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Sustainability office space to rent in UAE

The ideal tool to start a local business!

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SORP Business Centre offers an innovative new workspace option for registering local businesses. Our sustainability office model is perfect for a start-up business, allowing users to save money, have flexibility, and explore self-sufficiency.

What is a Sustainability Office?

A sustainability office is a workplace equipped in a co-working room of our Business Centre, and offers users the following services:
Issuance of a DED License This service allows users to obtain a DED license without the added cost of a full-service office.
Acquirement of a resident visa This service allows users to obtain resident visas for all shareholders.
Passing a bank check Allows users to go through the banking verification procedure

Choose a sustainability office package

We offer several sustainability office packages that are designed to suit all your business needs, including the following:
Easy setup
This includes a free workspace in our co-working area, and is suitable for investors who are only obtaining affiliate visas.
12 600 AED
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Setup & employ
Includes a free work place in co-working space and passing necessary immigration and banking verification checks
16 000 AED
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Work Station
Includes a fixed workspace in the co-working space, and passing necessary immigration and banking verification checks
22 000 AED
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Mini Team
This includes two dedicated workspaces in our co-working area and assistance with passing the necessary immigration and banking verification checks. It also includes two hour per week access to our meeting spaces.
35 500 AED
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Additions to main service packages include:
Local Sponsor/Agent services
Access to meeting spaces
Registration at the immigration office
Registration in the Ministry of Labor
Full visa support
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The SORP will be your reliable partner for long-term work in the UAE
The SORP Business Centre is located in the business district Barsha Heights of Dubai. As a turnkey business, it is equipped with everything you need to start working from the first day of the lease- simply "enter and work." All residents of the Business Centre receive special rates for a wide range of our outsourcing services.

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The SORP Business Centre provides special offers for renting a sustainability office:

discount for local sponsor and agent

When you are relocating your company from a Free Zone to a local land, we will take the value of your company into account.


discount for PRO support services


Our highly skilled team of experts will evaluate your needs and assist you with finding the ideal investment project to match your goals and requirements, while providing you with comprehensive support. The first step to finding out where and how to invest in the UAE to ensure the highest, most risk-aversive, stable income begins with your call or email. Contact us today!

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