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Engineering licenses in the UAE

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Construction industry is growing and developing as one of the key sectors of the UAE economy, in parallel, engineering works increase turnover because integrated construction and maintenance of building is impossible without engineering works. According to the UAE’s Global Strategic Development Program Vision 2021, construction industry shows steady growth. So demand for repair, service and engineering works is growing exponentially. There is not enough highly professional companies in this industry in the UAE. Do not miss your opportunity to become a popular company in the local market.

Main types of engineering license

There are main fields of the engineering activities in all categories of licenses issued in the UAE:

Construction and repair work

This category includes various types of interior renovation work (building internal partitions, painting, plumbing, tile and carpentry), as well as roofing, facade and other work.

Building system work

This category includes electromechanical work. Construction, configuration and maintenance of building systems (water supply, sewage, air conditioning, ventilation and security).

Engineering and architectural design

This category includes architectural and engineering design (civil, electromechanical, geological and petrochemical), consulting services in the field of engineering and design.

Design work

This category includes design of interior (projects of residential and commercial premises under the key), including decoration and design of spaces.

Maintenance of facilities and structures

Management of facilities is a full-fledged complex work, it includes technical and operational control of facilities state and reconstruction work.

Landscape work

This category includes design, internal and external landscape work, including artificial reservoirs, waterfalls, fountains and other related activities.

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Distinctive features of obtaining engineering licenses in the UAE

Place of incorporation

If you are doing business in the UAE, then you should obtain a local license. Companies with a local license will be able to provide services within the Emirates freely and participate in all tenders.

If you obtain a license in the Free Economic Zones (FEZ), you can use it to conduct business only at international markets outside the UAE. You can obtain such license in a limited number of FEZ, only 3-4 Free Economic Zones can offer such solutions.

Company ownership

You need a local sponsor with at least 51% ownership to obtain a local license for repair, building system, design and landscape work. 49% of shares could belong to a foreign investor.

If you are providing services of architectural design and engineering consulting, you can obtain local professional license. In this case foreign investor can own 100% of the company shares. You will also need a local agent (company representative in government bodies). You can also establish a company in the form of a partnership with a local partner.

You don’t need a local agent or sponsor to register a license in the FEZ. 100% foreign ownership is possible.

Legal form and liability

Licenses of service and repair work, building system work, design and landscape work are intended for local companies, so you can establish a company in the form of a Limited Liability Company (LLC). In this case your liability is limited to the extent of the company's ownership.

Companies providing architectural and design works are established in the form of sole proprietorship or partnership. Owner of this company bears full personal responsibility.
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Local licenses are unique

SORP Group is an expert for selection and obtaining engineering licenses for local companies.

We have 15 years of practical experience in accompanying and supporting companies in the local market; we will conduct a professional needs analysis and provide a competent solution for obtaining necessary license.

Licenses for service and repair work, engineering and building system work, design and landscape work

Architectural design and engineering work

  • Building Department controls the process of obtaining licenses for these types of work. You need to obtain additional specialized permits in the Road Department, energy sales company and other companies.
  • There are no categories for such licenses; they provide the right to work at all objects in the fields indicated in the license.
  • There are no requirements for the qualifications and professional experience of the owner.
  • There are no requirements for the qualifications and professional experience of the manager.
  • Qualified engineers and technical staff with relevant specialization are required to obtain licenses for engineering, service, design and landscape work.
  • You have to obtain permission from the main supervisory authority - Construction Department. You also need to obtain additional separate approvals in other regulatory state bodies.
  • There are categories that limit the height of designed objects.
    There are the following types of height:
    G+1 – design of buildings up to 2 floors,
    G+4 – up to 5 floors,
    G+12 – up to 13 floors,
    UL – unlimited.
  • There are requirements for education and experience of foreign owner and local partner, who have established the partnership.
  • There are requirements for education and qualification of manager depending on the license class.
  • You should have qualified architects and engineers, number of staff depends on the objects area and license class.

Obtaining engineering license with SORP

SORP Group is an expert in selection and obtaining licenses.

SORP Group is one of consulting companies in the UAE, who are solving the challenges facing clients in a comprehensive and professional manner. We provide support at all stages of license registration and services for establishing company. Be sure that no one in the UAE will be able to provide solutions to open and maintain engineering business faster and better than us.

SORP Group competence

SORP Group assets

  • We can make the right legal decision: we analyze your needs and choose the right license. We provide comprehensive consultations.
  • We solve complex customer cases for obtaining special and high category licenses.
  • We make a turnkey work – we make business and development plans, we help to obtain all permits and find qualified engineering and technical personnel.
  • We provide comprehensive customer support for construction business in the UAE.
  • We provide individual approach.
  • You will have a reliable local partner. SORP Group will be your partner. It reduces possible risks for the investor.
  • We have professional team of lawyers, consultants, accountants and financiers.
  • We established contacts in the main supervisory authority (Construction Department) and other regulatory agencies.
  • We registered as a partner in major Free Economic Zones that are issuing engineering licenses.
  • We own a business center.

Application for obtaining engineering license in the UAE

Upon submission of your application to the SORP Group, you will receive a free expert consultation within 20 minutes.

Our team of experts will assess your needs to help you select the optimal legal solution for obtaining an engineering license in the UAE, while providing comprehensive support. The first step towards creating a successful business begins with your call or email today!