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Legalization of business documents in the UAE

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What is the documents legalization?

Legalization of documents is a series of formal procedures for validating foreign documents in another country. The UAE did not join the Hague Convention, so all foreign documents are subject to the procedure of full consular legalization, instead of standard apostilization.

What cases require legalization of documents?
A legal entity plans to become a partner in a foreign company or register a representative office
To open a bank account for a company abroad
For the proxy procedures in another country
For international trade transactions
For transactions with foreign real estate
To obtain resident visas for relatives
To obtain a professional license that requires to confirm a qualification
To represent the interests of another person in a foreign state using the power of attorney
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Advantages of SORP Group

Our experts will carry out the legalization of documents as soon as possible. We will send documents by courier service to your place of residence

We provide fast service. Your presence is not required
We have profound knowledge of international documents legalization
We provide flexible approach. We can fulfill non-standard orders
We know the features of documents preparation in different countries
We provide legally impeccable execution of legalization procedures
We have large agency network for documents legalization outside the UAE
Obtain an individualized offer in 20 minutes
Obtain an individualized offer

Stages of documents legalization in the UAE


We are providing legalization of documents for a company in Spain, which is planning to register a representative office in the UAE


Documents transfer Statutory documents and the resolution on the establishment of company representative office are transferred to our agent in Spain
Notariate The notary certifies copies of documents and the accuracy of translation into foreign language
Spanish Ministry of Justice Spanish Ministry of Justice certifies notary signature and seal
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain certifies the seal of the Ministry of Justice and signature of its representative.
UAE Consulate Documents are transferred to the UAE Consulate in Spain for legalization
Local Ministry of Foreign Affairs Documents are transferred to our company in the UAE for certification in the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Stages of documents legalization for use in other countries

Documents of individuals


Legalization of a tax residence certificate for submission to the Tax Service of France


Document transfer The original document is transferred to SORP staff.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE authenticates the document
Consulate of France The document is transferred for certification to the consulate of France
Translation The document is legally translated into French

Documents of legal entities


Statutory documents legalization for the company from the DMCC to open a subsidiary in Cyprus


Documents transfer The original documents are transferred to SORP staff.
Certification in the FEZ SORP is preparing a resolution on the establishment of a subsidiary and certifies resolution in the FEZ
DMCC SORP receive the certified copies of statutory documents in the DMCC
Translation The documents are legally translated into Greek
Embassy of Cyprus Documents are transferred for certification to the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs authenticates documents
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SORP Group services of documents legalization

Our company provides a range of legal, tax and PRO services as part of customer service. Existing customers receive legalization as soon as possible for a special price.

Documents legalization and certification in the UAE
Professional translation of documents
Operational assistance to collect documents, which are required for legalization
Preparation of document templates required for legalization
Providing a reliable agent for documents legalization in foreign countries

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Our team of experts has 15 years of experience and a wide partnership network to legalize your documents in a rapid, accurate, high-quality manner.