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Organization of the Arab Trust in the UAE

Protect your assets and business using a completely confidential tool - Arab Trust

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A trust is a proven and recognized tool for decades that ensures the confidentiality and security of owner’s property rights. Classical jurisdictions of Europe and United Kingdom, where trust legislation originated and exists over several centuries, lose their relevance and no longer guarantee the anonymity of their owners due to stricter disclosure requirements and the availability of open registers. In this regard, the Arab trust in the United Arab Emirates is becoming a highly reliable and guaranteed tool for preserving anonymity.


Arab Trust is a unique tool for solving problems of business and its beneficiaries

According to the existing legislation, there are following main objectives of the Arab trust in the UAE:

Confidentiality Owners of assets get the absolute anonymity at the state level - information is closed to third parties.
Protection of assets and investors Trust confidentiality allows you to protect the business and assets efficiently.
Guaranteed and tax-free inheritance It is possible to make the inheritance for persons specified by the owner of assets.
Collective Investment Organization You can accumulate funds into a single fund managed by a trust in order to guarantee investment.
Protection against high taxes Proper structure of trust in the UAE allows you to save on mandatory taxes.
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How does the Arab Trust works?

What is the Arab Trust
The Arab trust is a trust relationship in the classical sense, but working according to the UAE legislation based on the principles of Sharia. Legally, an Arab trust is created by signing a pool of contracts and agreements based on the Commercial Law of the United Arab Emirates and approved in the Dubai Court.
Who is part of the Arab Trust
As a European trusts, Arab Trust has a settlor, trustee and beneficiary. The settlor is the nominal shareholder; the beneficiary is the investor, the one who receives the benefits and advantages from the trust. The manager of business - a technical (nominal) director who performs all instructions of the final beneficiary, he plays the role of trustee.
The UAE supports all international information disclosure standards, which allows the country to be a full participant in all international treaties and ensures the stability of the local economy. However, this exchange applies exclusively to non-residents of the UAE. Considering that all participants of created trusts are residents (investors can receive this status), trust structures guarantee protection against automatic information exchange. It is important to understand that the courts of the United Arab Emirates, where the trust relations are established, are not involved in the automatic exchange of information.
According to the established laws, there is zero taxes in the UAE.

Types of Arab Trusts

Choose the appropriate type of Arab trust for your goals and objectives:
Fixed or joint trust Discretionary or trust with 100% nominal ownership
The beneficiary of the trust is concealed behind a legal entity registered in the UAE, which is one of the shareholders. This legal entity presents in the structure as one of the ultimate owners. Beneficial relations are determined by the agreement on the distribution of assets, the pledge of shares and the actual control of company's management based on the foundation agreements. The ultimate owner and beneficiary should have the status of the tax resident in the UAE. The beneficiary of the trust is not registered as the ultimate owner of any structure, which is the settlor of the trust. This makes the position of beneficiary more protected against third party claims. Ultimate beneficiary determine the distribution of assets based on the decisions made by beneficiary. The ownership right is registered by the agreement between parties and pledge of shares.
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Why SORP Group

SORP Group is a recognized expert in Corporate Law of the UAE. We have more than 15 years of experience and thousands of clients. Our company knows all the subtleties of the legislation, which allow building modern business tools.

SORP Group competence

SORP Group assets

  • Making the right legal decision: we analyze your needs and select the right type of trust. We provide comprehensive consultations.
  • РWe built relations with government agencies, registering departments and Free Economic Zones of the UAE.
  • We work with banks and other financial institutions to open accounts and conduct settlement transactions.
  • We provide comprehensive customer support for the trust creation and maintenance.
  • We have a professional team of lawyers, consultants, accountants and tax consultants.
  • We have certified trustee and licensed structures - the settlors of the trust.
  • We have unique tools for trust inheritance and asset protection.
  • We own a business center to confirm the place of trust management.

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