE is an international trade hub and a modern logistics center of the world - the “gateway” to the countries of the Middle East, Africa and Asia. There are a large number of free economic zones exempted from the payment of customs duties, as well as minimal or zero taxes for trading business, it makes trade license one of the most popular.

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There are simple and quick procedures for obtaining a license in main areas of commercial activity. However, many people make mistakes when they choose a type of trade license, because this license could impose serious restrictions on the full-fledged business in the future.

The main factors to choose a type of trade license in the UAE:

Local Trade License Tool for doing business in the domestic market of the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf countries.

  • Tool for doing business in the domestic market of the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf countries.
  • Direct access to retail chains and shops, you can open shops and showrooms.
  • You can rent premises of any size in convenient location; you can also use storage terminals.
  • Mandatory presence of a local sponsor with a share of at least 51%. This factor is an advantage in some cases, especially when you have legally competent documents, which guarantees protection of foreign business.

Trade license issued in the Free Economic Zone Tool for wholesale trade, re-export transactions and international trading activities outside the UAE.

  • Free trade is limited. Free trade is allowed only on the FEZ territory or outside the UAE at international markets.
  • You can sale goods on the UAE domestic market only through a local agent, including the retail trade.
  • You can rent premises only on the territory of a specific FEZ, where the trade license is issued.
  • here are no restrictions for shareholders, 100% foreign ownership is possible and you can also obtain resident status in a country.
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Features of obtaining trade license

You can combine various categories of goods in one trade license If local company obtains trade licenses, then there are restrictions on merging different categories of goods under one license. However, you can solve this problem by creating company in the FEZ and obtaining trade license for different categories of goods. Some FEZ provide the opportunity to combine up to 10 commodity items. Experts of the SORP Group will help to understand the diversity of free economic zones and trade licenses, so you can choose the best option.
Restrictions in obtaining trade licenses for some categories of goods Due to state restrictions for political, religious and other reasons, local company in the UAE cannot obtain trade license for all categories of goods. Such goods include oil, gas, all types of petroleum products, alcoholic beverages and other goods. SORP Group recommends obtaining a license in one of the free economic zones, where you can obtain such trade licenses. SORP Group specialists possess unique experience and practical knowledge, the will help to deal with any task and select the optimal solution.
Additional requirements for obtaining trade licenses for some categories of goods The process of obtaining trade license for some categories of goods is complicated because you have to obtain additional permits for proposed activity and meet the legislative requirements of state regulatory agencies. Thus, company should have agronomist in staff to sale fertilizers, appropriate certified storage place for products to sale precious metals, accredited warehouse to sale pharmaceuticals, etc. SORP Group will provide comprehensive advice on obtaining trade licenses, as well as requirements for importation and sale of goods in the UAE.
A mistake to obtain trade licenses in the FEZ instead local territory Many entrepreneurs by mistake make a choice to obtain a trade license in the FEZ, because this is the least expensive option, thereby they are limiting their activities and missing wide trading opportunities in the domestic market. This situation can lead to certain problems with goods sale or illegitimacy of transactions. SORP Group recommends you to contact the experts who know all the subtleties of the law and business customs of doing business in a particular market.

Benefits of obtaining a trade license with SORP Group

SORP Group is one of the few experienced consulting companies in the UAE that comprehensively solve client’s business problems. You will get full support and detailed explanations at the each stage of construction company registration and obtaining a license. The range of our services is expanded with the possibility to register a company as a general contractor and to obtain construction licenses. Be sure that no one in the UAE can solve the complex tasks of opening and supporting your construction business faster and better than we do.

SORP Group competence

SORP Group assets

  • We analyze your needs to make a legally sound decision on the required trade license.
  • We have expert knowledge and 15 years of experience in creating and supporting trade companies.
  • We have comprehensive customer support on entering the domestic market of the UAE, including support for certification and import of goods in the UAE.
  • Individual approach to each client.
  • Official agent is a representative appointed by government agencies to execute departmental assignments.
  • We have professional lawyers, experts, accountants and tax advisors in our company.
  • We have serious partners in logistics and warehousing in the UAE, we established contacts with customs brokers.
  • We own business center.

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Upon submission of your application to the SORP Group, you will receive a free expert consultation within 20 minutes.

Our group of experts will assess your needs to help you select the best legal solution for obtaining trade license in the UAE, while providing you with our full support. The first step towards creating a successful trade business begins with your call or email today!