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Licensing of real estate activities in the UAE

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Comprehensive support for sales, rental, management, technical and general services generates active demand from market participants, thereby giving impetus to the development of real estate activities.


Find out the features that should be considered when you obtain a real estate license:
State control Real estate activity in the UAE is regulated by the state, which supports the development of the real estate service sector, monitors the speculation and market stability. Almost all activities fall under the control of the Department of Real Estate, namely the so-called real estate regulatory agency - the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, as well as other departments, depending on the type of activity.
Local partner You need to be prepared for the fact that the real estate business in the UAE implies the obligatory presence of a local sponsor who owns at least 51% of your company shares, and 100% of the shares in specially controlled areas. It is important to understand that such a local sponsor is nominal, he does not affect the business and has no relation to its management. Only single areas related to consulting, maintenance (cleaning, guarding facilities) and management (business center activities) do not require a local partner. Companies providing such services may be 100% owned by a foreign investor.
Place of registration You can establish only a local company for conducting business in the field of real estate maintenance, since only such legal entities are free to conduct business in the domestic market of the UAE. You can’t obtain a license to conduct real estate activities in Free Economic Zones of the country, except of certain highly specialized consulting areas, investment in real estate, creation of portals for the sale or lease of real estate, etc.
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Main types of licenses

There are main types of licenses in real estate
The type of license determines the development strategy for your business, so you need careful approach to the definition of activity. SORP Group consultants will help to understand licensing issues.
Developer activity
Developers maintain a full cycle for creation and implementation of projects in real estate (purchase, lease of land, hiring designers and the general contractor, the launch of construction and sale of the object, also at the stage of construction).
Real estate agency
The activity of the intermediary - an agent for owners and buyers to sale and purchase real estate, as well as the leasing real estate to third parties.
Professional property management owned by a third party
These activities include management of business centers, commercial shopping complexes, shopping centers and guesthouses, management of objects owned by third parties.
Investments and management of own real estate
Acquisition and management of own real estate for the purpose of its subsequent lease to get income. This license also includes property maintenance.
Real estate service
These activities include operation, management and maintenance of real estate, including security, cleaning service, maintenance of buildings, including maintenance of engineering networks.
Real Estate Consulting
It includes consulting activities on the purchase, sale and rental of residential and commercial real estate in the UAE, as well as internationally.
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To get a real estate license,

You should meet five basic state requirements
Government agencies tightly regulate all activities related to real estate to prevent speculation and provide market stability. Therefore, any entrepreneur fulfills a number of requirements to obtain a license in this field:
Bank guarantee You should have a bank guarantee from 27 thousand to 2.2 million US dollars for certain types of activities. Escrow-account is mandatory for obtaining development license.
Owner qualification You should confirm that you have specialized knowledge. In some cases, businessperson is obliged to complete training courses organized by the Department of Real Estate.
Management Qualifications Company’s managing executives should confirm the specialized knowledge, otherwise CEO is obliged to complete special courses organized by the Department of Real Estate.
Employee training Employees of a company performing certain functions are obliged to complete special training courses organized by the Department of Real Estate for licensing purpose.
Additional approvals You will need permission from the main supervisory authority in the field of real estate. You will also need additional approval from the police, Department of Tourism, Building Department and other authorities for some types of activities.

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  • We have expert knowledge in all areas of the real estate market, we have all tools to address issues of increased complexity. We can solve complex individual cases of clients to obtain special licenses.
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  • We own training and business center for comfortable placement of your business.
  • We have professional team of lawyers and experienced real estate business consultants.
  • We have citizens of the UAE who have received special training and are entitled to perform the functions of nominal sponsors when registering legal entities for conducting real estate activities.
  • We have managers who have been trained at the Department of Real Estate, they obtained necessary qualifications and can be outsourced for the period of your own staff training.
  • We have established contacts in the main supervisory control authority the Department of Real Estate (RERA). It helps to resolve related issues quickly.

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