3 hours

duration of the training course

5 courses

in one program

25 cases

proven business solutions

15 years

of business experience

Who Should Attend?

Vusinessmen and entrepreneurs interested in exploring unique business opportunities in the UAE. If you are looking to optimize your
taxes, set up your business, invest into a real estate market or attract investments into IT project - get the best knwoledge from the
best business practicioners in the UAE. Get professional advice on boosting revenue and support businesses long-term with
industry know-how, reliable partners and a sound business networking.

Business owners and shareholders
For ready made solutions for increasing
profits and saving capital
Heads of
For profitable investments and setting up operational units in the UAE
For extending networking and investment
Small and medium business owners
For tailor-made business
For exploring business ownership structures and tax optimization schemes
Startups and new
For relocation, business acceleration,
arranging investments and networking

What will you learn?

The peculiarities of the UAE,
main market features and
target audiences
The main advantages
and perspectives of doing
business in the UAE
First stages and common
mistakes of business
setup in the UAE
The possibilities for entering
the UAE market as an
international business
Tax planning tools for
international business
How to save money on
registering and licensing
a business

Opportunities for Attendees

UAE Opportunities
Know how to deal with
the local community
Business Cases
Enter the new market fully prepared and equipped with a proper understanding of how to do business in the UAE
Legal possibilities
Start planning for a business setup that maximizes tax and financial benefits of the UAE
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Workshop Agenda

Introduction to the new economy of the UAE and Dubai in particular


20 minutes

  • The history of the emerging economy in Dubai
  • The peculiarities of the Emirates, main market features and target audiences
  • Geolocation and development plans of the UAE

Business perspectives in the United Arab Emirates


45 minutes

  • The main advantages of doing business in the UAE and significant features of the local jurisdiction
  • The primary areas of interest for investors in the UAE
  • The possibilities for growing a business in the UAE

First stages of business setup in the United Arab Emirates


45 minutes

  • Main aspects of business setup in the UAE
  • Important features of licensing and certification in the UAE
  • Common mistakes investors make when setting up a business in the UAE

Peculiarities of doing business in the UAE


30 minutes

  • Top 5 business segments when considering entry to the local market
  • Developing strategies, confirming hypotheses and optimal business model
  • Company setup in the UAE for conducting international business

Features of the United Arab Emirates legislation


30 minutes

  • What to consider for conducting business in international markets and optimizing international business
  • Tax planning tools for international business optimization
  • Business incorporation in the UAE for the purpose of entering global markets

About SORP Group of Companies. Q&A session.


10 minutes

  • Valuable blend of unique solutions for your business

The program we present provides you with more than just intelligence regarding the UAE as a jurisdiction for setting up business. You will get to understand the features of its legislation and how best to go about incorporation, all backed by practical knowledge and real life cases.

You will gain a great deal from our speakers’ expert experience and practical advice. This will prepare you 100% to confidently manage a promising and profitable business in the UAE.

4-х дневная программа

About the workshop teachers

Maxim Perlin

Maxim Perlin

Director, SORP Business school

An entrepreneur and investor with more than 20 years of experience in investment banking and a graduate of Lubin School of Business, Pace University, New York.

Having received his MBA degree in Finance, Maxim worked in a number of investment banks and financial institutions as an equity trader and corporate finance advisor in Russia and the UAE.

He has structured a number of M&A deals and managed investment portfolios of USD $100M+ proprietary and for his large clientele. Investor and mentor of several IT and e-commerce startups. Experienced public speaker and director of SORP Business School, he is also responsible for educational programs.

Maxim’s areas of special interest and focus are venture capital, financial applications, and blockchain. Working independently, he is representing a number of Russian, European and Israeli companies in the UAE, providing effective networking and communication and arranging signing of commercial contracts and further advice and support.

Yoel Keinan

Yoel Keinan

Owner of Keinan Law Office

Advocate Yoel Keinan is a highly experienced corporate and commercial lawyer since 2002.

Advocate Keinan is the owner of Keinan Law offices which represents international and domestic high-tech companies, entrepreneurs and investors in all stages and across a wide range of industries and fields. These include software, hardware, information technologies, service providers, importers and exporters and more, as well as hedge funds and venture capital funds.

Elena Tselishcheva
Elena Tselishcheva
Managing Partner, Sorp
Managing partner of SORP Group and practicing business and corporate lawyer. Elena has built her expertise in establishing and managing international business over a 20-year career.

She is a highly experienced corporate consultant across a wide range of industries and fields; a business mentor and coach with more than 15 years of practice in the UAE.

From setting up her own due diligence and marketing research agency, Elena grew her 1st enterprise and successfully sold it. She then owned the European Bankers Trust, operating in 5 jurisdictions (Russia, Cyprus, Austria, Switzerland, UAE) and managed a project management company with expertise in 25 economy sectors.

Her spheres of interests include setting up holdings and trust structures, and international business optimization. She developed a successful mentoring methodology and practices, which combine business psychology with leadership development strategy using global best practices and trends in localization.

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