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Licensing of educational activities in the UAE

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The effective model of the UAE economic development improved living standards of the population, caused a sharp demographic upsurge and the influx of qualified foreign specialists, which provoked the growth of professional competition at the local labor market. This entailed the development of basic and higher education spheres. Such educational activities as business trainings, seminars and training programs that help professionals remain competitive in a dynamic market rapidly become popular.

The main directions of educational activities

There are two main areas of educational activities in the UAE:
Academic Educational Activities They include classical education - schools, universities, advanced training courses and other similar institutions. They are licensed according to international principles, standards and norms.
Non-academic educational activities They include educational services - trainings, workshops, child development centers and other similar institutions. They are licensed according to established state requirements.
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Distinctive features

Learn three distinctive features that should be considered when you obtain a license in education sphere
100% ownership of the company According to the UAE legislation, when you are obtaining a license to work at the domestic market, a local partner is usually required, who owns at least 51% of the company's shares. An exception has been made for a business providing educational services - you can register a legal entity with 100% foreign ownership.
State control The state supports the active development of education sector, but at the same time carefully monitors compliance with quality standards. The business activities in the educational sphere are regulated by the Department of Education, the Ministry of Education and Science and other regulatory and supervisory agencies. Special attention is paid to the training programs harmonization for each educational course.
Qualification The quality of knowledge that every educational institution can provide based on the professionalism, competences and experience of its managers and teachers. There is close state attention to the confirmation of qualifications by businesspersons and relevant diplomas by all company personnel involved in educational activities.
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Main types of educational licenses

The choice of a license to conduct educational activities determines the strategy for your business development and a list of requirements and approvals that you need to obtain. SORP Group experts will help you understand all the intricacies of licensing for various educational institutions.

Academic education:
Kindergartens and nurseries
Primary and secondary school
Universities and Institutes

Additional special or specialized education:
Trainings, seminars, language schools, master classes and other areas
They depend on education are, including professional courses for hairdressers, designers and other activities
Schools of music and dance, child activity centers and other areas
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Private educational institutions in the UAE should pay special attention to the level of provided services for kindergarten, school or university. Consumers of education are very sensitive to the quality of teaching and professional training; government agencies strictly control the compliance of existing domestic and international standards. If you decide to obtain a license in education, you need to fulfill a number of requirements.
Academic Plan You should develop an academic plan, submit it to the Department of Education and defend it before a specially created commission.
Financial plan You should confirm the availability of funds for material and technical equipment, maintenance economic activity and salaries payment to employees of your educational institution.
Owner The owner provides resumes and letters of recommendation to confirm his business reputation. An additional confirmation of accreditation in the country of origin is required for the school.
Manager and staff The head and teachers of an educational institution should have relevant qualifications and work experience. This information is coordinated in the Department of Education.
Premises The state has special requirements for the building, conditions, size and equipment of the premises, where you planned to carry out the educational process.

If you are planning to organize activities of a non-academic educational project, for example, a training center or a children's development school, you also need to go through additional approvals and obtain special permissions in government bodies. The requirements of regulatory bodies for non-academic educational organizations comes down to have an approved training program and confirm the experience and qualifications of head and teachers of the training center.

Related licenses

In addition to academic and specialized education in the UAE, there are activities related to education. These activities do not require licensing, complicated procedures and special conditions:
License for conferences and seminars
License for consulting activities in the field of education, technology and development
License to organize events

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  • We have an experience in managing higher education institutions and training centers in Dubai.
  • We established contacts in the main educational supervisory body - the Department of Education, which helps to solve current issues quickly.
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  • We have a special permit to provide consulting services in the field of education.

Application for obtaining an educational license in the UAE

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