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Opportunities to trade from the UAE

You can find new markets from a respectable and tax-free country

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The UAE provides unique opportunities for international trade due to the absence of taxes, ease of interaction with local banks and a variety of free trade agreements with other countries. SORP Group specialists will help you to understand all the nuances and build an individual scheme for optimizing the international activities of your company.

Why the UAE?

SORP is a reliable partner for long-term work in the UAE

The UAE is a universal trading hub with a consumer market capacity of over a billion people and favorable conditions for international business.

Strategic location

Ideal geographic location at the crossroads of European, Asian and African trade routes

No taxes

No taxes for international activities

Logistic infrastructure

Developed logistics infrastructure that allows you to receive, conveniently store, ship and transport products quickly

Duty free re-export

Duty-free re-export of products to all GCC countries, low domestic customs duties

Opportunities to trade from the UAE

Re-export of products:
Re-export is one of the most popular business in the UAE due to its geographical location, developed transport infrastructure and logistics of country and preferential tax mode.
Repacking products:
Refinement and repacking of products in the UAE create previously inaccessible opportunities at the foreign markets. It also raises the prestige of products and their cost.
International trade:
The UAE is a member of the WTO, is a member of the Arab Free Trade Zone and annually concludes additional agreements on trade benefits for resident companies.

What tasks can solve the trading business from the UAE?

Full tax protection of trading business and shareholders
All onshore companies can get a local taxpayer number and a tax residency certificate in the UAE. Investors have access to nominee services and advanced tools for confirming the business command and control center.
Work from respectable jurisdiction
Other countries are loyal to the UAE, it is proved by multiple international agreements on the protection of mutual investments, free trade and avoidance of double taxation.
Optimization of supply chains
The strategic location of the UAE at the crossroads of European, Asian and African trade routes, its developed transport infrastructure and zero fees for the re-export of goods make the country an ideal base for optimizing trade.
Tax-free mode
It is excellent place for entering new markets and organizing efficient trading schemes in other jurisdictions due to the tax-free mode for international projects.
Complicated Licenses
The country has a simplified scheme for obtaining licenses for international trade of petroleum products, tobacco, precious metals, industrial equipment, medicines and aviation equipment.
A variety of payment schemes
Agency and loan payments are instruments that can be freely used in the UAE because there are no tax peculiarities regarding them. Such forms of payment do not cause questions at the banks.

Learn more about trading opportunities in the UAE

Five steps in 6 days

How to organize work with our company to start a trade business?


Analysis of existing trade flows and company goals

When you are organizing a trading business, it is important to analyze all the subtleties of the legislation and make sure that it satisfies the ultimate goal - whether it is obtaining tax benefits or the benefits of trade agreements between the UAE and other countries. You should contact specialists who will help you to develop optimal trading schemes, taking into account international agreements

Choosing the geography of activities

Place of registration determines the possibility company will be able to work only at the international market in the United Arab Emirates. It also determines the possibility of servicing in foreign banks/receiving trade funds.

Choosing legal form and type of activity

The choice of the legal form and type of activity determines the company capabilities and the services it can provide.

Obtaining additional permits and licenses


Getting started and first steps

You need to choose a service company that can take over administrative services, select qualified personnel and get visas for it, develop document templates, help to open bank accounts and register in the tax service, organize accounting and tax accounting.


SORP will be your reliable partner for long-term work in the UAE

SORP services for the organization of international business:

SORP assets:

  • Company registration, obtaining licenses and certificates of any complexity
  • Building a profitable and efficient financial model for international business
  • Business restructuring to minimize tax burden
  • Legal, consulting and accounting services
  • Registration of tax residency for companies and shareholders in the UAE
  • We have 15 years experience in organizing and supporting international trade business from the UAE
  • We have well-established mechanisms of interaction with banks and government agencies
  • We have state license for accounting and tax services
  • We have 5000 sq.m of office space in management
  • We have developed partner network of companies providing logistics and customs clearance services.

Register a trading company

Upon submission of your application to the SORP Group, you will receive a free expert consultation within 20 minutes.

Our team of experts will evaluate your needs and help you to build an effective model of international trade, while providing support at each step of the process. The first step to optimizing your international business begins with your call or email today!