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Establishing holdings and structures in the UAE

Establish an efficient holding structure with a control center in the United Arab Emirates.

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Holding structure with management and control center in the United Arab Emirates is an effective tool for solving many business problems. It allows you to increase business profitability, consolidate all assets, get access to additional financial resources and optimize cash flow management. The UAE has transparent the tax system and participates in activities to combat money laundering, but the legislation of the UAE protects the confidentiality of foreign investors. It also provides an opportunity to hide the end beneficiary and get protection from automatic information exchange.
There are three reasons to choose the UAE jurisdiction for establishing international holding structure.

Developed network of agreements on the avoidance of double taxation
There are 115 international agreements on the avoidance of double taxation.
No tax on deposit and withdrawal
There are 0% income taxes (profits, dividends and royalties). Free deposit and withdrawal of capital.
Legislation for investment protection
There are 78 international investment protection agreements.
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You can use seven benefits of holding structure with a parent company in the UAE

You get an effective tool that allows you to increase your business profitability.

The United Arab Emirates is a unique low-tax jurisdiction. Any business controlled from the UAУ territory does not pay taxes (except for 5% VAT when working in the domestic market). There is a right of free deposit and withdrawal of capital in this country, which gives investors the opportunity to get the maximum benefit from their activities. The state guarantees the safety of investors' assets and low transaction costs, absence of inflation and exchange controls. These factors motivate businesspersons to choose this country for establishing effective holding structure.

Optimize the tax base using the international agreements on the avoidance of double taxation
You can organize the international structure of your holding to minimize tax deductions and receive maximum legal profits from international activities. The recipient of the dividend, the parent company and subsidiaries should meet the requirements agreements on the avoidance of double taxation.

Even if there is no agreements on the avoidance of double taxation between the country of key company incorporation and the UAE, you can use complex holding structures, e.g. a mixed holding established in several jurisdictions. The parent company, located in one of the UAE jurisdictions, will manage the movement of assets in all divisions and distribute financial flows in order to minimize risks and optimize tax deductions.
Use the opportunity to conceal and protect the beneficiary
It is possible to conceal the end beneficiary of the business completely due to the laws of the UAE and the rules for various types of companies incorporation regulated by different state authorities.

Commercial law and judicial practice of the UAE allow making shareholder agreements, which is a legal instrument to protect the interests of each business participant. These agreements allow smoothing out possible conflicts between partners.
It is possible to conceal the end beneficiary by legal means using one scheme developed and successfully used by the SORP Group experts. We offer effective structures for organizing activities that keep beneficiaries confidential. These structures are reliable tool for doing business in the UAE.
Combine different activities
Holding is a clearly structured chain. Each link of this chain performs a specific function. Holding structures may unite an unlimited number of companies conducting their activities both within one country and abroad. Some executives have difficulties to conduct different activities using a single legal entity. You can solve this problem using holding structure. It allows you to create multi-business with convenient management and control system in the UAE.

If the holding has a financing company, then it is established in the place with the cheapest financial resources and minimal taxation of interest income. Management companies are established in the jurisdiction with the most favorable conditions for the business. The UAE is an attractive jurisdiction for many reasons.
Organize cash flow within the group, including mergers and acquisitions of existing assets abroad
The state has created all the conditions for the effective operation of holding structures in the UAE. You can manage financial flows centrally and move capital freely between your divisions around the world. You can deposit and withdraw funds, use the lack of corporate income taxes, arrange loans issuing from the parent company to subsidiaries to optimize the tax base and perform other operations.

All these tools allow managing financial flows quickly within the structure, making it possible to withdraw funds in the preferred jurisdiction and to minimize the tax burden. Considering the world trend to tighten control over the circulation of funds, we recommend to seek expert advice to develop a proper scheme for holding organizing.
Create transactional schemes without prohibitions and restrictions within the holding structure
Companies within the holding structure can provide services and supply goods to other units of this holding company at independently fixed prices that are not tied to market prices. This technique allows you to minimize the tax burden for all companies in the structure. The legal regulation of the so-called “transfer pricing” has significant differences in the different countries. Therefore, we recommend contacting lawyers who know the intricacies of international law to create the most effective scheme.
Consolidate assets and provide transparency in financial statements
The parent company of the holding in the UAE allows you to consolidate all assets of your business and achieve high rates of company capitalization. It could be a sign of financial stability and your solvency in the long term. This allows you to get cheap credit resources, receive investments from a strategic investor, participate in serious tenders and enter into large contracts.

You will be able to use ready-made holding companies established in the UAE, which are older than 2 years. It could help you to provide audit and balance sheets for previous periods in accordance with international standards to confirm the stability of your business. By certifying all reports in accredited auditing company in the UAE, you raise the company's status in the eyes of contractors and thereby confirm the transparency of your tax and accounting calculations.
Create a business consortium for development and expanding geographical presence
Holding structure in the UAE allows foreign investors to create consortia under their control. It makes possible to bring their goods and services under the flag of the UAE to international markets, including the countries of the Persian Gulf. It provides an opportunity to use the loyal attitude of the business community and privileges of companies established in the UAE.
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SORP Group is an expert in conducting due diligence business and identifying all needs. We can help you to choose a model for organizing holding structures and minimizing all possible risks.
SORP Group provides consulting activities in the UAE for 15 years. We provide professional support to all types of businesses and offer our clients comprehensive solutions for establishing companies, organizing effective holding structures, as well as administrative and consulting support. You can create a command and control center in the UAE with the help of the SORP Group. The UAE is a low-tax jurisdiction, there are all conditions to extract the maximum profit from the activity.

Competences of SORP Group

Assets of SORP Group

  • Making the right legal decision. We analyze your needs and select the holding model. We provide expert and comprehensive consultations.
  • We have agency relations with government agencies, registering departments and Free Economic Zones of the UAE.
  • We work with banks and other financial institutions to open accounts and conduct transactions.
  • We provide comprehensive customer support for international business issues.
  • We have proven tools for the protection of final beneficiaries.
  • We own a business center. You can confirm the center of management and control for international holding using our business center. You can also physically accommodate your staff there.
  • We have professional team of lawyers, consultants, accountants, tax consultants with experience and qualifications in international tax treaties and international law.
  • We have nominal directors who are residents of the UAE. You can confirm your business management center (location of the executive body) with a help of these people.
  • We have unique tools for protection against international exchange of information.
  • We can organize complex structures for individual business goals.

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