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Business Command and Control Centre

Organize a Command and Control Center in the UAE and optimize tax payments

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Banks have tightened their policies and increased the control of international tax planning schemes. It became a modern reality, so businesses have to confirm the center of command and control. SORP Group can help to avoid tax risks and provide a comprehensive solution.

Whom it concerns?

Why it is important to confirm the Business Command and Control Centre?

  • We own 5,000 sq. m of office space with advanced IT technologies to ensure your invisible presence
  • We own business university certified by the Ministry of Education
  • We have trained technical staff with specialized management education
  • We have state license for tax and accounting services
  • We have staff of lawyers and attorneys
  • Partnership with leading auditing companies
  • A set of measures to confirm the control center
  • We can help to get tax residency in the UAE
  • We provide virtual office to confirm your invisible presence in the UAE using remote access to local telephone/IP address
  • We provide management staff
  • We can help to conduct audit and obtain reference from a tax consultant
  • We can prepare a report of the tax advisor for operations that fell under compliance
  • We can provide information about company taxation from the tax consultant

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Upon submission of your application to the SORP Group, you will receive a free expert consultation within 20 minutes. Our team of experts will help you evaluate your needs to optimize solutions for launching your project in the UAE. We provide comprehensive support through every step of the process of operating a business in the UAE. The first step to creating a successful business begins with your call or email today!