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Registering a tourism license in the UAE

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It is worth noting that registering a tourism license in the UAE involves its own idiosyncrasies, which every entrepreneur must take into account when deciding to open a tour company.
Tourism licenses on the local UAE market Choose this option if you plan on organizing a tourism business on the domestic UAE market.
Tourism licenses within one of the UAE’s free economic zones This option is for anyone who plans on conducting his or her tourism business solely on the global market.

Distinctive features of registering a tourism license
  • Providing a wide range of tourism services, without restrictions, both domestically and beyond.
  • In order to register a tourism license, you must first obtain certain authorizations from the relevant government authorities, such as the Department of Tourism, among others. The main requirements can be summarized as hiring a qualified manager, presenting a business plan, and registering insurance.
  • A local sponsor with at least 51% company ownership is required. This factor often ends up working to your advantage, and ensures your documentation is legally competent, which guarantees foreign business is protected.
  • Providing tourism services only in foreign destinations as a travel agent or tour operator, and the opportunity to provide tourism consulting services, provided the services are conducted outside of the UAE. A narrow selection and limited number of tourism license are available.
  • Work may be conducted on the domestic UAE market by providing tourism services as an agency, in which a tourism company in the FEZ acts as an intermediary (agent) and provides tourism services only through locally accredited tourism companies (companies holding a tourism license and registered as local companies). Another limitation is the inability to obtain quotas for tourism visas to the UAE.
  • There are no requirements on the composition of shareholders, and 100% foreign ownership is possible, as is obtaining status as a UAE resident.
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Main areas of activity with a tourism license
Working as a travel agent and tour operator Provide services organizing tours in the UAE and abroad, cruises, ticket sales, registering tourist visas, and booking hotel stays.
Renting out residential properties This includes renting out short and long-term apartments, villas, guesthouses, hotel suites, and hotel rooms.
Tourism consulting This involves providing tourism consulting services only, without the ability to organize tours.
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SORP Group is an expert in selecting and registering tourism licenses
With 15 years of practical experience assisting and supporting businesses, SORP Group provides a professional analysis of your business needs and a skilled assessment of the steps to obtaining a tourism license, in addition to an exhaustive consultation on all requirements and necessary permits you must secure.
What SORP Group can do SORP Group’s assets
  • Make the right legal decision: we examine your needs and select the correct required tourism license.
  • Provide a comprehensive approach to problem-solving and preparing business plans for registering tourism licenses, in addition to selecting qualified managers.
  • A wide range of legal consulting services based on practical experience with clients.
  • An individualized approach.
  • We are an official agent, registered with the government and appointed by state bodies for implementing department instructions.
  • We have our own reliable local partner and guarantee that foreign investors’ interests will be protected.
  • A professional team of attorneys, experts, and accountants.
  • Our own business centre.

Application for obtaining a travel license in the UAE

Upon submission of your application to the SORP Group, you will receive a free expert consultation within 20 minutes.

Our team of experts will asses your needs to help you to select the best legal solution for obtaining a tourist license in the UAE, while providing comprehensive support. The first step towards creating a successful tourism business begins with your call or email today!