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License renewal in the UAE

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A license is a company's passport issued by a government agency for one year. A license provides a monitoring function of business and hidden taxes in the interests of the state. Any type of license requires an annual extension for continuous activity. This rule applies to all local and FEZ companies.


Following procedures are required to extend a license.

1 Contacting the licensing authority

Payment of state licensing fee, which depends on the type of license.

2 Lease renewal

Make rental payments for the relevant premises or legal address, depending on the needs of the business and the place of license extension.

3 Obtaining approvals

Meet requirements and obtain permits of regulatory agencies, which are required according to the rules of complex licenses.

Obtain an individualized offer to extend your license
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What you will get?

When you contact SORP Group for a license renewal service, you will get the following solutions.

Core business processes testing

It includes analysis and evaluation of strategic and legal mistakes taking into account current UAE legislation and our business experience.

Company security as part of automatic information exchange

It includes expertise of corporate structure and its protection against automatic exchange of information, including the shareholders confidentiality.

Examination of statutes quality

It includes evaluation of the nominal service documents and security, relations with the local partner and agent and processing employment contracts.

Comprehensive solutions of SORP Group

SORP Group is an experienced consulting company. We will take over the decision of all procedures, including relationship with registrars and government authorities. We also provide premises to extend a license. This procedure is easy and convenient. We can help you to pass this procedure remote.

Benefits of SORP Group


We provide comprehensive consulting services and PRO support

1. We extend licenses in state licensing authorities.
2. We work with state services, registrars and immigration services to extend immigration cards and register in the Ministry of Labor and other departments.
3. We are resolving issues to obtain permits of supervisory authorities, which are required for conducting activities of a complex license.

We provide office space with Ejari registration for local companies

1. We own a business center and provide optimization of the renting cost for premises that are required to extend a license for a local company.

We provide office space for companies registered in Free Economic Zones

1. We provide deployment of personnel in a convenient and strategically important location.
2. We provide confirmation of the Business Command and Control Center that is required due to current trends and requirements of local and foreign banks.
3. We are solving issues with the legal international tax planning schemes. We provide confirmation of a center for making management decisions and location of the company's executive body.

We provide technical director, nominee shareholder, local partner and local agent

1. We can help to build a safe and secure corporate structure. 2. We use modern tools that are accepted in local business conditions. 3. We provide comprehensive administrative service to save on company administration.

Comprehensive tax and accounting services

1. It is possible to use a simplified tax system if you join our tax group. 2. Registration of audit reports that are required by the FEZ in some cases. 3. We provide comprehensive accounting and tax advice

Comprehensive services and support for business

1. PRO service. 2. Secretarial services. 3. Confirmation of the Business Command and Control Center. 4. Confirmation of the center of vital interests for shareholders and company directors. 5. Obtaining a tax certificate. 6. Legal support.

Apply to extend a license in the UAE

Upon submission of your application to the SORP Group, you will receive a free expert consultation within 20 minutes.

The SORP Group is a platform that provides comprehensive services for license extension.