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Offshore company incorporation

Use offshore in the UAE to do international legal business without taxes

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An offshore company (International Business Company - IBC) is an effective and economical tool for conducting international transactions and hiding beneficiaries. Unlike the classic offshore jurisdictions, the UAE is not a “tax haven”, is not included to the FATF black lists of jurisdictions that do not meet international requirements to combat money laundering. Jurisdiction in the UAE has several advantages.

Now there is a trend for global deoffshorization, so these companies lose their relevance. You still can use them for the following purposes

International Business
You can do international business according to the company’s Charter, except for financial, insurance and banking activities.
Property ownership
You can acquire and own a real estate and assets abroad or in the emirate where your company is registered. You can use this purpose to conceal the real owner.
Shareholding in other companies
You can establish and become a shareholder of other companies incorporated in the UAE and abroad. You can use this purpose to build multi- level corporate structures.
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Six reasons to establish offshore company in the UAE

Investor gain many advantages for owning an offshore company. You can earn money and protect your investments at the same time.
Low incorporation and maintenance costs There are low incorporation and maintenance costs for companies because there are no mandatory licensing and office (warehouse) renting.
Confidentiality and 100% foreign ownership Privacy of beneficiary and company management and 100% foreign ownership are possible in the UAE.
No income and property taxes There are no taxes (including income and property taxes).
Legal form of company for international transactions Legal form of company for international transactions
Free capital Free entry and withdrawal of capital
Quick establishment There are quick company establishment (up to 3 days) and making changes to the Constituent documents in 1 day
We are not establishing your company. We create a scheme for your business.
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3 steps

You need to do three simple steps in 3 days to incorporate an offshore company without a personal appearance.
Make an application Make an application for an individual consultation of a SORP Group expert and you will get an analysis of your needs and a description of ways to achieve your business goal
Provide a set of documents Provide a basic set of documents to the SORP Group expert
  • A copy of the passport for the future director and owner.
  • Confirmation of the place of residence for the individual owner (letter from the bank or a utility bill translated to English).
  • Assume five trade name options.
  • Completed and signed registration forms prepared by SORP Group experts.
Pay the bill Pay the bill for company incorporation.
Open an offshore company in the UAE within three days
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Choose a suitable Free Economic Zone

To establish your offshore company.

Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai
An expensive solution for investors whose priority is a real estate business in Dubai
Ajman Free Zone in Ajman
A quick inexpensive solution to conceal the beneficiary and to own shares in other legal entities
RAK Free Zone in Ras Al Khaimah
An inexpensive solution that allows you to remain anonymous

We will not register your company, but we can help resolve your business concerns.
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Learn the differences between offshore and other types of companies in the UAE

There are restrictions for offshore companies unlike other types of companies established in the UAE.
You cannot conduct activities in the UAE You can conduct international activities only outside the UAE. You should establish an onshore branch or subsidiary to conduct activities on the domestic market of the United Arab Emirates.
You cannot obtain a residence permit in the UAE The founder, management, foreign employees of the company and their families do not have the right to obtain a residence visa.
You cannot rent a premise Offshore companies are not allowed to rent office and commercial premises in the UAE (including warehouse, showroom, etc.).
You cannot get a status of UAE tax resident Offshore is not a resident company, so you cannot get a tax residency in the UAE.
It is difficult to open a bank account If owners of offshore company do not have a resident visa or they cannot deposit high account balance, then it is practically impossible and unprofitable to open an account in the local banks in the UAE.

Five benefits that you can get when you become our customer

SORP Group has 15 years of experience in creating corporate structures for doing business and providing services around the world. We offer packages of ready- made solutions and individual studies to create an international business of any complexity. Our experts provide comprehensive accounting, legal and marketing support. SORP Group is a guarantee of your success!
Authorized agent It is high-quality “first-hand” support. According to the law, offshore companies can be registered ONLY through registering agents authorized by state bodies. SORP Group is such agent.
Individual approach We provide individual approach, professional expert advice, selection of optimal solutions, team of international lawyers, economists, tax consultants and accountants, who are ready to solve any business problems.
Quick registration The fastest possible company registration. You can get a registered company in 3 working days. You will also have the opportunity to make any changes to the composition of shareholders, the company's activities and the appointment of a new director in 1 day.
Legal address The legal address of your offshore company will be located in a prestigious business district of Dubai in one of the business centers. It allows you to confirm the reputation of a reliable counterparty for your clients and partners.
An integrated approach We provide integrated approach to solve business problems of any complexity. We can create a secure and protected structure. We provide legal and secretarial support, confirmation of the control center and much more using the SORP Group platform.

Apply for offshore company registration in the UAE

Upon submission of your application to the SORP Group, you will receive a free expert consultation within 20 minutes. Our team of experts will provide you with comprehensive support to register and manage an offshore company. The first step to opening an international business in a tax-free jurisdiction begins with your call or email today!