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Legal support and PRO services

Let your business in grow in the UAE when you place your legal and administrative tasks in the hands of local professionals.

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When you the particular features of UAE legislation and business practices, you are able to avoid numerous mistakes and problems. Our company has worked in the Emirates for over 15 years, closely follows any changes to the law, and maintains reliable contacts in state agencies. SORP Group’s specialists provide comprehensive legal support to support your business interests.

Business features in the UAE

Legal framework The UAE is subject to federal law, in addition to separate legislation for each Emirate.
Regulatory features Special immigration and labor laws apply within UAE territory.
Free zone regulations Each of the 45 free economic zones follows its own regulations, established by the FEZ administrator.
Judicial system The UAE has local courts following Sharia law, as well as the DIFC international court.
Regulatory agencies The UAE has over 30 regulatory agencies, which are all responsible for a specific sector.
Protecting interests Only local attorneys may represent a party’s interests in court.

Though UAE enjoys transparent legislation and the most business-friendly environment possible, legal and business practices have their own specific features and peculiarities, which can be very difficult to understand on your own. SORP Group’s team of attorneys and professional PRO-associates help navigate the administrative end, while also considering any local legal requirements.


SORP Group’s legal services include the following benefits:
Proven solutions Our team closely follows any changes to legislation and the UAE’s legal and regulatory framework, and offers only proven solutions, every time.
15 years of success Our 15 years of practical legal experience mean that we are able to find you the most favorable solutions, without unnecessarily wasting tens of thousands of dollars on attorneys.
Team of specialists Our team includes specialists from various areas of the legal profession, taking a comprehensive approach and carefully assessing each client’s needs.
We know no borders For conducting international business activity, our team includes specialists in international law, in addition to lasting and reliable relationships with legal associations abroad.
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Our solutions

With our team behind you, solve any legal or administrative task

Without the right experience, simple bureaucratic and legal procedures in a new country might drag on for months. Our team of attorneys and PRO-associates has over 15 years of experience handling any legal and administrative task, with reliable contacts within every government body. To protect our own interests and tackle the most complicated legal situations, we buy local lawyers’ time in bulk. This allows our clients to use a subscription service at any time to resolve any major issues with the very best specialists, without long waiting periods.

Resolving complicated matters with former partners, associates, and sponsors
Our team’s attorneys defend your interests, even in the most complicated or acrimonious situations or disputes.
Representing your company’s interests with government agencies
Our team has built up strong relationships with every government agency and department, allowing us to resolve official matters quickly and effectively.
Verifying counterparts and partners
Our experts will conduct an audit on the management of any company, potential agent, or partners of interest to you.
Full support with labor and immigration procedures
We prepare a full package of documents for supervisory agencies so you can obtain work visas and employment cards for your associates.
Preparing legal research and conclusions
High level attorneys conduct research on cases or areas of interest to you and present a comprehensive report to assist you in making business decisions.
Preparing and verifying documents
SORP Group is an expert in handling all types of documents for various reasons related to legal requirements, business practices in the UAE, and international standards.
Obtaining permits and certificates
Working with SORP Group saves you both time and resources when it comes to dealing with formalities and UAE government agencies.
Registering trademarks
Our specialists handle all the formalities and interactions with government agencies when it comes to registering your trademarks.
Support in negotiations and tenders
SORP Group provides any support during negotiations and tenders in the UAE.
Support for real estate deals
Our specialists prepare all necessary documents for the acquisition, sale, lease, or rental of residential and commercial real estate.
Pretrial settlement
Our specialists work to settle disputes without having to bring the matter to trial.
Preparing a will
Our specialists prepare a will in line with UAE legal requirements.
Legalization of documents
Our specialists quickly and expertly perform all required procedures to ensure your documents are legally valid abroad.
Notary support, notary services
SORP Group has built lasting professional relationships with the UAE courts, allowing us to issue our clients’ documents with a short turnaround time.
Liquidating legal entities
Our specialists have broad experience with liquidating companies in the UAE.
Personnel records and clearance
Our specialists create optimal work contracts in employers’ interests, which improves the quality of your associates’ work.
Representing your company interests with government authorities
Our company has built up reliable relationships with all government agencies and bodies, meaning that all of your official matters are handled more quickly and effectively.
Bankruptcy procedure support
SORP Group’s attorneys file and handle bankruptcy procedures with as little financial and reputational damage as possible.

We offer a customized package of subscriber services, including document preparation, legal consultations, communication with government authorities, and information on any changes which may have an effect on your area of business activity.
Obtain an individualized offer in 20 minutes
Obtain an individualized offer

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When you order legal or administrative services as part of a package or subscriber services, you also receive discounts on our additional services.

Business center services Fully equipped offices, meeting rooms, and co-working spaces in prime locations.
Accounting outsourcing Business accounting, tax consulting, tax reporting, auditing.
Local sponsors Our company is accredited for participating in local businesses as a local partner.
Business management Business management prior to launching your company, providing technical personnel and crisis management.

With SORP Group’s support, you are able to continue focusing on working on your business, knowing you have a reliable partner, with all the necessary resources and contacts to resolve the most complicated tasks.

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Upon submission of your application to the SORP Group, you will receive a free expert consultation within 20 minutes.

Our team of experts has 15 years of providing comprehensive legal and administrative support, including development of documents and resolution of non-standard legal issues.