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Professional license in the UAE

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In the UAE, professional licenses are issued to companies providing business and personal services. The Emirati government provides unprecedented support for this business sector, waiving common practices on the local market that require local partners control at least 51% of the company. This is the government’s way of showing its interest in attracting an influx of professionals, ensuring even greater growth in an economy already developing at a dizzying rate.


Unique features of professional licenses
Registering for a professional license differs from other licensing in the UAE, such as a commercial or production license. With such a diverse professional sector, state professional licensing standards and requirements often vary. That said, all professional licenses do share some common features:
Legal status It is standard for company shareholders to be physical persons. Should a company be established on the local market, only an affiliate status is available. When a company is established as a legal entity in one of the free economic zones, company branches or subsidiaries may also be established.
100% foreign ownership Companies may only be established with 100% foreign ownership when they work in the professional activities sector and are thereby excluded from general laws and standards on licensing for local companies, which require at least 51% local ownership.
Legal liability A legally established company with professional licensing covers 100% of its owners’ and managers’ liability- in practice, it is a guarantee of their professionalism, and the success of their business itself. There are two types liability- a sole establishment, with one owner, and a civil company, which is owned collectively.
Education and qualifications The personal qualities of your staff are the lynchpin of your company’s professionalism. Companies established on the local market usually need to verify founders’ qualifications, any diplomas submitted, as well as other documents, depending on the relevant department.
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Potential jurisdictions for registering a professional license
1. The local UAE market The best way to work without geographical limitations on your business activity, with a wide range of opportunities and offices.
2. A Free Economic Zone in the UAE Professional activities are restricted to within the territory of the FEZ or on global markets.
Unique features of professional license registration
Local regulations require that a UAE citizen be named as a local agent, and SORP Group has associates able to fulfill this role. Local agents are authorized to receive a monthly minimum wage, in exchange for representing the company with government agencies. Contracts with local agents are valid for one year, and may be continued or reissued.
Most FEZ regulations include requiring a detailed business plan for the company’s professional activities, and in some cases, the presence of a company manager with certain qualifications and education in a specific industry.


Main business activities covered by a professional license

Growing and breeding fishes, birds, animals and plants
Types and spheres of education: preschool education and creative centers for children, business school
Financial and accounting services
Accounting, audit, payment agents and consulting service in the finance and insurance
Financial and accounting services
Personal services
Domestic service (dry cleaning, laundry, studio, barbershop, beauty salon, SPA, cleaning service, repair and maintenance service)
Personal services
Light industrial production
Manufacture of clothes, leather and shoes. Some types of craft production
Light industrial production
Restaurants, café and fast food
IT sector
All kinds of IT service
IT sector
All types of consulting service in different areas
Medical services
All kinds of medical service and advice
Medical services
Real estate
Activities of business and cultural centers
Real estate
Sports and leisure
Organization and support for different events, including art galleries, circus, aquaparks, amusement parks, sport clubs and schools
Sports and leisure
Other professional services
Other business services for people
Other professional services
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Licensing as a tool

Professional licensing as a unique tool for resolving business issues
Thanks to privileges granted by the state, and specifically the freedom of 100% foreign ownership, local companies with a professional license offer a unique solution for tasks such as:
Creating a holding company In this case, a local company becomes the managing company of a holding. This solution features preferential taxation based on international agreements between the UAE and other countries on avoiding dual taxation.
Owning real estate Both within and outside the UAE. The benefits of this solution include being able to conceal your ownership, in addition to reducing your tax burden on sales transactions for property located within the UAE.
Owning assets Both within and outside the UAE. This solution ensures that information on end beneficiaries is kept confidential, while protecting their assets.

Why obtain a professional license with SORP Group?

SORP Group is one of several consulting companies in the UAE, with a comprehensive offering of solutions for any issue our clients may face. Our work goes hand in hand with selecting the right solutions, depending on our clients’ needs, assistance applying for a business license, business support service, and many more.
What SORP Group can provide SORP Group’s assets
  • Make the right legal decision: assess your needs and select the right professional license.
  • Expert knowledge and 15 years of experience opening and supporting companies in the business and personal service sectors.
  • Comprehensive customer support opening a professional business.
  • Assistance opening bank accounts.
  • Many years of experience on the ground and solving clients’ problems.
  • SORP Group is an official PRO agent, a registered representative appointed by government agencies to implement department instructions.
  • We offer a professional team of attorneys, experts, and accountants.
  • We have our own nominee directors, each with his or her own specific qualifications and training in various business sectors.
  • An agency relationship with state registration agencies.
  • Our own business center.

Application for a professional license in the UAE

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Our team of experts will evaluate your needs to help you select the best legal solution for obtaining a professional license in the UAE, while you providing comprehensive support. The first step towards creating a successful service business begins with your call or email today!