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Immigration to the UAE

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Business relocation in the UAE provides the possibility of entering new markets, absence of political and financial barriers, favorable tax regime and complete confidentiality of ownership. Learn about advantages of doing business from the UAE with the support of local experts.

85 percent of the UAE population are foreigners.

That’s why there is the most simplified conditions for obtaining residency and unique business benefits.

Immigration of individuals
Learn about the benefits of immigration to the UAE
Immigration for your business
Check the privileges of doing business from a tax- free country
Obtaining the status of tax resident of the UAE
Protect foreign accounts from tax information exchange

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Immigration to the UAE is a great opportunity to settle in a financially and politically stable country and increase the success of your business.


Actively developing country

Orientation to the constant influx of immigrants. Procedures for obtaining residency are simplified as much as possible

Equal rights with local residents

You automatically get equal rights for living and doing business in the local market after obtaining residency.

Simple immigration procedures

If you establish an onshore company, you immediately obtain residency without additional conditions.

Comfortable conditions of life

Low crime, perfect infrastructure and transparent legal system

Free competition

Free competition at the market. Foreign companies have all chances to become market leaders

Free capital flow

There is no foreign exchange controls in the country. There are conditions for free import and export of capital

State protection

Guaranteed protection of foreign investments and personal data of shareholders

Large market

Having a business in the UAE is a sign of quality for all Gulf countries. There are duty free transactions under free trade agreements in the region

Learn more about the benefits of UAE tax residence


Residence registration to obtain permanent residence in the UAE

Obtaining resident visas for all family members

Obtaining a residence visa for business purposes

Confirmation of the vital interests center in the UAE and obtaining tax residency

Business relocation with a team

Partial business relocation and branch opening

Relocation of manufacture and equipment

Relocation of manufacture and equipment

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Business immigration

It is necessary to obtain a resident visa for permanent residence. Visas for your family are issued according to the provided documents: a birth certificate for children and a marriage certificate. There are several reasons for obtaining a residence visa:
Establish an onshore company
Become an investor in business projects
Invest in real estate
SORP Group will help to obtain resident visas and tax resident status as soon as possible!

Advantages of the tax resident status in the UAE

The tax resident status in the UAE allows you to become a legal taxpayer, it also provides a protection against automatic exchange of information. You will be able to confirm the taxpayer status in the UAE immediately after the registration of residence visa and opening a bank account. Most foreign banks and other financial institutions would be satisfied by tax certificate to confirm your tax affiliation. From the moment of status confirmation, all information about your accounts and property will be received only in the United Arab Emirates, you will get the additional opportunity for tax-free distribution of dividends.

Stages of obtaining tax residency with the SORP group

Fulfill the conditions for obtaining a residence visa The fastest and budget way is opening an onshore company. We will carry out all company registration procedures.
Go through immigration procedures Our company will prepare all necessary documents to obtain a residence.
Get a tax certificate We will prepare necessary documents and submit it to government agencies for obtaining a certificate.
Confirm the center of vital interests We will take the necessary steps: opening a bank account, confirming the address of residence in the country, receiving an immigration report

SORP Group on Emigration in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is an ideal jurisdiction for your business, but it is also one of the richest and most stable countries in the world with excellent conditions for life and work. Every resident of the country receives the right to apply for a visa for his family, to develop his own business on equal terms with the local residents. The visa is issued for 2 to 3 years with a subsequent extension.

Transparent legislation and numerous agreements on avoidance of double taxation and protection of mutual investments, concluded between the UAE and other countries, make the country one of the most attractive areas for business relocation. International business has the opportunity to operate and withdraw dividends without taxes, to use advanced legal tools for protection against the exchange of tax information about the ultimate beneficiary.

Obtain an individualized plan for business relocation in the UAE

SORP Business Immigration Solutions:

How can a business immigrate to the UAE?
Are you planning to relocate your business to the UAE? There are several possible options: establishing a new legal entity or registering a subsidiary/parent company. The appropriate form is determined by the relocation target. When an existing business enters the UAE market, it requires adaption of business strategy. If the company immigrates to the UAE for tax reasons, it is necessary to analyze international agreements between the UAE and the countries of the planned holding.

How to relocate business to the UAE?

Our solutions:

Establishing a new business and obtaining licenses

Business relocation by registering a branch or representative office

Relocation of the comand and control center of the holding in the UAE

Business relocation will give the company a unique opportunity to take advantage of the tax resident status in the UAE.

Stages of obtaining tax residency for companies with the SORP group

Fulfill prerequisites We will help you to acquire a company older than one year or establish a new one. Active management activities are required throughout the year.
Go through immigration procedures Get a residency for shareholders of the company, confirm their center of vital interests in the UAE. Our company provides support at all stages.
Confirm business residency It is easy to confirm comand and control center of the business using the support and business center of SORP group.
Get a tax certificate SORP group will prepare the necessary documents for submission to state bodies for obtaining tax certificate
Confirm financial activity of your company We will help to prepare an audit report to confirm the company's activity during 6 months.

Apply to immigrate your business to the UAE

Upon submission of your application to the SORP Group, you will receive a free expert consultation within 20 minutes.

Our team of experts will evaluate your needs and help you develop an optimal set of immigration solutions in the UAE for both individuals and legal entities, evaluating business ideas, registering and relocating businesses, and obtaining tax residence status.