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Tax Residency in the UAE

Become a resident of the tax-free country and protect your personal data against tax information exchange in shortest terms.

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Tax residency in the UAE is the ability to use preferential tax treatment. It is also a legal way to ensure the confidentiality of banking services for local and foreign accounts. By joining our company, you will get a quick turnkey solution.

Tax treatment in the UAE

The UAE is known worldwide for its attractive tax treatment, which made the country home to major companies of large international holdings, trade and investment structures. The country offers a unique tax-free environment for individuals. There are no corporate taxes and taxes on personal income in the UAE. The only tax is 5% VAT, which is applied only for selling goods and services at the local territory.

All these benefits are available to companies and investors who become tax residents of the country.

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What opportunities gives the status of a tax resident in the UAE?

Tax residence determines the tax affiliation of a payer to a particular country, as well as the tax rate and benefits that he can get. The state signs double taxation avoidance agreements. The UAE has such agreements with more than 60 countries. Physical and legal entity can obtain the status of a tax resident in the UAE.

Confidentiality of your accounts and companies
No personal income tax and no income tax
Withdrawal of interest, dividends and royalties at a preferential tax rate
Protection against exchange of tax information for local and foreign accounts
Confirmation of the business command and control center
Tax Registration Cancellation in another country

There is an important change in international law that you should consider when you change tax residence:
An important addendum was issued to the Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters in 2018. According to this addendum, financial institutions should take into account the reason why the customer obtained tax residency. In case of investment residence the tax certificate will not protect against the exchange of information with the origin jurisdiction, since the exchange of information will be made with the country of tax residence and the country of intended actual residence

The UAE remains one of the few jurisdictions, where the applicant can apply for a residence for a non-investment reason, as an owner or employee of his own business.
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Our solutions

If you want the tax residence schemes to be effective and legal, you should ask professionals about tax residence schemes. SORP Group is a team of experts ready to prepare the solution of the whole complex of tasks related to the registration of tax resident status.

Solutions of SORP Assets of SORP
  • Turnkey registration of tax resident status in the UAE
  • A set of measures to confirm the center of vital interests
  • A set of measures to confirm the command and control center
  • A letter from the tax consultant about the tax affiliation of the company/individual
  • Report of the tax advisor on operations that fell under compliance and audit
  • We have property under management to confirm the center of vital interests
  • We have 5000 sq.m of office space to confirm the local origin of your business
  • We have trained technical staff with specialized management education
  • We have state license for tax and accounting services
  • We have staff of lawyers and attorneys
  • We have partnership with leading auditing companies
Our company operates with the necessary tools for solving tax planning tasks of any complexity, reducing tax risks associated with the law on deoffshorization, develops an effective business model for conducting international activities and maintaining banking secrecy.

How to confirm tax status?

Documents required for confirmation of tax resident status in the UAE
Certificate of tax residence for an individual
The official certificate issued by the Ministry of Finance of the United Arab Emirates will allow you to confirm the tax affiliation in the regulatory authorities and use all available tax breaks when calculating deductions for income received and assets acquired.

1. The list of documents required to obtain a certificate:
  • Resident visa valid for at least 6 months
  • Extract from the personal bank account in the UAE for the last 6 months
  • Property lease/tenancy agreement and utility bill
  • Certificate from the Immigration Service
Certificate from tax advisor
The document required to confirm the status of the UAE tax resident in foreign banks and financial institutions. It could be issued immediately after obtaining a residence visa. Issued by an accredited auditor.

2. The list of documents required to obtain a certificate:
  • Resident Visa
  • Personal bank account in the UAE
  • Property lease/tenancy agreement and utility bill
Certificate of tax residence for a company
The certificate is issued by the Ministry of Finance of the UAE and could be used to confirm the tax resident status of the company to fiscal authorities and counterparties from other countries according to the agreements on the avoidance of double taxation.

3. The list of documents required to obtain a certificate:
  • trade license, valid for at least 1 year
  • lease
  • copy of passport and resident visa for the director of the company
  • certificate from the bank about the state of the account
  • audit report

Our company offers turnkey solutions for obtaining any of these certificates.
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Work organization

Stages of obtaining a tax certificate

The SORP Group team will provide comprehensive support to confirm the tax resident status in the UAE. We have developed a unique action plan, allowing you to confirm your tax status as soon as possible.

Obtaining a residence visa You should establish an onshore company in the UAE and go through the necessary immigration procedures to obtain a residence visa.
Confirmation of residence address in the UAE You will need to provide a rental agreement or a document on the ownership of real estate in the UAE, utility bills for your name. Our company provides support for persons living outside the UAE, we can provide necessary document due to the own property.
Proof of income in the UAE You should open a bank account and conduct regular transactions through a personal account within 5-6 months to provide the proof of income in the UAE. It could be salaries payment, bonuses and dividends.
Obtaining a certificate Our company will prepare the necessary set of documents for obtaining a tax residence certificate after 5-6 months of regular personal account transactions.
Providing a license older than 1 year The company should be older than one year to obtain a tax residence certificate. Our company could help you to get of a ready-made legal entity with a long registration date.
Opening a corporate bank account Our company will help you to open a bank account. You will need to perform regular transactions on the account to obtain a tax certificate.
Preparing the audit report Our company could prepare an audit report at the final stage. This report should be submitted to the Ministry of Finance.
Obtaining a certificate Our company will prepare the necessary documents for obtaining a tax residence certificate after a year of operating activity.

Apply to obtain UAE tax residence

Upon submission of your application to the SORP Group, you will receive a free expert consultation within 20 minutes.

Our team of experts will evaluate your needs to help you obtain tax residence status in the UAE within the shortest timeframe possible. We provide ready-made solutions for businesses and individuals. Protect yourself and your business against international exchange and take advantage of tax breaks today!