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Investment and financial license in the UAE

Create a successful investment and financial business in a stable and attractive country

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Population has high consumer demand and solvency, many sectors of the economy develop rapidly. There are other factors that contribute to the development of investment and financial sphere, which serves the domestic market of the UAE and has a strong presence at the international market. The state formed and maintained a prosperous investment environment. The UAE is also considered one of the most protected country against financial risks.

State support

The government offers several options to ensure the investment attractiveness of the country and the development of the financial sector:
  • Government regulation and control
  • No exchange controls
  • Sustainability of the banking system
  • 78 international agreements on investment protection
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Obtaining a license

Relevant license is mandatory for conducting investment and financial activities at the domestic and international markets. This license you can obtain in the following jurisdictions:
  • The local territory of the Emirates in the local government bodies of the UAE.
  • The territory of special Free Economic Zones (FEZ), which have the functions of financial centers and regulators.
  • The territory of some Free Economic Zones are issuing simplified financial and investment licenses with a limited list of activities.
Local investment and financial licenses issued on the local territory of the UAE Used primarily for doing business at the domestic market of the UAE. These licenses give an opportunity to represent business interests at foreign markets.

This solution ensures high status of company, maximum loyalty of banks and counterparties, prestige at the international market due to the presence at the local market.

It has a complex structure.
Investment and financial licenses issued on the territory of financial centers in special Free Economic Zones of the UAE These licenses give the right to conduct ongoing financial and investment transactions on the territory of the FEZ and at the international market.

This solution ensures the high status and prestige of the company due to obtaining a license at the FEZ territory, which is a financial center,

It allows 100% foreign ownership, but has complex procedures of license obtaining.
Simplified investment and financial licenses issued in some Free Economic Zones of the UAE These licenses give the right to conduct ongoing financial and investment transactions only at the international market.

This solution does not allow conducting free activities at the domestic market and, it causes more cautious attitude of local banks and counterparties.

Allows 100% foreign ownership, the procedures of license obtaining are quite simple.
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Main distinctive features of obtaining local investment and financial licenses in the UAE
State control There are various state requirements depending on the type of activity and jurisdiction of the license.
The main regulatory bodies are the Central Bank of the UAE, the Financial and Commodity Market Management Committee, the police.
Authorized capital Usually there are requirements for the authorized capital, the minimum amount varies from $41,000 to $1.4 million. In some cases the authorized capital may reach $8-14 million and higher amounts for complex licenses.
Bank guarantee The state has established requirements for placing a bank guarantee for a large amount to prove company intention to fulfill its obligations. The amount depends on the type of activity.
Qualified staff The state has established requirements for the staff consisting of financial managers, analysts and internal control experts for the ongoing financial operations, general manager should have the appropriate education and qualifications in the field of finance.
Financial software The state has established requirements for the special technical financial platforms, which allows company to conduct the daily operational activity.
Equipped office Financial and investment companies must confirm the office that meets state standards.
Internal control The state has established requirements to ensure a system of internal control and proper compliance with laws to reduce risks, methods of risk control, and compliance with legislation to combat the money laundering of illegal proceeds.
Business plan You should develop and submit a detailed business plan for conducted activities.
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Features of obtaining

Features of obtaining investment and financial licenses in the FEZ, acting as financial centers in the UAE
The main FEZ that issue investment and financial licenses

Dubai International Financial Center
It is a prestigious Free Economic Zone that is issuing only financial, banking, insurance and investment licenses. It attracts participants to the financial services market from all over the world.

There is a separate state body that issues licenses; it also has its own Arbitration Court. The applicable law within the FEZ is Common law. The prestige and status of the DIFC attracts many investors. There are tough and bureaucratic procedures, coupled with serious requirements for licensing, which make this Free Economic Zone uncompetitive comparing to obtaining similar licenses at the local market.
Abu Dhabi Global Market
This is universal FEZ, the sector of financial and investment licenses is widely presented here. It also attracts major players to the financial market.

It offers specialized financial and investment licenses and funds. There are quite serious requirements for obtaining this license. It could be less attractive to investors due to geography restrictions for business.

There is a number of separate Free Economic Zones in the UAE, which can also offer highly specialized financial, investment and insurance licenses. These licenses have serious restrictions of activities, namely they allow doing business only abroad the UAE. The advantage of such license is simple procedures of obtaining. The shortcoming of such license is limited state support according to the agreements on the protection of mutual investments.
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Types of licenses

SORP Group gathered a number of investment and financial licenses for international business, which have no requirements of the state authorities:

Insurance and reinsurance license
Any types of insurance and reinsurance services for insurance of life, real estate, liability and other risks provided on international markets.
International Investment License
Investments in various commercial projects, business, assets, including the ownership of shares of other legal entities.
License for financial services for purchase and sale of shares, bonds and commodities
Activities at the international markets.
License to provide services of extending loans (other financial services) at the international markets
Financial services on extending loans in various forms (direct financing, credit cards, international trade financing).
Local license for the payment agent
Providing payment services for banks, telecommunications companies. Creating payment networks, data centers, issue of payment cards, etc. Activities at the international and domestic markets.
Investment Consulting License
Consulting services in the field of investment and finance at the international and domestic markets.
Local investment license with a wide range of activities
Attracting investment in the UAE and the Gulf countries. Carrying out investment transactions at the domestic market, including activities at the international market.
Activities as a Trust Manager
Management of a trust (fund) assets inside the FEZ or abroad the UAE.
License for asset management
Attraction and management of assets, management of funds at the international market.

Obtaining an investment and financial license with SORP

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  • We provide opportunities for local investment companies to act as a nominal local sponsor.
  • We have the official status of financial adviser.
  • We have professional team of lawyers and financial professionals.
  • We own a business center, equipped according to the state requirements for financial and investment companies.

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