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Obtaining a special international license in the UAE

You can deduce the tax burden legally using a company with a special international license in the United Arab Emirates

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The UAS has stable banking system, growing economy, fixed exchange rate of the US dollar to local currency and zero taxation for international activities. These factors draws the attention of businesspersons who want to create international structures for various business needs in the United Arab Emirates.


Special international license is a unique tool for business problems

The state provides special licenses for working at the international markets. It is possible to identify the main objectives for such licenses:

Reduced taxes and taxable base Cash flow structuring and legal tax burden reduction.
Simplify financial administration Building a business command and control center based on international structures.
Beneficiary Protection Concealment of the beneficiary and protection from international automatic exchange using the tax residency status in the UAE.
Asset and business protection It is possible using complex structures with a high degree of anonymity for its owners.
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Distinctive features

Company incorporation in the UAE and obtaining a license for international business has following distinctive features:
Jurisdiction of registration The optimal solution for the purposes of international business is company establishment in the Free Economic Zone of the UAE.
100% foreign ownership 100% foreign ownership is possible for individuals and legal entities. You can open a branch of foreign companies at the territory of FEZ, the FEZ depends on your specific needs.
Easy license obtaining There are no special requirements in the FEZ. If you obtain a license for local company with similar activities, government agencies closely monitor business activities and provide a number of serious requirements.
Opening a bank account in the UAE A company with this type of license does not conduct its activities at the domestic market, so local banks carefully analyze it’s business and its owners, they also provide additional requirements to open accounts.
Wide variety of licenses Each Free Economic Zone offers narrowly oriented types of international licenses, but there are more than 45 Free Economic Zones in the Emirates, so choice of license is very diverse.
Limited business geography Process of license obtaining is simple, but you can use it only at the international markets.
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Main activities

There are the following activities, which require a special international license:
Owning and managing mobile applications, Internet service provider, and specialized telecommunication services: satellite broadcasting and activity at satellite stations and related objects, Internet service provider and telephony services, wireless telecommunication services.
Finance and Insurance
Financial leasing, financial intermediation services, loans, transactions at financial markets, risk insurance of various types, including reinsurance activities.
Chartering ships and aircraft, charter transportation, management and support of ships and aircraft, brokerage activities between transport companies and customers.
Activities of travel agent and operator.
Recruitment agency activities and other related areas.
Providing any type of service or selling goods online.
Trade abroad the UAE in certain categories of goods (petroleum products, precious metals and stones, tobacco, etc.).
Engineering consulting services in the areas of mechanics, construction, port maintenance, electrical engineering, etc.
Consulting in specific industries
Consulting activities in real estate, recruiting, design, architecture, logistics, aviation, investment, etc.
Investment activities in various sectors of the economy: industry, agriculture, oil and gas, education, tourism, health care, including ownership of shares in these types of businesses.
Accounting, auditing and tax advice services.
Construction and assembly work
Construction of buildings and other civilian facilities. Engineering work with electrical and plumbing equipment, other installation works, landscape works.
Publishing books, newspapers, magazines and other periodical literature. Making videos and television programs, its broadcast, radio broadcast.
Oil and gas
Consultations in the field of oil and gas production, engineering support in oil and gas production and oil refining.
Other services
Repair and service, education, advertising, call centers.
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Obtaining a special international license with SORP Group

SORP Group is one of the few consulting companies in the UAE, which comprehensively solves the challenges of our clients. Our work combines professional selection of solutions taking into account the needs of the client, support in the local company registration process and much more. Be sure that no one in the UAE will be able to select and implement a turnkey solution for your business faster and better than SORP.

SORP Group competenceSORP Group assets
  • Making the right legal decision: we analyze your needs and select the best international license.
  • We solve complex customer cases by organizing international planning schemes.
  • We have ready-made companies for our customers. We provide comprehensive customer support in international business management.
  • We have proven tools for the final beneficiary’s protection.
  • We help to open corporate and personal accounts and conducting transactions in banks.
  • We have nominal directors who are residents of the UAE, they could help you to confirm the business management center.
  • We have professional team of international lawyers, experts, tax consultants and accountants.
  • We have official agents. Government agencies appointed these registered representatives to execute departmental assignments.
  • We have unique protection tools against international exchange of information.
  • We own a business center, you can use it to confirm the center of command and control for international business.

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Our team of experts will assess your needs to help you select the best legal solution for obtaining an international license in the UAE, while providing you with comprehensive support. The first step towards creating a successful international business begins with your call or email today!