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The UAE is a jurisdiction that provides the possibility of incredible growth for businesses, but you cannot use these possibilities without quality management and knowledge of the country's feature. If you have a support of professionals from our company, you will set up the underlying processes of your business and achieve the maximum efficiency.


Our company offers a variety of management services as a full range of services for subscriber and separate services depending on your needs. We provide services for development smallest documents and solving global strategic tasks.

Providing management personnel
Complex of services for the center of command and control
Business Operations Management
Business Audit
Crisis management
Business management until company development
Obtain a free consultation to establish an effective business management model
Obtain a free consultation

Providing management personnel

Nominal service
We can ensure the anonymity of your business in the UAE.
Technical Director
He provides the ability to sign all necessary agreements in the UAE without your presence in the country
Sleeping partner or local agent for local companies
Reliable partner for registering local companies
Recruitment for licensing
We provide specialized professional staff with legalized certificates of education.
Management of specialized companies
A certified manager is required to manage a company for a number of licenses. Our company will help to find the required manager.

Complex of services for the center of command and control

Confirmation of Business Command and Control Center is becoming ever more urgent due to the latest trends in global tax practice. The company must have key management personnel, sign documents, hold directors' meetings and have real office space in the country to confirm the Command and Control Center in the UAE. Our company has developed special service packages based on our own business center. We can help to solve all these problems.

Technical Director
Resident living in the UAE permanently.
Providing legal address and office
Providing and maintaining an office
Providing postal address and virtual office
Your invisible presence in the country

Business Operations Management

Complex services for the administrative support of your business

Contractual services
Preparing contracts of employment, service and investment agreements
Support of recruitment
Immigration procedures and registration of employees in the Ministry of Labor
PRO service
Communication with government bodies on behalf of the company
Banking support
Assistance in meeting compliance requirements and communication with banks
Licensing and certification
Renewal of company licenses and certification procedures
Outsourcing services
Accounting, tax, consulting and legal support
Obtain an individualized offer in 20 minutes
Obtain an individualized offer

Business Audit

Manage your business from any place in the world using SORP. Our experienced managers will help to organize the staff work in the most efficient way.

Analysis of staff performance
Our experts will analyze the current work of the staff and make recommendations to improve the team efficiency
Monitoring the implementation of the sales plan
You have the opportunity to place Sales Department in our business center with professional managers
Company staff training
SORP Business Academy offers 60 unique courses for the development of business competencies and advanced training
Quarterly activity audit
A team of experienced managers and financiers will monitor the performance of planned indicators
Preparing reports for management
Get monthly reports on team performance and company financials

Crisis management

Every business may face a crisis at any stage due to changes of economic situation, underestimation of competitors, outdated technology and wrong development strategy. Our company will help to identify correctly the cause of a crisis and develop a further strategy to overcome the crisis.

Preliminary analysis
Analysis and assessment of the current situation
Risk assessment
Risk assessment for business owner
Development strategy
Development of strategy for further company development
Crisis Manager
Professional management services

Business management until company development

Even experienced executives find it difficult to establish business processes in unfamiliar country. Our team will help you to make the right first steps, put a team together and set up an operational scheme

Development plan
Development of a strategic development plan
Company competitiveness
Evaluation of competitive advantages and trends in the industry of customer
Human Resources
Staff recruitment and training
Company registration
Obtaining licenses and all necessary permits for activities
Selecting premises
Arrangement of commercial premises
Preparing documents to start activities
Sales organization
Development of supplying chains
Obtain a free consultation to establish an effective business management model
Obtain a free consultation


15 Our company has over 15 years of successful work, we understand what business processes should be established to achieve an effective result. We worked out many successful cases for big companies bailout from the state of crisis. We brought many companies with different fields of activity to the UAE market.

Our company has own business center with 5.000 sq.m area and professional staff to solve any management problem
We have a staff of lawyers, tax specialists, secretaries, lawyers, business analysts, accountants, technical directors and local agents who are ready to serve our customers. We established relationships with government agencies, notaries, tax authorities, customs and certification organizations for many years of work.

Apply for integrated business management

Upon submission of your application to the SORP Group, you will receive a free expert consultation within 20 minutes.

Our team of experts possess all the necessary resources to help you achieve your goals and develop vital business processes for your company's successful operation.