3 hours

duration of the training course

5 courses

in one program

25 cases

proven business solutions

15 years

of business experience

Who is this course for?

Any UAE individual or entity willing to do business in Israel with reagrds to: (i) engaging service providers or work power from Israel
for development purposes, (ii) choosing Israel as pilot for testing new products, (iii) Investing in an Israeli Company/IP (v) purchase
IP from an Israeli Company, (iv) other type of business such as investment in real estate, public market.

Business owners and shareholders
Know how to engage service providers from
Israel for development purposes and testing
of new products in Israel
Leaders of
Receive a soficticated expertise from the
world’s best technology specialists an know
about other types of businesses in Israel
For funds and private
Know how to Invest in an Israeli Company/IP
(v) purchase IP from an Israeli Company (vi),
and other investment opportunities
Small and medium
business owners
Expand your networking by communication
with SMA from Israel through business
associations and social groups.
For international
Find out opportunities of international trading
with Israel and other type of business such as
investment in real estate, public market.
Startups and new
Know how to open an Israeli subsidiary
that will be the holder of the IP and if possible,
receive grants from the Israeli Government

What will you learn?

The peculiarities of Israel, main market features and target
The main advantages and perspectives of business
conduction in Israel
First stages and common
mistakes of business
setup in Israel
The possibilities for entering
Israeli market as an
international business
Legal tools for international
business optimization and
agreement protection
You will learn how to get the
best out of Israeli technological,
financial and trading sectors.

All you want to know about Israel’s ecosystem

Yoel Keinan (Keinan Law Office)
Advocate Yoel Keinan has a Bachelor of Business (BA)
degree from the College of Management, Academic
Studies, and a Bachelor of Law (LLB) degree from the
College of Management,, Law School., Israel
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Workshop program

Introduction of Israel.
Why Israel?


20 minutes

  • Startup Nation
  • Creativity
  • R&D
  • Ecosystem

Business perspectives
in Israel


45 minutes

  • The main advantages of business
    conduction in the Israel and main
    features of the local jurisdiction
  • The main areas of interest for investors
    in Israel
  • The possibilities of growing a business
    in Israel

First stages of business
setup in Israel


45 minutes

  • Main aspects of business setup in the
  • Main features of business registration
    and openning a branch
  • Openning a bank account.
    Recommended business structure

Introduction to the
Israel economy,
statistics per capita


30 minutes

  • Top 5 business segments for
    considering entry to the local market
  • Developing strategies, confirming
    hypotheses and optimal
  • IP rights protection

The Israel


30 minutes

  • Provision for conducting a business at
    international markets and the
    optimization of international business
  • Business incorporation in Israel with
    the purpose of effective R&D
  • Invesment return and profit repatriation

About SORP and Keinan
Law Office cooperation


10 minutes

  • Keinan Law Office specializes in
    corporate and commercial law.

    KLO represents international and
    domestic high-tech companies,
    entrepreneurs and investors in all
    stages and across wide range of
    industries and fields in Israel

About the workshop speakers

Elena Tselishcheva
Elena Tselishcheva
Managing Partner, Sorp
Managing partner of SORP Group and practicing business and corporate lawyer. Elena has built her expertise in establishing and managing international business over a 20-year career.

She is a highly experienced corporate consultant across wide range of industries and fields; a business mentor and coach for more than 15 years of practice in the UAE.

From setting up her own due diligence and marketing research agency, Elena grew her 1st enterprise and successfully sold it. She then owned the European Bankers Trust, operating in 5 jurisdictions (Russia, Cyprus, Austria, Switzerland, UAE) and managed a project management company with expertise in 25 economy sectors.

Her spheres of interests in setting up holdings and trust structures and international business optimization. She developed the successful mentoring methodology and practices combines business psychology with leadership development strategy using global best practices and trends in localization. Now she is an acknowledged exponent of business scaling and rapid acceleration in the UAE.
Yoel Keinan

Yoel Keinan

Owner of Keinan Law Office

Advocate Yoel Keinan is a highly experienced corporate and commercial lawyer since 2002.

Advocate Keinan is the owner of Keinan Law offices, that represents international and domestic high-tech companies, entrepreneurs and investors in all stages and across wide range of industries and fields, including software, hardware, information technologies, service providers, importers and exporters and more, as well as hedge funds and venture capital funds.

About our event

Seminar from experienced
speakers and practicioners
You will get the real knowlledge and expertise
from trusted and experienced practicioners
having its business in the UAE for 15 years
Web-seminars with a modern
platform at SORP Business Center
Modern and cutting edge educational platform
at SORP Business Center prenmises in Dubai
Communication with speakers
and short consultations
Live Q&A sessions with an Israeli professional
along with support from SORP’s local team of
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